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At a glance, this rosie nonalcoholic cocktail may look *too* plain sailing for happy hour, but as far as mocktails goes, this drink has another thing coming. Sans the booze, this fruity drink has all the makings and appearance of an elegant, pricey cocktail. Created by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, the Crackling Rose is a famous drink of choice among celebrities who dine at Wolfgang's Beverly Hills eatery, Spago, which is usually packed to the nines with panjandrums like Gwen Stefani and Tom Hanks.

The two-step recipe can be muddled and shaken in under five minutes. However, you'll have to do a quick bar cart check to make sure your stash is stocked with all the necessary ingredients. Crackling Rose, nicknamed after it's similar deep-hued pinks and reds like that of rosé, is a healthy blend of fruity and floral elements. It's refreshing yet has a tartness to it, and is light and airy yet subtly sweet.

The next time you're digging through your mocktail recipe book, test out Wolfgang's Crackling Rose; it's exquisitely pink and luscious!

Wolfgang Puck's Crackling Rose

Wine Enthusiast


  1. 8 raspberries
    1 ounce cranberry juice
    1/2 ounce rose water
    1 ounce lychee puree

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