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66 Wildly Creative DIY Costumes For Men

It's always a big dilemma trying to figure out what to be for Halloween. We made it easier for you this year by rounding up some of the best costumes we found for men. Or maybe we just made it harder with way more picks to choose from . . .

70 Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women
43 "Punny" Halloween Costumes That Won't Break the Bank
44 Practically Free Halloween Costumes to DIY

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15 Hilariously Accurate Thoughts You've Had While Shopping For Decor at Target

Could your home pass for a Target decor ad, filled room to room with everything from lounge chairs, bar carts, trinket trays, and even a full set of plates and bowls in the kitchen cupboard? If so, then I get you. I understand you. Target has successfully found a way to mesh adorable design with affordable pricing and has easily become a leader in the world of home decor. Why wouldn't you be obsessed with the store?! Read on for a series of situations that only those who truly love Target decor will understand.

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Chip Gaines's Ex-Girlfriend and 3 Other Things You'll Find in the Fall Magnolia Journal

Magnolia Journal, the quarterly magazine put out by Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, has been highly anticipated since it launched last year. For the Fall 2017 issue, which marks its first anniversary, the couple have pulled out all the stops, from appearing in an adorable pottery wheel cover that evokes the movie Ghost to very personal anecdotes we've never heard before. And, of course, living tips, seasonal recipes, and design advice abound.

Joanna Gaines Just Got Hilariously Real About Her Magnolia Journal Cover Shoot

Here are four things you can expect to find inside this issue.

  • Joanna reflecting on the first anniversary of the magazine, which she describes as one of her favorite parts of her work. "I treasure this magazine and the opportunity that it affords me to share my heart, dive into topics that have piqued my interest for years, and, best of all, connect with you, the reader."
  • A theme of gratitude, fitting for the season. Joanna summarizes her personal philosophy, stating, "The trick is practicing a kind of thankfulness that isn't based on time or place or circumstance. Even in the trials or the mundane aspects of life, if we have eyes to see...

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11 Expert Tips For Finding the Best Hidden Thrift Store Gems​

Gone are the days of associating thrift stores with weathered paperbacks, old tees, and cheap jewelry. Now, if you go in with enough patience and persistence, chances are you'll leave with a lot more value than what you forked over at the register.

After years of endlessly strolling down the aisles of these secondhand shops in search of hidden treasure, I have come to two conclusions. One: there are few things in this world that can compete with the thrill of the hunt. It is just that exhilarating!

And two: just as with flea markets and Craigslist, there is an art to the game of thrift shopping. While it might seem impossible to find a valuable needle in a haystack of junk, trust me, it can be done, and I'm here to reveal all my secrets to you.

Ahead are 11 tips for scoring the best deals and finding the best gems.

How to Decorate a Rental Apartment From Scratch on a Budget

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The "Spotlight Effect" Suggests No One Cares What You Post Online

The "spotlight effect" means we think we're being noticed more than we really are.

Do you analyze the caption on your Instagram photo for more than 30 seconds before posting it? Do you try to create a cohesive grid on your profile? Do you feel the pressure to maintain a personal "aesthetic" on social media? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be wasting a ton of time.

The psychological phenomenon known as the "spotlight effect" suggests most of us think we're being noticed more than we really are. We feel the social limelight shining brightly on ourselves, when in reality, most people aren't paying that close attention. This overestimation can apply to both moments we're embarrassed by or proud of. The phenomenon suggests that time spent worrying about what people think of us on social media might not be worth it - because rarely do others think about us at all.

What Is the Spotlight Effect?

The easiest way to understand the spotlight effect is to think of your hair. You might believe a "bad hair day" is totally obvious, but the spotlight effect would say that most people don't notice. On the flip side, they probably can't tell if you're having an...

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10 Thoughts Only Die-Hard Pottery Barn Fans Will Understand

Do you believe that Pottery Barn is the absolute mecca for home decor, furniture, and accents? Do you hold yourself to that stylish Pottery Barn standard when furnishing your own home? Do you have a pileup of outdated catalogs just because you never know when you might need to be inspired? If so, then you may be mildly (to severely) obsessed with the PB. But it's okay, because you certainly aren't alone. Read on for some thoughts that only the truest Pottery Barn fans will understand.

