"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I love everything about Marie Kondo's KonMari Method of tidying up. I have followed every instruction to a T, given away 90 percent of my possessions, and developed better organizational habits than ever before. And yet, there's one thing I can't seem to give up yet: my journals. There's a section in the book - the last section - that deals with this. "Sentimentals" are the most difficult thing to purge, which is why Marie Kondo waits until readers have mastered her method before tackling them. Unlike books, furniture, or clothing, you can't replace things like hand-written cards, printed-out photos, or, in my case, journals that I've kept since I was 6 years old. How can I give them up?

My journals have documented my friendships, my heartbreaks, my journey from Texas to California, my dreams coming true, the hardships I've overcome, and how my voice has matured and changed over the years. They are my life sketched out, and I feel deeply attached to them. I have about six plastic containers full of journals. They are eyeing me, begging to be KonMaried. I've been avoiding them (for over a year now)! There have been times where I've felt compelled to trash them all. I'll pull...

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