"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Nothing quite compares to that one-of-a-kind Anthropologie shopping experience that we all know and love. From all of its wonderfully chic pieces just waiting to fill up your wardrobe to the funky decorative items (we are talking bed frames all the way to trinket trays), this company has successfully created the ultimate collection of lifestyle necessities loved from California all the way to New York and beyond. So, being the full-on Anthro superfans that we are, we decided to go straight to the source. Read on as an Anthro employee offers us six supervaluable insider tidbits sure to make our shopping experience even that much more exciting.

1. Anthropologie Offers Complimentary Home Styling

Not only does Anthropologie offer styling free of charge for your wardrobe, but it also extends the service to home styling. The Anthro employee says, "Customers can make appointments online at anthropologie.com or by calling their local stores." So next time you find yourself trying to decide on the perfect table lamp for your desk, you will know just how to get in touch!

2. It's Worth It to Foster an Employee/Customer Relationship

One of Anthropologie's main objectives is to create a...

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