"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Milana Vayntrub is probably best known as the amazingly quirky and oh-so-lovable Lily from those AT&T commercials, though you've also probably caught her as Sloane Sandburg in This Is Us or when she guest starred as Gilfoyle's girlfriend Tara in Silicon Valley. This year, however, she plays the lead role in That Moment When, a completely innovative and fascinating interactive TV show from streaming site Eko. "Jill is a hot mess. It's up to YOU to navigate through a series of awkward moments that either leave her somewhat dignified or even hot-messier," the series description reads, but what's amazing about the series is that it really is up to you to choose what happens - it's the very first of its kind to offer viewers the chance to decide what happens to the characters on the screen.

Vayntrub's Jill is, as advertised, a hot mess. But she's one hell of a relatable mess, and by the time you've chosen your own adventure throughout the series, it starts to feel like she's someone you know in real life - and that's a definite indicator of just how wonderful an actress she truly is. I spoke with Vayntrub by phone in early December to talk about her role in the show and the...

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