"If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again."


How 1 Tech Entrepreneur Is Harnessing Her Strength to Lift Up Other Women of Color

Clinay Cameron had no connections in Silicon Valley, growing up in Section 8 housing in Rialto, CA. As a kid, peers teased her about her weight, teachers talked down to her, and she endured the trauma of watching multiple gang-related shootings as a child - the first when she was just 5 years old. Today, at age 27, Clinay is a Yelp employee, an entrepreneur, a Strongman competitor, and a mentor for black and brown youth learning to code in the Bay Area who's remarkably driven to help other young women of color find success.

Cameron says it's not easy to move up in the tech and corporate worlds, especially since only about 10 percent of employees at major tech companies are black, according to company-reported data. Seventy-five percent of black women in STEM fields said they faced additional challenges, such as others repeatedly questioning their experience and discounting their success, according to a review of diversity in tech data from 2014 by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Cameron, who lives and works in the Bay Area, is currently founding Tech Fit Creative, a marketing coworking space in the San Francisco East Bay - unique because it focuses on fitness...

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8 Secrets to Creating New Year's Resolutions, and Sticking to Them!

If you've experienced more frustration than exhilaration when it comes to New Year's resolutions, there's a chance it might stem from your approach. Don't worry, though; you're not alone. For all the good intentions, only eight percent of people who make resolutions reach their goals. So, what gives? What are the secrets behind those who do succeed?

Brace yourself, because you're just one click away from finding out. Get ready to make 2018 the ultimate year of self-improvement by implementing the eight goal-setting strategies ahead!

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Instagram Stories Can Now Live On Forever With New Archive and Highlights Features

One of the biggest attractions of Instagram Stories has been the fact that the feature lets you capture any moment in time without making it a permanent thing. That being said, if you're anything like me, sometimes you don't realize at that exact moment just how much you actually want to keep that video forever and how it might just be the best thing you ever made. Nine times out of 10, it absolutely won't be as good as you remembered, but having the option to resurrect a Story is something I've certainly found myself thinking about on more than one occasion.

It's that sentiment that has driven the biggest Instagram profile update since 2013: as of Dec. 5, users will be able to keep their Stories forever using the new Archive function - and display the ones they're oh so proud of in a brand-new section at the top of each user's profile called Highlights. And in case you were wondering: yes, unless you choose to opt out of using Archive, every single Story you make will be automatically added to your Archive.

Ahead, we walk through exactly how to use each of these two brilliant new functions - so you won't ever again have to wish you saved your Stories from the night before.

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Turn Your Tiny Bathroom Into an Organized Oasis

There's nothing worse than having one of those pedestal sinks that has no counter space - it can really make your morning routine a challenge. Aside from tiny countertops, sometimes having a smaller-sized bathroom makes it hard to keep all your products in place and looking neat. Luckily, there are so many cool hacks and storage items to make life easier. The Urban Outfitters home department always has the newest and cutest products, especially when it comes to its bathroom accessories. Check out some of our top picks that will make you fall in love with your space again.

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11 Time-Saving Cleaning Products House Cleaners Swear By

Whether you've mastered this list of daily cleaning habits or avoid housework like the plague, everyone can use tips for making cleaning just a little bit easier. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get to those spots you've been avoiding for the past 12 months, but the last thing you want to do is spend your entire weekend tirelessly scrubbing your home.

Enter Merry Maids home cleaning expert Debra Johnson. She shares with us some of her favorite tricks and products that can make even the most tedious cleaning tasks quick and painless.

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10 Ways Alexa Can Help You Get Your Sh*t Together This Year

Regardless of what your New Year's resolution was for 2018, I'll bet that Alexa may be able help you in more ways than one. In addition to being readily available for weather forecasts and smart home controls, Alexa can also help you become fitter, smarter, and more organized. Your Amazon device is capable of more than you'd ever expect, so take advantage of all it can do for you. Below, see 10 of our favorite Alexa tips that can help you finally get your life together.

I Let Alexa Run My Life For a Day - Here's Why I'm Keeping Her Around Forever

For Organization and Productivity

Always losing track of time or forgetting to do things? Alexa makes a fantastic personal assistant! Stay on top of all your to-dos and appointments without ever having to lift a finger.

  • "Alexa, what's my schedule for today/tomorrow?" Know exactly what to expect from the day ahead. If you want to make any changes to your calendar, ask Alexa to delete an event or to email someone to move a meeting.
  • "Alexa, set a reminder to _____ in __ hours." With Alexa to help you stay on top of tasks, you'll find it difficult to procrastinate. You can also get creative with your commands by asking her to...