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This Bathroom Renovation Tip Will Save You Time and Money

I'm a home editor with an embarrassing secret. Since moving into our place, I've neglected our master bathroom so entirely that even the dated design features make sloppy details we're actually responsible for (ahem: crooked Ikea shelving, patches of spackle on the wall, and broken towel hooks) seem bougie in comparison. My husband and I designated it as the "I give up room" - a place kept off limits to guests that serves only the most basic functional needs, sort of like the "I give up sweats." You know they're unflattering but you still won't get rid of them.

We knew something had to be done, but the reality was that if we were too "busy" to replace a broken wall hook, then making all of the design decisions for a bathroom renovation, and hiring a contractor to execute everything was going to be a stretch. When I was approached by Decorist, an online interior design service that recently launched a renovation partnership with Lowe's, I knew this was our chance.

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Fixer Upper's Joanna Gaines Will Take Your Breath Away in These Never-Before-Seen Photos

When Joanna Gaines is working on a home reno project on HGTV's Fixer Upper or running around her home decor store, Magnolia Market, she's rarely seen without blue jeans and Frye boots. While her unfussy-chic personal style is perfect for navigating a construction site or clomping through her 40-acre Waco, TX, farm, we were dazzled when we caught a glimpse of Joanna dressed up for Darling Magazine. The mother-of-four shines like we've never seen her before in these unpublished images from the shoot. Between the Grab a seat and keep reading to see them, and then pick up a copy of Darling Magazine Issue No. 15 to see the full photo shoot, with wardrobe beautifully styled by Shannon Schroeder, and interview with Joanna.

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A New Study Says This Is the Key to Buying Someone the Perfect Gift

It happens to all of us: you're out shopping for a gift and you find something you like so much you want to get it for yourself too, but you don't buy two because the maxim "it's better to give than to receive" was drilled into your head at an early age. If the scenario is familiar, I have good news for you: a new study indicates it might be better for everyone for you to buy that gift - and have it too.

Joint research conducted by marketing professors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Toronto Scarborough found that gift recipients like their presents more when the gift giver also purchased the item for themselves. A key feature of the findings indicated the good feelings were highest when the items were purchased at the same time. "I liked these flowered headphones so much, I bought myself a set too."

The authors of the study call this phenomenon "companionizing," but I call it "one for me and one for you." They explain sharing the gift "causes gift recipients to like their gifts more and feel closer to gift givers." That the gift giver also has the item makes that item seem better to the recipient. This effect didn't just happen with close...

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10 Game of Thrones Filming Locations That You Can Visit

Now that Game of Thrones is about to debut its seventh season, we're ready to experience a taste of Westeros in any way we can. According to top travel site TripAdvisor, interest in GOT-inspired vacations has skyrocketed, with 10 filming locations from the show topping travelers' bucket lists. Appropriately, at the tippy-top of the list sits the filming location for Meereen, the pyramid city where Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons get their first taste of ruling a large civilization.

If you're planning a Game of Thrones pilgrimage, don't worry about consulting a maester for advice - TripAdvisor's findings will help you go beyond the Wall and more (minus the White Walkers, of course). Add these 10 spots from Westeros and Essos to your travel agenda ASAP!

Ever Wondered Where Game of Thrones Is Filmed? These Are the Real Locations of the Seven Kingdoms

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83 Unreal Places You Thought Only Existed in Your Imagination

We're not kidding you - these travel destinations actually exist and aren't a figment of your imagination. Be prepared to have your mind blown as you browse through these amazing photos.

- Additional reporting by Hilary White

5 Out-of-This-World Places to See the Northern Lights

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PSA: These Harry Potter Holiday Decorations Might Sell Out Before Halloween

For some time now, Primark has been dropping hints about its expansive Harry Potter collection, which includes womenswear, menswear, children's clothing, and home decor. In addition to all of those everyday items, however, the retailer will also be releasing adorable holiday decorations.

Though much of the collection is not yet available, Primark has already teased several holiday decorations, including colorful ornaments, potion string lights, and a decorative banner (with each individual flag symbolizing a house). The collection is slated to launch around the end of September or by the beginning of October. Unfortunately, Primark does not currently offer online shopping, so you'll have to either find a location near you or purchase the decorations through a third-party reseller.

