"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Much has been made about millennial pink recently. And if that moniker doesn't sound familiar, the color itself will certainly ring a bell. It's that tropical shade of pink a hair shy of saccharine, a dash too peachy to be considered blush, and just muted enough to suit Barbie's more demure cousin. The millennial pink color trend has been growing for several years now, with Pantone even naming Rose Quartz its 2016 Color of the Year and rose gold insinuating itself as the metal du jour. And while we've been seeing the hue everywhere from dip-dyed strands to designer leather bags to cake frosting, we're only now seeing it sweep the home space. Exteriors, furniture, fabrics, and decor are all getting a good coating of the bubblegum tone. If you're hungry for some eye candy, treat yourself to the delicious millennial pink designs ahead.

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