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When we say it's the most wonderful time of the year, we aren't lying - and neither is Trader Joe's, especially when it comes to its festive alcohol offerings. The grocery-store chain comes up with so many new holiday-themed treats every year, but we especially love it when it brings back fan favorites, and this time it's the Trader Joe's Eggnog Liqueur.

The liqueur is a mixture of spiced rum, brandy, and cinnamon, blended with a base of pure cream. It's sweet and boozy, and it can be enjoyed both straight or mixed (we recommend it with coffee or ice cream, yum!). You can pick up a bottle of this spiced liqueur for $8 at any Trader Joe's location where wine is sold. So pop your feet up and enjoy the merry festivities of the holiday season with a cold glass of eggnog liqueur.

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