"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Some people put little cutesy ribbons on the handles of their suitcases so they can tell them apart when they come barreling down the conveyor belt at luggage claim. A smart tactic, of course, because so often travelers crane their necks to get a look at all of the black suitcases to identify which one is theirs. But if you're feeling like the little ribbon detail doesn't have enough of your personality, we have just the thing.

You can now put your dog or cat's entire face on your suitcase with a Pet Head Case ($26-$39). Just send in a photo of your best furry friend, pick the size you want, and voilà - you have a stretchy case that's uniquely yours. You'll become the most popular person at the airport, that's for sure.

You Probably Don’t Need This Cat-Butt Tissue Dispenser, but You Also Don’t Not Need It

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