"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

I've had cats my entire life and there's only ever been one down side for me: most of their accessories aren't exactly stylish. As someone who takes pride is keeping a clean and minimal space, there aren't very many pet beds or trees on the market that I would happily put on display. Then I discovered a new brand that's totally changed my mind, Tuft and Paw. The site carries an array of impressively chic cat furniture pieces and accessories that I can assure you, you won't hate seeing in your home.

After browsing the site and trying to settle on just one thing, I decided to start with the Tuft and Paw Vista Cat Perch ($199). This is a great choice for my cat Leo, because he loves being high up. He will sit on top of my doors (yes, really), bookshelves, and even my fridge. Having this little perch I'm sure has been a delight for him. I hung it in my living room in a spot that catches afternoon sun and he even has a view out the front window overlooking my busy street. He spends most of his day here now.

While my cat can't technically tell me that it's comfortable for him, I think the photos of him and the many naps he takes in it, speak for themselves. As far as it goes for...

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