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Christina El Moussa Just Introduced Us to Our New Trendy Tile Obsession

A post shared by Christina El Moussa (@christinaelmoussa) on

Christina El Moussa's interior-design savvy has been one of the driving forces behind her and estranged husband Tarek's tremendous house flipping success. And while Christina has shared her tips for getting stylish backsplash on the cheap, given us glimpses of her own home's uber-glam bathroom tile on Instagram, and shown her trendy aesthetic on Flip or Flop, until now we didn't know what her favorite tile was. The reality real estate star changed all that when she shared a snap of several Cement Tile Shop tile styles she's looking at alongside the caption, "Playing around with @cementtileshop tiles and SO excited to start filming new episodes of #fliporflop today!"

With their boho-meets-mod designs, Cement Tile Shop exemplifies the best of contemporary home design – how can you not love a hexagonal starburst pattern?! Of course, we had to dig a little deeper to find out more about the company. It turns out, Cement Tile Shop tiles are handmade using the centuries-old encaustic process, which inlays the design by burning it into the cement with a mix of color pigments and hot wax. The...

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Design Experts Predict the 6 Trendiest Bathroom Paint Shades For 2017

We all know the saying that pops up once the clock strikes twelve: new year, new you! And while we totally support this philosophy, it doesn't just apply to resolutions, eating better, or getting more exercise. Why not take this attitude of a fresh start and finally transform those areas of your home you've been wanting to change for some time? And what better place to start than a simple bathroom makeover for a brand-new and exciting welcome to 2017!? A paint color change is one of the most powerful ways to make a statement, and we have the inside scoop on the trendiest (and boldest) looks for the upcoming year. Read on for the six most desired bathroom paint colors, hand-selected from some of our favorite design experts that will take you one step closer to a happier, more revived home.

5 Paint Colors That Soothe and Energize
10 Design Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Year
Exactly What Colors You Should Be Painting Your House in 2017

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9 Things People With Clean Houses Do Every Day

Find yourself feigning excuses for why your friend can't pop up to your place to use the bathroom before the movie? Ever turn beet red with embarrassment when unexpected guests enter your home? It sounds like you have a messy house.

Imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if you were one of those perpetually tidy people whose homes could be company-ready with 15 minutes' notice. We wanted to turn our clean fantasies into a reality, so we researched the daily habits of people with clean houses - note the word "habits." What we learned is that it takes more than a few deep cleanings to achieve this status of cleaning goddess. It takes daily work and preparation to keep your house in a constant state of near perfection.

Read on to discover the nine habits people with clean houses do every day, and how you can adopt them to get out of the disaster zone you've been living in.

  • Make Their Bed
  • Before you leave the house in the morning (or better yet, before you leave the bedroom), make your bed. If you're in a rush, pull the comforter up to the pillows, and smooth it out to create the semblance of a made bed. This simple act creates a sense of order in your bedroom and sets...

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You Need to See This Insanely Over-the-Top Dorm Room

We used to think that a simple poster quoting Marilyn Monroe and pictures of our high school friends taped to the wall qualified as dorm decor, but after seeing the way these freshmen roommates decorated their dorm at Ole Miss, we definitely need to reconsider. Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson have been planning their room since December, and it's absolutely incredible!

Abby told BuzzFeed News that they planned their masterpiece without ever meeting in person to see how it looked. "We weren't really sure everything was going to go together, but then we got here, and it does."

Well, that's putting it lightly!

A post shared by Lindy ☆ Goodson (@the_real_lin_shady) on

The girls explained that dorm decor is taken very seriously at Ole Miss and they were ready to join in on the extravagant fun, and yes, the bedskirts, headboards, and pillows were custom made.

Abby and Lindy posted photos of their room on social media and everyone went crazy, with over 3,000 people retweeting it. This is hands down one of the most stunning dorm rooms we've ever seen!

7 Best Places to Shop For Your Dorm Room
11 Breathtaking Ways to Decorate Your Dorm With String...

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6 Things I Learned When Trying to Make My Home Pinterest-Perfect For a Week

I love my home. When I first moved in, I would often go outside just to stare at its brick exterior and marvel at it. Here is a home that has been standing for over 100 years, and now I own it. I sometimes even wished I could give it a hug. Even though my building is my boo, that doesn't mean I still don't longingly peruse Pinterest, looking at all the perfect homes, and wonder what it must be like to live there.

In the years that I've lived in this building, I've used Pinterest a lot. It's often been a tool to guide my remodels, paint colors, and design choices. Pinterest has also been a great way to store all my dream designs and picture-perfect life, kind of a virtual bucket list for the home. I wonder what it would be like to live in one of those immaculately designed homes, even for just a week.