Given the excitement surrounding the magical range, you can expect for these items to fly off the shelves well before the holidays. Browse the products ahead to start plotting your shopping.

This Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover Will Actually Blow Your Mind

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On Being Called "Brown Sugar" and "Oprah" in Morocco

It's a truth universally acknowledged that when you complain to an ignorant man about being catcalled, they'll say you should take it as a compliment. And when you further explain that being catcalled abroad is even worse, they'll mansplain to you that it's just the way the culture is and you should just suck it up and expect it if you're going to travel.

I don't recall being whistled at or spoken to like a sexual object much in my youth. I wasn't exactly the ideal standard of beauty in my small town, so it wasn't until I moved away to bigger cities that I realized that this unfortunate act of catcalling was something that could happen to me. And sadly, as I've gotten older and lived in cities such as Los Angeles, London, and New York, it's only gotten worse. I'll never enjoy being on the receiving end of it and certainly do not consider it flattering.

My adventurous nature took me on a trip to Morocco after finding extremely inexpensive flights. It was a country I had heard so much about and just had to figure out if all the hype was justified. Thankfully, I was overjoyed to find out that it exceeded my expectations. Morocco is an intense blend of old and new. The vibrant...

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Your Heart Can't Handle These Succulents That Look Like Bunnies

Owning a succulent is almost a rite of passage for any home dweller, but how you display your succulents and the type of succulents you own say a lot about your personality. So what screams "I'm playful AF" more than an adorable succulent that resembles bunny ears? We can't think of anything. The scientific name for this plant is Monilaria moniliformis, but in the early growth stages, the plant sprouts what look like tiny green bunny ears; hence, the nickname. As the plant matures and grows, the "bunny ears" begin to droop down and eventually sprout white blossoms with yellow centers. While these plants are rare, you can find seeds on Amazon. They thrive in colder months indoors, so the season for planting these bunny succulents is coming! Take a peek below to see the different stages of growth, from tiny bunny ears to blooming beauties.

The Leaves on This Succulent Plant Look Exactly Like Tiny Swimming Dolphins

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NASA Packs More Than 100 Photos of Pluto Into 1 Stunning Video!

Ever wonder what it'd be like to land on Pluto? Thanks to NASA's video, now you can - well, virtually, at least. The video combines more than 100 images captured by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to give viewers multiple different views of Pluto and its largest moon, Charon. The spacecraft finally reached the dwarf planet in the Summer of 2015 after traveling for 10 years and 3 billion miles. We think that lengthy journey was worth it because the images are stunning! Watch the video above - we suggest in full screen - to feel like you're actually landing on the surface.

NASA's Images of Mars Are the Next Best Thing to Space Travel
This Is What Earth and the Moon Would Look Like If You Lived on Mars

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The Puerto Rico You Haven't Seen - Yet

Puerto Rico is a microcosm, encapsulating cultures from much bigger countries and from thousands of years ago. Go to Old San Juan and you see the Spanish influence, go to Loiza and you find the African heritage, and go to the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center in Ponce and you get a glimpse of the Taíno culture. Not surprisingly, this melange works delightfully well. Our music is world-famous (ever heard of "Despacito"?), our food makes Anthony Bourdain's mouth water, and our enthusiastic and celebratory spirit is simply contagious. It's hard to believe all that tropical goodness comes from an island that's just 100 miles long by 35 miles wide. Not bad, Borinquen. Not bad at all.

This combination of Puerto Rico's celebrated allure and its proximity to the United States places the island on a pedestal for those seeking an adventure without the constraints of traveling to a foreign country - here you can forget about those pesky roaming charges, currency exchanges, and language barriers. For many travelers, visiting Puerto Rico means continuing with business as usual. English is the official second language, the dollar is the local currency, and mobile carriers put the island...

