"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Hot take: I enjoy outdoor dining year-round. I'm not just talking about a lunch date on a California "winter" day either, but a legitimately cold outdoor dining experience in Maine, too. To me, there's something so fun about cozying up under a heat lamp, drinking hot chocolate (or red wine), and catching up with a friend. It gives me an après-ski vibe without the ski part, and I'm so here for it. A lot of my friends find this newfound appreciation for outdoor dining (which will definitely carry over into chilly spring days and summer nights) bizarre - especially since I'm the first person to whine about it being cold - but I love the outdoors! And no joke, the Great Useful Stuff Outdoor Dining Blanket ($35) has changed my whole perspective.

To give you some background, when winter dining first became a thing (and was the only option), I was always asking restaurants if they had a blanket. I was cold! Sometimes they did, most of the time they didn't, but usually I was stuck underprepared and left shivering while trying to ingest my food like it was enjoyable. Truth is, I could barely taste anything it was so cold, and the dining experience was anything but enjoyable because of...

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