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Cats help bring so much joy into our lives. Whether they are keeping us laughing with their unique personalities or amusing us with their work-from-home antics, it's safe to say that life is better with cats around. But what about those days when we can't be around for them? With the holidays quickly coming up, we may be planning a trip back home to spend it with close family or anticipating a short weekend away during the festive season. Because of this you may be asking yourself, "How long can I leave my cat home alone?" To help find out, POPSUGAR enlisted a few experts to help us answer this question.

How Long Can I Leave My Cat Alone?

As it turns out, how long you can leave your cat alone really depends on your cat's age and health, but Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ, and vet expert at Pumpkin Pet Insurance recommended not leaving a healthy adult cat alone longer than 24 hours. "As long as a cat has fresh litter, a full bowl of water with 2-to-3 cups of water, and enough dry food for 24 hours, a healthy, adult cat can be left alone for 24 hours," advised Dr. Wooten, "It is not recommended to leave them longer than that without checking on them." Dr. Wooten also pointed out...

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