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This Ikea Purchase Is the Answer to All Your Small-Closet Problems

Tiny closets are a source of stress and frustration almost all small-space dwellers can relate to, but when you have to share that tiny closet with your significant other, battle lines are drawn. I should know. My husband and I tried to make due with his and hers dressers and a hanging clothes rack for a while, but the exposed rack of clothes and overflowing dressers just weren't cutting it. A wardrobe was needed. Not just any wardrobe, though. We needed his and hers wardrobes that could be customized, easily assembled, and purchased for less than a small fortune. Like any online editor would do, I took my quest to Pinterest where I discovered the answer to my problem: Ikea's Pax Wardrobe System. The interior organizing possibilities are seemingly endless, it was in stock at my local Ikea, and it was an option we could actually afford. After studying and pinning some inspiration pictures culled from other bloggers' Pax projects, my husband and I purchased one for each of us and customized them for our needs. Here's what I did with mine!

8 Ikea Dresser DIYs So Chic, You'll Think They're Designer

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How 2 Entrepreneurs Found Sugar-Sweet Success by Age 30

Carrie Baltezore and Amy Ephraim are the rad duo behind CANE, a sophisticated and ultracool sugaring studio in San Francisco's NoPa neighborhood. But besides being the kind of people you feel cool just knowing, they're both smart, inspiring women who impressively each became business owners by the age of 30. One-year-old CANE is Amy's first venture with Carrie, while Carrie has owned HABIT, a similarly stylish SF hair-removal salon, since 2005. Together, they share the fresh perspective of a first-time business owner and the learnings of someone who's been through it before. The biggest takeaway: Try it! Take the leap!

POPSUGAR: What made you decide you wanted to own your own business at such a young age?

Amy Ephraim: I actually realized I wanted to own a hair-removal salon when I was about 23. I was working at my first "job job" after college (G-chatting the day away) and went to get a bikini wax. I loved the environment of the salon - the "girl's girl" attitude, the beauty-insider feel, the happy employees - and saw my future.

Carrie Baltezore: It happened pretty naturally. I didn't think about it as a dream. It wasn't a "maybe someday or let me talk to other business...

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Brides, Pay Attention: These Wedding Favors Cost Under $3

If you and your partner have set a firm budget for the ceremony and reception and found that between the caterer and the rentals you've gone way over it, you're not alone. It's incredibly difficult to adhere to those financial guardrails when you're at the mercy of so many vendors, with so many fees. One thing you can control, though, is how much you spend on wedding favors. Guests certainly love leaving with a small token - that they'll use - from your love-filled day, so get them something good without breaking the bank. Up ahead, here are wedding favors that all ring in under $3 each.

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23 Wedding Favors That Are Easy to DIY

With all the stress from wedding planning, the last thing you probably want to add to your list is DIYing wedding favors. We're not going to lie, it definitely will be work, but the amount of money it will save you is completely worth the extra time and effort. If you want to recruit some help, one idea is to invite your bridal party for a fun (and busy) day of Champagne and crafts. Or why not ask your soon-to-be spouse to pitch in?

Regardless of who comes to your aid, we've rounded up easy DIY ideas that won't require a ton of resources or cash to make. Plus, your guests will love the thought over store-bought goods. Get inspired by the 23 wedding favors ahead!

48 Creative, Fun, and Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

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6 Trippy Harry Potter Photos That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Did someone slip me a befuddlement draught? Sure, the magic is a little tarnished seeing this behind-the-scenes image of Harry, Ron, and Hermione (I mean, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson) speaking with director David Yates on the set of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but something seems even more off about the following photos from the same film . . . Can you spot what it is?

We Can't Believe We've Never Noticed This Hilarious Harry Potter Detail
5 Harry Potter Secrets You Definitely Didn't Know . . . Until Now

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This DIY Laundry Room Makeover Is Filled With Clever Ideas

Spending money to revamp a laundry room doesn't sound sexy, but transforming a dull, chore-centered space into an uplifting haven of organization and productivity? We can get on board with that. Vintage Revivals blogger Mandi Gubler proves just how satisfying a laundry room revamp can be, not to mention quick and cost-effective! Check out three innovative ideas she implemented to create a chic and budget-friendly laundry room anyone would want to spend time in.

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14 Home Splurges You Should've Bought Years Ago

Luxury gifts don't have to be impractical. In fact, investing upfront for quality pieces that can be enjoyed every day for years is the smartest way to splurge. These home gifts make everyday life easier, cozier, and so much more beautiful. Whether you're shopping for a big-ticket item for someone special or want to treat yourself to something you should have bought years ago, this guide is for you!

