"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I'm not proud to admit that I've failed every single New Year's resolution that I've ever set for myself, but I am relieved to say that I'm not alone. Studies show that nearly 80 percent of resolutions fail once February rolls around. It's a defeating statistic that I'm hoping to overcome in 2021, because this time, I'm going to try something different and make a vision board. Unlike New Year's resolutions that just sit at the back of your mind, vision boards are in-your-face reminders that keep your goals and desires on display.

According to licensed therapist and clinical social worker Sasha Jackson, vision boards can help you achieve goals in three ways. "First, you are setting your intention on what you want to accomplish in your life," she told POPSUGAR. "Second, you design a visual representation of what you want to obtain. And last, a vision board will help remind you of the bigger picture and the overall goals you want to accomplish." You can post a vision board on the fridge, frame it and and hang it on the wall, tape it to the back of your door, or put it anywhere else that will guarantee you see it each day.

Not only do vision boards serve as a daily reminder of your...

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