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Here's What You Need to Know About the Big Changes Coming to Your Facebook News Feed

Big changes are coming to your Facebook News Feed, and they're all centered on "bringing people closer together."

On Jan. 11, the social media giant announced a massive algorithm shift that, according to Facebook's Head of News Feed Adam Mosseri, will "prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people" and minimize the onslaught of news stories from brands and publishers. To be clear, you'll still see content from the pages you follow, but "posts from friends and family" will be ranked above "public content."

CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the changes in a Facebook post, noting that the platform had "gotten feedback from our community that public content -- posts from businesses, brands and media -- is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other."

So what exactly do these changes mean for you? According to Facebook, here are four types of posts you can expect to see a whole lot more of in your News Feed going forward.

Major Life Events

You know how you've been seeing a bit more of your friends and family highlighting their most meaningful moments? Those births, engagements, first steps, first pets - all of...

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10 Insanely Affordable European Destinations to Visit This Winter

Thinking about planning a Winter getaway that won't break the bank? If you're eager to explore iconic attractions or stroll through colorful cobblestone streets, now is the time to do it, when flights are affordable and lodging is discounted. From Prague to Amsterdam, we rounded up the 10 most wallet-friendly European destinations to visit this Winter.

10 of the Most Affordable European Cities

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Brides, Pay Attention: These Wedding Favors Cost Under $3

If you and your partner have set a firm budget for the ceremony and reception and found that between the caterer and the rentals you've gone way over it, you're not alone. It's incredibly difficult to adhere to those financial guardrails when you're at the mercy of so many vendors, with so many fees. One thing you can control, though, is how much you spend on wedding favors. Guests certainly love leaving with a small token - that they'll use - from your love-filled day, so get them something good without breaking the bank. Up ahead, here are wedding favors that all ring in under $3 each.

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31 Things to Stop Doing in 2018

The new year isn't only an opportunity to reset goals; it's also a time to reconsider how you've been leading your life. Take a moment to recap your 2017. What do you regret? What do you wish you could've done more or less of? Let that all fuel a better year and a better you in 2018. To put your well-being and happiness at the forefront, stop doing these 31 things ahead.

  1. Caring about what others think.
  2. Ignoring what your body is telling you (if you need sleep, sleep!).
  3. Justifying every unnecessary purchase as something you "deserve."
  4. Keeping negative people around.
  5. Putting so much pressure on yourself.
  6. Saying yes to things you don't want to do.
  7. Neglecting your physical health.
  8. Playing it safe.
  9. Putting your passions aside.
  10. Wasting your energy on people who don't deserve it.
  11. Allowing others to dictate your life.
  12. Getting caught up in drama.
  13. Delaying overdue catch-ups with friends.
  14. Being afraid of change.
  15. Getting upset over trivial things.
  16. Putting the needs of others before your own.
  17. Criticizing yourself.
  18. Worrying about things that are out of your control.
  19. Ignoring calls from your parents or loved ones (no matter how crazy they drive you).
  20. Neglecting your personal...

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Get Your Closet Organized With These 10 Genius Products From Ikea

If you have heaps of clothes and random items piled up in you closet, it's time to get your life together! There's nothing more stressful than searching through a sea of stuff to find just one shirt. Thankfully, Ikea has some organizational products that are useful and affordable. Once you include these items in your space, keeping things in order will be effortless. Instead of putting off the inevitable, get these Ikea products from Amazon today. If you have Prime, they will be at your door in as soon as two days. No more excuses - you will feel so much better once everything is put away.

11 Genius Bathroom Organization Products You Need to Get From Ikea

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Start a Happiness Jar Now to Have a Year's Worth of Memories to Look Back On

Rather than ending the year wondering what you did for the past 12 months, keep track of your best memories with a simple DIY. All you need is a mason jar, scraps of paper (or Post-its), and a pen.

Starting today, write down your happiest moment on a sticky note either daily or weekly. Fill up your jar throughout the year, and on Dec. 31 read them all one by one! And don't overthink it. It can be as meaningful or silly as you want it to be - whatever moment brings you joy is worth adding to your jar. See 12 ideas ahead to get you started!

If You and Your Partner Ever Get Into a Fight, Break Out This Happiness Jar

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Genius Organization Items For Those Small Bathrooms - All Under $100

I have only known small bathrooms. Save for the one apartment I had in the East Village where there was enough marbled floor space to nap on (should I have wanted to), the rest of my adult life has involved renting places with impossibly small bathrooms that have a medicine cabinet and one under-the-sink cabinet for storage. If you're in a similar boat and looking for ways to declutter and turn your bathroom into a functioning space, we have 13 space-saving accessories that will help you make the most out of each square foot. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

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This Video Game Might Solve All of Your Relationship Woes

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Benjamin Stone

It feels like forever ago, but last July I fell down an insane rabbit hole with Pokémon Go. And I didn't go alone. I took my boyfriend along with me, and we religiously followed all the great things that were happening in the world as a result of the game. But once Fall rolled around, I was totally over it and actively looking for the next great thing.