These Stunning Ikea Kitchen Products Look Way More Expensive Than They Actually Cost

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4 Reasons Amazon's Echo Show Isn't Worth the Hype - Yet

"Is that a retro TV or a tablet?" That's the question I kept getting when I sent around a Snapchat of Amazon's newest product, the Echo Show ($230). The Echo Show brings Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, to life with a seven-inch touchscreen. You can make video calls with it and even have a spontaneous karaoke session. It sounds like the device of the future - but after testing it at home for about two weeks, I found that while it offers a few distinct advantages over the Echo ($180) and Echo Dot ($50) - it falls short on many of its promises.

So, what is the Echo Show?

Think of the Echo Show as a bigger and more capable tablet. It has a seven-inch touchscreen, eight microphones and a five-megapixel front-facing camera and weighs 41 ounces. You can make hands-free video calls to anyone who has an Echo show or the Alexa app. Or, if they have an Echo or Echo Dot, you can make regular calls to them.

What are some of the cooler features?

Like the Echo or Echo Dot, you can ask Alexa anything - the weather, what your calendar looks like for the day, and more - by enabling some Alexa skills. However, since the Echo Show has a screen, these features are a little more interactive than...

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See the Best of the UK and Ireland in Just 6 Days

The UK has long been one of my favorite places in the world. It's a place I keep going back to because there's so much to see and do, but that being said, I do believe you can get a great taste of the UK and Ireland in the span of a week by hitting three key cities: London; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Dublin, Ireland. In a travel package that can be won on the Hilton Honors auction platform by bidding with Honors points, Hilton has put together a six-night travel experience covering these three cities, including stays at some of its best hotels and personalized experiences in each of the locations. To find out just how doable it is to get a real, authentic feel for these cities in the course of a week - where a lot of the planning work is done for you - I went to each city so I could nail down exactly what you should do if you have a planned-out travel package like this one - or if you fly over there on your own. Days 1 and 2: LondonLondon reminds me a lot of New York with all the hustle and bustle, but it has a much deeper and richer history, dating back almost 2,000 years. It's a city I recommend everyone visit sometime in their lives, especially because it has such a vast mix...

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A Boring Rental Bathroom Gets a Totally Reversible Makeover

Ladies and gentleman, here is what my boring bathroom looked like up until the other day. I've lived in my rental for just over two years, and this place looked the same as it did the day I moved in (with the addition of some hand soap, my toothbrush and a toilet paper roll) for far too long. Is it completely offensive? Nah, it's pretty passable, but boy was it dull. Beige counters, beige cabinets, beige floor, gray walls and zero decorative thought put into it (I know I only have myself to blame for that). Except I finally decided it was time to put a little effort into this place, and I'm pretty happy with the result!


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Before & After: An Unbelievable DIY IKEA Kitchen Renovation for $20k

Cameron's post-renovation kitchen is basically unrecognizable. Aside from sharing the common elements of a kitchen (you can cook in it! there's a refrigerator!) the two spaces are completely different. Her new kitchen is softly colorful, light, breezy and spacious where the old kitchen was, well, very, very beige.


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7 Ideas For Tackling Small Kitchen Storage Shortages in Style — Dwell

(Image credit: Linny Morris for Dwell)

A perpetual curse of the small apartment is the small kitchen, and a perpetual curse of the small kitchen is lack of storage. Sure, only having 18 inches of counter space is a real bear, but before you get there, where are you even going to put anything? If your kitchen suffers from lack of storage, try one of these eight tips to help you fit everything in.


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Think You Have it Bad? Here's What Kitchens Were Like A Century Ago — 100 Years in the Kitchen

Imagine you're suddenly transported back in time by 100 years, to your great-great-grandmother's house. Most of the rooms are quite familiar: the styles are less modern, sure, but the basic setup is the same. The kitchen, however, is different. All the major players are in place — the sink, the stove, some rudimentary form of refrigeration — but they haven't quite evolved into their modern forms. And the rest of the kitchen, lacking the standardized cabinets and countertops we're used to seeing, is strange as well. This post is the first in a series of five where we'll examine the evolution of the kitchen, stylistically and technologically, over the past 100 years. Come with me, if you will, on a little journey through the history of design.

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