"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Like a 1930s socialite, all I want for the holidays is to lounge on an antique chaise with a decadent box of chocolates in one hand and a bubbly glass of champagne in the other. In the spirit of the holidays, Truly Hard Seltzer and chocolatier Compartés have released a box of truffles stuffed with hard-seltzer-infused chocolate ganache, perfect for fulfilling my dessert-themed daydreams.

Each made-to-order box includes two truffles infused with Truly's Wild Berry flavor, one infused with Black Cherry, one infused with Blueberry and Açai, and one infused with Raspberry Lime. I am tempted to swallow them in one go, but I'm also tempted to pair each chocolate with its respective seltzer on a silver tray like a holiday-themed wine flight. Order a box of the gourmet chocolates for yourself ahead, and then stock up on these hot-cocoa-bar essentials to treat yourself to even more cozy holiday desserts.

BRB, Dunking These New Amaretto Hot Chocolate Milano Cookies in a Steaming Cup of Cocoa

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