"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I started my year of not knowing in May 2016. I was at a job I knew I wanted to leave for a while and, in fact, didn't realize how unchallenged I was until I left. Here's a tip - if you're eating more times a day than is necessary, have minimal desire to leave the house in the morning, and read about obscure Flemish designers on Vogue.com to pass the time, you probably don't like your job.

So, I found myself for the first time in my professional life not working - and I had never not worked. I knew it was time to start over from scratch which required lots of soul searching, meditating, and an amount of courage I have to summon hourly. My year is not over yet, but I've been getting so many questions about what I've learned in this extraordinary time-in-the-making, I put pen to paper and wrote it all down.

Lesson 1: Do Your Research and Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out

I made it my mission to find out everything that was happening in the digital entertainment industry. I felt like if I had a solid grasp on the landscape then I would know everything happening in my business and be able to make decisions. So, I called and emailed everyone. I LinkedIn messaged everyone. I never asked...

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The DIY movement is a re-introduction (often to urban and suburban dwellers) of the old pattern of personal involvement and use of skills in upkeep of a house or apartment, making clothes; maintenance of cars, computers, websites; or any material aspect of living.

DIY amongst the fashion community has become very popular. With the use of social media such as YouTube, a great number of people watch videos on a daily basis. YouTube has an array of DIY fashion videos from distressing jeans, bleaching jeans, redesigning an old shirt, and studding denim, just to name a few. This new trend is increasingly becoming more and more popular. There over 1,000 videos that individuals have posted demonstrating how to do those things. There are also other DIY videos that individuals could look up such as DIY jewelry, DIY room decor, and DIY hairstyles.