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Newsflash: you don't have to freeze your face off in Antarctica to hang out with penguins. You can get up close and personal with the aquatic birds in a much warmer, Summer-approved locale: South Africa. About 30 miles south of Cape Town is Boulders Beach, a rocky cove that's home to thousands of adorable African penguins. Also known as "jackass penguins" for their donkey-like whinnying, this particular species is endangered, but that doesn't stop them from living their best lives in the sunny South African climate. The black-and-white cuties spend their days waddling around, swimming in the ocean, and posing for photos with tourists (sounds pretty relaxing to us!).

If you're interested in visiting Boulders Beach soon, we've got a few facts and pointers to pass along first:

  • Boulders is located in Simon's Town, South Africa, and is part of Table Mountain National Park.
  • The beach is public, but there's a small entrance fee that helps maintain the grounds.
  • If you prefer to view the penguins from afar, there's an elevated boardwalk to admire them from.
  • You can swim in the water, but it'll likely be pretty frigid.
  • Visitors are advised to avoid touching or feeding the penguins....

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