I'm one of those people who can't just passively binge-watch television on the couch in my off time. I'm always playing Two Dots, completing a crossword puzzle, or scrolling through Twitter. When I dropped Pokémon Go, I lost one important thing: the competitive spirit that was built between me and my boyfriend. We used to race through the streets and secretly drop cash on items to try to outpace each other in the game. It became my mission to find something that we found equally as satisfying - and I got really lucky when that search coincided with the release of the much-anticipated Civilization VI.

As of today, I can tell you unequivocally: Civilization VI is the best thing that's ever happened to my relationship.

What Makes Civilization VI Different Than Other Games

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The Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases of 2018

If there's one thing we can say for certain, it's that no new iPhone is complete without the perfect case. But at the same time, actually finding the perfect case can be one of the most tizzy-inducing experiences of our modern lives. But never fear! We've gone through all of the best cases currently available for purchase and found all of the ones that are unquestionably worth the money (and will jazz up your style). We'll be continuing to add to this list as the year goes on, but ahead, find the 14 cases we're certain you'll fall in love with - and be sure to check back to see what else 2018 has in store for your iPhone 8 Plus!

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15 Things Organized People Have in Their Homes

If searching for your keys is a part of your morning ritual, it's time to break the cycle. Being organized is more than just a personality trait, it's a lifestyle decision that's easier to achieve if you stock your home with the right tools. These 15 clutter-busting essentials will make your days feel longer and less stressful. Cheers to that!

Source: Jessica Pages

9 Things People With Clean Houses Do Every Day

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16 Texts Only a Best Friend Can Send

You and your BFF just get each other. That's why when you text them something random, like "Do you ever feel awkward when you wash zucchini?" they won't have to think twice before answering "OMG yes. Yes I do." In a universe full of strange, weird humans, you've found the one person you can be 100 percent honest with. Read on to see 15 hilarious texts that only a best friend can send.

17 Texts Only Sisters Would Send

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You Don't Get to Keep the Furniture - and 6 Other Shocking Revelations About Being on Fixer Upper

As avid fans of Fixer Upper as we are, our knowledge of the show is limited to what we see on TV. We have no idea what it's actually like to be cast on the show and have Chip and Joanna Gaines renovate our Waco, TX, dream home. Luckily, the star of season three episode "A Big Fix For a House in the Woods" shared her story with POPSUGAR Select blogger Rachel Teodoro of Holy Craft.

Check out the seven things we were shocked to learn from her below, and for even more unprecedented insight into what it's really like to be on Fixer Upper, head to Holy Craft, where you can read the complete interview.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines

Casting Moves Fast

This cast member applied to HGTV one day and received a call from the casting agency the very next. "After that it was a quick, big, exciting blur," she told Holy Craft of the fast-paced process.

You Don't Get to Keep the Furniture

The gorgeous Magnolia Market finds Joanna fills the house with are actually just there on loan to stage the house for the big reveal. While the furniture is not included in the makeover, the homeowners can buy any pieces they want to keep - but at that point the...

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13 Genius Items to Make Getting Your Home in Order a Breeze

Every so often, we all reach a breaking point in our homes where we look around and are appalled at the clutter we've amassed: the stacks of papers piled high on the kitchen table, or the tower of makeup palettes balancing surreptitiously on the edge of the bathroom counter. It happens to all of us, but rather than give into the mess, put up a good fight. Fall is a great time to refresh the home, and with these organizational items from Bed Bath & Beyond, it's never been easier to store with style.

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50 States of Winter Travel Destinations

If the thought of hibernating inside all Winter long makes you shiver, it's time to start planning your next escape. And thanks to its massive size - 3.8 million square miles, to be exact - and incredible diversity, America is certainly the hot spot when it comes to wintertime travel. No matter if you're looking to flee the piles of snow or flock to them, this country oozes with adventure for every type of wanderer. So go ahead, pack your bags. We've combed through each state and listed an array of dazzling destinations, guaranteed to satisfy your bubbling wanderlust. All you have to do is decide which place to choose first!

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66 Things to Be Grateful For, Big and Small

With the hustle, bustle, and stress of everyday life, it's easy to become fixated on big-picture worries and take for granted all the little facets of life that deserve appreciation and can be a major boost to your overall happiness. If you're in need of a mindset transformation, here are 66 things to be grateful for all year long.

