"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I am definitely a fully obsessed dog mom all the time, but during this pandemic, my dogs have brought me even more joy than normal - and helped decrease my anxiety. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (as well as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder) when I was in college. Over the years, I've learned how to handle my anxiety fairly well, but my dogs are especially helpful when it comes to managing my anxiety. This pandemic has brought about some extra worrying, and I've appreciated my dogs even more than usual. I know I'm not the only one whose pets help with anxiety - everyone knows that having a pet is good for the soul, even without a global pandemic.

I am lucky enough to have two dogs. Olive is a 52 lb. cattle dog and pit bull mix. She belonged to my wife before I met her, but Olive and I were fast friends. While Olive is more protective and standoffish, she is highly sensitive to emotions. If I cry or seem upset, she jumps into my lap no matter where I am sitting and licks my face until I stop. I also have a small dog named Hank. Hank is a pit bull, chihuahua, pug mix, and weighs 16 lbs. Hank and I are joined at the hip; we joke that he is my...

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DIY amongst the fashion community has become very popular. With the use of social media such as YouTube, a great number of people watch videos on a daily basis. YouTube has an array of DIY fashion videos from distressing jeans, bleaching jeans, redesigning an old shirt, and studding denim, just to name a few. This new trend is increasingly becoming more and more popular. There over 1,000 videos that individuals have posted demonstrating how to do those things. There are also other DIY videos that individuals could look up such as DIY jewelry, DIY room decor, and DIY hairstyles.