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Imagine a gigantic dog bed, but for humans - that's what the Lounge & Co Crash Pillow is (but better). Available now at Costco, this adult-size pillow can be compared to an oversize bean bag chair and is made of high-density foam for an ubercomfortable sitting experience.

Popular Instagram fan account @CostcoBuys made us aware of this massive crash pad, and we can already see its straightforward design becoming a favorite among apartment dwellers and college students alike - you just plop it down, and it's ready to go! The pillow can even be manipulated into a chair by leaning it against a wall for a backrest, so you're not constantly laying down whenever you sit in it. And for a price of $120, which falls well below similar products like adult bean bag chairs and plush loungers (that go for $150 and more), you really can't beat it. Just be aware that if you have a dog, we can't guarantee that they won't eye this as their future dog bed (but can you really blame them?).

The Lounge & Co Crash Pillow unfortunately isn't available on Costco's website, but if you head to your local...

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