"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

For more than half a century, Ikea has been refining its skills at creating high-quality Scandinavian-style home goods at a reasonable price. But this, their latest release, might be the most luxe looking - and highest value to customers - to date. In a press material for the new, 47-piece Stockholm collection, Ikea's high-end line, the company states, "quality can't be rushed. Natural, tactile materials and craftsmanship by skilled hands - these all take time to grow and perfect. This is the result."

The "this" Ikea refers to includes inviting sitting pieces like deep-seated velvet sofas, hand-blown glassware in the rich cobalt hue of frigid Nordic waters, and crafted rattan and light-wood pieces that bring the graceful essence of a Winter forest indoors. Oh yeah, and it's all still affordable. Check out the stunning collection for yourself ahead and then shop it at Ikea starting in April.

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