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Making your first cup of coffee just right is crucial to starting your day on the right foot. But while many people have an exact science for their morning cup of joe, it still doesn't hurt to mix things up sometimes, right? And Coffee-Mate knows that's especially true around the fall and winter holidays when warm, comforting flavors are what people are craving. The creamer brand just released their new 2020 holiday flavors - Mint Truffle, Cookies 'N Cocoa, and Caramel Toffee - and we already can't wait to get our hands on all three!

Cookies 'N Cocoa takes away having to choose between the two festive treats and will make your coffee taste like both freshly baked cookies and rich, creamy cocoa. The Mint Truffle creamer will elevate your coffee to taste like Thin Mints (which we're totally on board with). And the Caramel Toffee creamer will bring notes of caramelized sugar and buttery toffee to your cup. It's also worth noting that both the Caramel Toffee and Mint Truffle flavors are all natural - Mint Truffle is made with real milk and cream, and Caramel Toffee is plant based and made with almond milk. Cookies 'N Cocoa retails for $4 per 32-ounce container and Mint Truffle and...

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