"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I'm an expert at sleeping on planes. I'm the worst travel companion, because when my head hits the back of those weird, bendable, and only slightly functional plane seat pillows, I'm out like a light. I always have these lofty goals of getting work done, making a dent in my book, or catching up on a movie I've been meaning to watch for months, but that almost never happens. Even if I don't immediately doze off, I'm able to get to sleep easily with a few little tricks that make the flight fly by . . . since I usually find myself waking up as we land.

If you are a nervous flyer or just can't ever seem to get comfortable enough to fall asleep on a plane, then here are some things to try that really work.

24 Helpful Travel Hacks to Make Flying Stress-Free
  1. Get a neck pillow. I know, they aren't necessarily the most stylish things in the world, and they can be annoying to carry around. But if you have a carry-on, it's easy to just hook the pillow around the handles of the suitcase, or tuck it in a bag (you can even get ones that inflate/deflate). If you get a bad seat or a terrible plane chair, then these are lifesavers when trying to fall asleep.
  2. Order a glass of wine....

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