"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

In the middle of 2020, which was also finals week for most of my fellow college students, everyone I knew was really feeling the weight of the pandemic, including me. Glued to my couch at home, my online classes were becoming draining, and I started to feel consumed with anxiety for the future. Spending less time with my friends in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus to my loved ones and other family members, I started to feel out of touch with myself. I was overwhelmed with work, worry, and caught up in my own thoughts on what the rest of my life was going to look like.

To push myself out of this funk, I tried my traditional self-care rituals like journaling, face masks, and talking virtually with friends, but it wasn't enough. My mental health was taking a turn for the worst, and I felt untethered. I needed another way to help me center myself and bring inner peace amongst the turmoil surrounding me. While scrolling mindlessly on Instagram one day, I came across a picture from my favorite content creator Anaya Ivy. It was the most relaxing bath picture I had ever seen with rose petals, candles, sage, and essential oils. After reading Anaya's caption, I learned...

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DIY amongst the fashion community has become very popular. With the use of social media such as YouTube, a great number of people watch videos on a daily basis. YouTube has an array of DIY fashion videos from distressing jeans, bleaching jeans, redesigning an old shirt, and studding denim, just to name a few. This new trend is increasingly becoming more and more popular. There over 1,000 videos that individuals have posted demonstrating how to do those things. There are also other DIY videos that individuals could look up such as DIY jewelry, DIY room decor, and DIY hairstyles.