"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Jamila Norman chose to leave her professional career behind and start her own farm - Patchwork City Farms - 12 years ago in Atlanta, GA, and she knows a thing or two about plants. Norman has accrued international acclaim for her hard work as an urban farmer, letting nothing stop her - not even a small 1.2-acre backyard in Atlanta. Norman is one busy woman, so when Magnolia Network approached her in 2020, it was the right place right time kind of thing. In fact, as Norman puts it, it was in her "year of yes," and she just went for it! Norman is the star of Magnolia Network's newest TV show Homegrown, which you can watch when the network launches on July 15.

In Homegrown, Norman shares her knowledge of farming by helping people create farms in their own backyards. No matter the size, amount of light, or soil, Norman uses her years of experience - and Caribbean heritage - to bring these backyards to life. In fact, Norman's heritage has helped propel her through means of connection. "It's a connection to the memory, the story, and carrying on that tradition," a tradition that she shares with others. From helping revive fruit and vegetable plants to bringing in some unexpected...

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