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If you've got a cool $6.99 million to spare and you're in the market for a sweet Los Angeles mansion, you're in luck. Singer Louis Tomlinson just listed his 6,000-square-foot home for sale with just that price tag. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has been Louis's since 2016, but it seems he's ready to part ways with it. How he'll be able to give up the infinity pool that overlooks Los Angeles is a mystery to us, but maybe he's moving on to even cooler digs.

The Spanish Colonial home has an incredibly modern and minimalist interior - what I can only imagine was the perfect spot for Louis to sit and write new music. The house also has a wine cellar, multiple balconies and terraces, and two master suite closets that are each bigger than my New York apartment. Before someone snatches up this insane piece of property, let's take a look at just where the former One Direction star has been living.

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