"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

There's a passage I love in the book Small Pleasures about how small islands and their obvious boundaries - "limited, defined, contained" - tap into a pleasing sense of control in our psyches, a remedy to how busy daily life can be. That's the appeal of minimalism to me, especially living in Brooklyn, NY: designing a space that cuts through the noise and quiets my mind. In my case, that means an open floor plan, lots of light, and decor that's intentional.

Enter my simple, whitewashed bedroom. It's a room I try hard to keep tidy, as inspired by the hotel rooms I lived out of for the first two years I worked from "home" for POPSUGAR before settling down in NYC last year. I'm inspired by off-whites, earthy tones, and sea blues - all mainstays of my months-long stints in Greece. Wherever your small islands are, and whatever color palette puts you at ease, I hope the calm of my room inspires you to carve out a peaceful space in your home, too.

At Home With POPSUGAR: How I Completely Renovated My NYC Apartment

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