"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."

Sick of unsafe, store-bought cleaning formulas that leave your house – more specifically, your kitchen - smelling like hazardous chemicals? Homemade blends to the rescue! The 18 kitchen DIYs ahead are friendlier for both the environment and your health. (Not to mention, they're deliciously fragrant!)

The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist

You know that sudden panic that overcomes you when you realize what date it is? Time seems like it's passing so quickly and you can't fathom how another year has already flown by. Thankfully, practicing something called a "beginner's mind" could be the solution to slowing things down and living more in the moment. In the reflection chapter of A Book That Takes Its Time, writer Otje van der Lelij digs deeper into this interesting concept.

When we're first born, we enter the world as a blank slate and approach everything with an untarnished perspective. When we now look back on our childhoods, we can recall many of those standout memories better than we can remember highlights from this year. And sadly, that's because we no longer see things with fresh eyes when we age. Our brains at this point have been overloaded with so much information and experience that it impairs our ability to simplify life's moments and appreciate them for what they are.

But when you see things with a beginner's mind, you're able to have a better grasp of time and enjoy a more fulfilling life. "Like a beginner, you have no expectations and no fixed idea of yourself," Otje wrote. "All options are open...

Though the expression says "talk is cheap," I'm not so sure this is always true. In fact, my experience giving therapy to hundreds of people tells me that talk, in fact, can be very, very costly to our health and well-being if we're saying the wrong things. I present you with the words and phrases that should be banned from our vocabularies to improve the state of our precious mental health.

3 Reasons to Start Saying "No" More Often

1. "But . . ."

Who knew this three letter word could be so consequential? Interestingly, "but" is defined as a word that "indicates the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated." I would go to the gym, but I'm just too tired. I would save money, but I really want that new Prada bag. The moment we utter this conjunction, it's as if we have no choice but to obey only one of our desires.

The thing about saying "but" is that it glosses over the complexity of our experiences and encourages us to think in black-and-white terms. Life is not a simple thing. As such, I encourage people to start replacing...

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