"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

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I know I'm one of a great many people who love sleeping, but honestly, my real obsession is bedding. I have a constant goal to create the coziest bed you have ever seen and could hope to snooze in. I judge hotels on their beds alone. I have dreams of opening a luxury bedding boutique. So, yeah, the fact that I have been committed to one brand of sheets for the last five years or so should tell you that I did my research before I decided that the best sheets for my buck were Pottery Barn's Essentials line. Crisp, cool to the touch, and soft without resorting to a sateen blend or some wacky technique to get the thread counts sky-high, I was sure I was in it for the long haul with these sheets. But this isn't a story about how these sheets and I fell in love. It's a story about our breakup.

See, I met new sheets. And I am never, ever going back to anything else. Enter: linen sheets.

My curiosity started with Pinterest. Images of sexy, rumpled linen bedding showed up in my feed, and the more I'd click on them, the more would show up. The pictures looked irresistible; unlike the perfectly staged beds with neatly made covers and impeccably fluffed...

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