"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

The first time I used Ticketmaster's Verified Fan process was to buy tickets to see Ed Sheeran in early 2017, and I can honestly say I grumbled through the whole process, thinking it was far more work than it needed to be. I didn't give up after the first time, though. I used it again to try for tickets to see Harry Styles's Fall 2017 tour, and after getting completely shut out of the verification process, I dubbed the whole thing a farce. It wasn't until talking to David Marcus, Ticketmaster's EVP and head of music, who told me just how successful the program has been at getting tickets to fans instead of ticketing bots, that I started to accept the program and actually appreciate it.

"For big events, more than 30 percent of tickets might end up being resold," Marcus told me. "But with Harry's tour, we saw less than five percent of tickets being resold for the shows, and that's a huge improvement." And that right there was Ticketmaster's goal when it started using Verified Fan in late 2016: get the tickets to the fans and keep them away from scalpers, because at the end of the day, neither the artists nor the fans benefit from a jacked-up ticket price on a resale site....

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