"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Some cats talk the talk (when it comes to mealtimes, that is), but Rover the cat knows how to walk the walk, and he might just be our new favorite runway model. Rover, a 5-year-old rescue from Washington state, embarked upon his journey into fashion after his owner Angelina noticed that he seemed cold during their outdoor adventures in the winter. To combat the chilly weather, she decided to dress him in a parka, and his plunge into the world of kitty fashion officially began.

Some cats might approve of a cozy pet store sweater or even a funny hat if the mood strikes, but all of Rover's outfits are handmade to fit his haute cat-ture sense of style and bring out his unique personality. "We've never had him wear anything that was restricting or uncomfortable, which is most likely why he goes along with it," Angelina told POPSUGAR. "Any outfit that we put together, or any parka that we buy for him has to pass the 'comfort' test by the meow-del himself . . . Anything that makes Rover uncomfortable would be his least favorite. In that respect, he's 'approved' all of the themed fashion shows because you see him strutting his little heart out."

"Rover is a prime example of how...

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