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I honestly like these MORE THEN THE ORIGINAL #baking #recipes #diyrecipes #oreos

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We love Oreos in really any form. From Oreo churros, to brownies stuffed with Oreos, to Oreos crushed up with melted marshmallows, there is no wrong way to enjoy the beloved cookie. But sometimes things are just better when they're homemade, right? Or, at least, if the store is out, you know you can satisfy your Oreo craving at home!

TikTok user @ziaaaaamiaaaa recently shared her recipe for homemade Oreos, and it's actually very simple. All you need are a few basic baking ingredients, and if you want to make your cookies feel extra authentic, an actual Oreo to transfer the famous design onto your dough. And when you make them yourself, you get to control how stuffed they are with the smooth and creamy filling. Double stuf? More like triple stuf, and then some. Zia even noted on her TikTok video that she likes these better than the original! Keep reading for the full recipe, and please report back on how glorious your kitchen smells when these bad boys are baking.


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