"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

While Starbucks's secret menu is, well, not so secret, it turns out Dunkin' Donuts also has a secret menu that's a lot less well-known 一 and I have so many thoughts (obviously). "Finally!" and "How did I not hear about this sooner!?" are some of the main ones. But regardless, now that I know, I'm ready to dive in and order everything. And thanks to TikTok user @secretmenudunkin, the treats are easy to order.

From chocolate-covered-berry-flavored drinks to cookies to even Shirley Temples, all of our beverage-related needs are covered with Dunkin's secret menu. Many of these recipes are also Coolatta-based, which makes them perfect for a hot day. Just add a slice of Dunkin's avocado toast, and your morning is off to an unbeatable start!

Keep reading for 15 delicious drinks on its secret menu and how to order them. Just note that they're all based on a medium-size drink, so you may need to ask your barista to adjust the ingredients if you'd like a different size. Spread the word!

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