"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

When my husband and I got our dog Charlie seven years ago, we quickly learned that he has a super sensitive stomach - even one little treat can make him sick because he can't handle certain foods. We've cycled through a ton of different brands that claim to be great for dogs who are grazers and have sensitive digestive tracts, but with little to no luck. We started feeding him a vet-specific dog food that's great for his stomach, but it's pretty bland and we can tell that he doesn't really like to eat it. Then, I got the chance to out a new dog food brand called Jinx - which boasts premium ingredients (aka no mystery/filler ingredients), patented probiotics, and a high-quality protein medley - and it's completely changed Charlie's diet.

We started off by sprinkling some of Jinx's Salmon, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Kibbles into his regular food to introduce him to it and see how he liked it. To our surprise, rather than picking at his food, which is what he usually does, Charlie ended up eating it all on the spot (at first, I did worry that the kibble pieces would be too big for him to eat since he's an eight-pound Yorkie, but he had no issues). As an experiment, we didn't add...

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