"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

When it comes to pests and critters, the last thing any of us wants is to find unwanted guests taking up residence in the kitchen. While there are certainly more harmful pests, there's something particularly icky about ants - especially when they're in close proximity to where you store, prepare, and eat your food. They can get into your food containers and pantry, and one ant soon turns into a whole colony. If you find yourself waging war against these tiny but mighty creatures, try some of these creative yet simple (and effective!) ways to keep them away.

Draw a Chalk Line
If you have a door in your kitchen that leads directly to the outside of your home, this could be where the ants are coming from. To stop them dead (but not literally) in their tracks, draw a chalk line on the ground on the exterior side of the door. Ants dislike calcium carbonate, so it's an excellent repellent and they won't go over the line and into your kitchen.

Sprinkle Flour or Cinnamon
Similarly to chalk, ants are repelled by flour and cinnamon, and these are great options if you don't want to use any chemicals in and around your kitchen. While this can be a little on the messy side, sprinkling some...

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