"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

My Instagram ads get me about one in every 10 times, the latest of my influenced purchases being a slow-feeder puzzle for cats, an item I'd actually been considering buying a few months ago. Because I have two cats and they tend to graze throughout the day rather than immediately scarf their food down like dogs, it's very hard for me to control how much each of them eat. Though we give them a set amount every day, it's very clear that one of our cats grazes a heck of a lot more than the other, eating much more than her half share of the chicken-flavored chow.

I decided to try out a PetStages Interactive Cat Puzzle in the hopes that Grey - the chonkier of our two cats - would slow down her nibbling and become full before having the chance to devour half her food, as she'd have to work to get her kibble. That, and with my fiancé, the cats, and me all cooped up in a very small apartment, I thought it'd provide both girls with some much needed mental stimulation to offset all of the napping.

Keep scrolling to see a few photos and videos of my girls with their slow-feeder and to learn more about integrating a feeder puzzle into your cats' routine, then shop this exact style of...

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