- Additional reporting by Tara Block

25 Life Lessons Written by a 100-Year-Old Man
39 Powerful Quotes That Will Change the Way You Live and Think
Show Your Appreciation With This 7-Day Gratitude Challenge

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15 Unique, Warm Places to Escape the Freezing Cold and Rain This Winter

Is it just me or does snow walk a thin line between dreamy and dreadful? The warm and fuzzy thoughts of a white Christmas? Dreamy. The teeth-chattering mornings spent scraping ice off your windshield? Dreadful. One too many occurrences of the latter, and before you know it your good old buddy SAD - you know, Seasonal Affective Disorder - comes knocking at your door.

Now, I don't know about you, but the only way I've found to kindly kick those Winter blues to the curb is by getting the heck out of town. Away from the cold, away from the rain, away from anything even related to chilliness - trust me: a warm-weathered getaway will work wonders on the soul. So for those of you looking to partake in your own great escape this Winter, ahead are 15 incredible (summery) destinations waiting to be discovered!

50 States of Winter Travel Destinations

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10 of the Best Apps For Book-Lovers

As technology changes and evolves, so do our reading habits. While this age-old pastime used to mean trips to the library or bookstore, devices like smartphones and iPads have made reading a digital habit, one that's accessible to virtually anyone, anywhere.

Apps have especially influenced this new reading experience, thanks to capabilities that cater to the individual reader and put the entire experience in the palm of a hand.

We've put together our 10 favorite book and reading apps for iOS. The best part is they're all free - and guaranteed to be the new obsession of every bookworm out there.

Related stories:

  • The 5 Best Apps to Help You Save Money
  • 19 Lesser-Known Apps You Shouldn't Live Without
  • 18 Free Apps Every Woman Should Download
  • Apps That'll Make You Feel Like There Are 40 Hours in a Day

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Three Things on Sale Today That Will Up Your Sleep Game This Season — Amazon Deal of the Day

A good night's sleep is a gift that keeps on giving. And while quality sheets and bedding will send you to snooze land faster, there are also tons of surprisingly effective bedtime accessories that can help make falling—and staying—asleep a whole lot easier.

To help you make the most of your slumber, we've rounded up a handful of useful sleep aids that also happen to be marked down today on Amazon. Read ahead for three snooze-inducing items on sale today that you definitely shouldn't, well, sleep on.


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Amelie Mancini's Colorful, Antique-Filled Home — House Tour

Name: Amelie Mancini, Rami Metal, and their daughter Babette
Location: Crown Heights — Brooklyn, NY
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years lived in: Rented, 2 years

Before getting pregnant with their daughter, artist and designer Amelie Mancini and her husband Rami Metal called Greenpoint, Brooklyn home. They loved where they lived, but knew that their tiny apartment (less than 400 square feet total) wouldn't accommodate a growing family. After looking for apartments the usual online way, they decided to stop in an old, beautiful building in Crown Heights and ask the doorman if he knew of any openings. They were in luck — a sunny two-bedroom apartment had recently opened up.


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Get Away From It All At These Remote Artist Cabins In Norway

Many artists fantasize about taking a retreat to channel their creativity in the most peaceful way possible. We say if you're aiming to summon your inner artistic genius, there's a breathtaking artist-in-residence complex in Norway named "Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær" (Refugium at Fleinvær) that's designed to be a haven for innovative minds to convene and create.


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The 2' x 7' Storage Space You're Probably Overlooking

When it comes to storage, most people will agree that the more you have, the better. In small spaces, especially powder rooms and washrooms, you're forced to problem-solve and reconsider all available real estate — including that 2'x'7 slice of vertical space above your toilet. Here are a few of our favorite ways to maximize this special spot in your loo, in ways that are both useful and decorative.


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Renters Rejoice: Stylish Solutions to Your Most Common Design Woes

What do you do when you're a design lover but your rental is less than inspired? Well, you get creative. We tallied up 7 common nuisances experienced by renters and paired them with stylish solutions so you can get your temporary pad feeling more like home.


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How Black Mirror Uses Color to Set Two Very Different Tones

An episode from the most recent season of Black Mirror makes excellent use of color and light to signify tone – all while making viewers feel wildly unsettled. If you haven't seen "U.S.S. Callister," the first episode of Black Mirror's fourth season, go watch it and come right back. It's impossible to talk about without spoilers.


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Before & After: This IKEA Hack Is Every Neat Freak's Dream

Evygenia from Foxy and Brass has a small desk that's tucked inside an alcove in her apartment, and it's surrounded by built-in shelving. To get herself organized, she hacked an IKEA SKADIS pegboard to fit the space. Not only does the spot look ten times better, but the project solved more than one small space problem.


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