"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

When it comes to homemade dessert, the easier the recipe is, the more inclined I am to attempt making it. I usually don't want to fuss with pulling out a bulky mixer or doling out baking powder, so imagine my excitement when I discovered one of TikTok's favorite sweet treats as of late: the two-ingredient Oreo mug cake. The impossibly simple dessert only calls for Oreos and milk - yep, that's it! If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in a pinch, follow these simple steps to make your very own Oreo mug cake at home in a matter of minutes.

  • Put a handful of your favorite Oreos in a mug (about 6-8, depending on your mug's size).
  • Fill the mug halfway with the milk of your choice, and use a fork to crush up the cookies into small chunks. Continue smashing and stirring until it forms a smooth batter with some Oreo bits mixed in.
  • Microwave the mug for around one to two minutes, depending on your microwave's strength. Check on the mixture while it cooks as needed.
  • Safely remove it from the microwave, and dig in!

The resulting concoction is a moist cake-like substance that's practically begging to be topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup, ice cream, sprinkles, or whatever your...

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