Since a temporary move is out of the question, I decided to see what it would take to turn my current house into a Pinterest-perfect dream home. In the course of a week, I tackled as many organizing, cleaning, decorating, and styling tips as I could find, and this is what I learned.

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Every Royal Bride Has a Sprig of This 1 Flower in Her Bouquet

Spring is well and truly sprung! So what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at all of the royal family's favorite flowers. Which ones have a special meaning for Prince Harry? Which blooms does the queen have on her desk? And what was the secret meaning behind Kate's bridal bouquet? From blossom-drenched weddings to private palace gardens and poignant plantings to meaningful decades-long passion projects, we've rounded up all the royal flower inspiration you'll ever need.

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Joanna Gaines's Candid Message to Mothers Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

A photo posted by Chip Gaines (@chippergaines) on

At some point, every Fixer Upper fan has wondered how Joanna Gaines does it all. She has a hit show on HGTV, the Magnolia Market home store, a new furniture and paint collection, and recently opened a bakery and bed and breakfast with husband Chip. And that's on top of raising four young children. Despite her busy schedule, one gets the impression that Joanna is a hands-on mom.

So what's her secret? Joanna gave us some insight in a heartfelt blog post she wrote for Mother's Day 2016. In it, she honors and encourages mamas of all kinds and reveals how she survives the good and the bad parts of mothering, from when she shuttered her first decor store to spend more time raising her family to how she balances everything as a working mom today. You can read the entire post on Magnolia Blog, and check out some of the highlights below.

You Are Enough

"I think at times all moms get this insecure feeling of 'I'm not doing enough,'" shares Joanna, who admits that even she struggles to leave her kids when she goes to work, especially when they beg her not to go. But Joanna's response is brilliant: "I...

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Amal Clooney Waited 6 Months to Decorate Her Nursery For Good Reason

George and Amal Clooney are less than a month away from the arrival of their twins. While we already know the happy couple will be welcoming home a boy and a girl, thanks to a slip up by George Clooney's mom, we're only just now learning more details about the twins' nursery. According to sources over at E!, George and Amal waited six months before decorating their babies' room because "they didn't want to rush or jinx things."

Wait, George Clooney Shares a Vacation Home With Who?

The couple, who recently built a panic room in their 17th century English manor, reportedly sought out London-based interior designer Ilse Crawford to help make their dream nursery come true. The Clooneys were reportedly very hands-on with the decorating process, even selecting many of the nursery decor pieces themselves. According to the E! report, a few of the nursery items were purchased at Baudou, a boutique in Paris. We can't wait to get a sneak peek at the nursery, but until then, these stunning photos of their new Manhattan apartment will have to hold us over.

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Soaking Up the Sun Has Never Been So Stylish With These Cute Round Beach Towels

We've already picked out our go-to Summer bathing suit styles, and we've been working hard at those beach-ready bodies, but now, we've found the one thing our Summer repertoires have been missing: stylish round towels. Gone are the days of digging through our linen closets for plain, old towels, because not only are round towels perfectly shaped, but they are also adorably Instagrammable.

Coming in trendy patterns like hamburger or pizza print, there are no limits to what your beach towel can achieve. Keep reading to see some of our favorite round towel picks for the Summer, and make sure you order yours ASAP.

Beach Towels So Stylish, You'll Want to Display Them as Art

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Christina El Moussa's Latest Instagram Has Sparked Major Controversy - but Why?

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog 🐶 Click link in my bio!! 👙🍩

A post shared by Christina El Moussa (@christinaelmoussa) on

There has been no shortage of headlines surrounding Flip or Flop's El Moussa clan lately, between the news of Tarek and Christina's split and shocking revelations about Tarek's cancer battle. But the latest reason Christina El Moussa is sparking discussion is puzzling; after sharing a photo to celebrate bringing home a new puppy, Christina faced serious backlash from Instagram followers. The photo, which shows Christina and her daughter, Taylor, wearing matching purple bikinis, garnered a multitude of comments calling the post "inappopriate" and "just not cool."

However, following the backlash about posting the image of her daughter in a swimsuit, many moms chimed in to defend Christina. "Love you. Love the pic! Adorbs! You know the haters will hate. That's their problem," one wrote, with many others agreeing that they saw no issue with the photo of mother and daughter. In fact, many complimented the matching bikinis, noting that Christina had an eye for design without even trying!

So, what do you think...

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How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen - No Chemicals Required

When it comes to pests and critters, the last thing any of us wants is to find unwanted guests taking up residence in the kitchen. While there are certainly more harmful pests, there's something particularly icky about ants - especially when they're in close proximity to where you store, prepare, and eat your food. They can get into your food containers and pantry, and one ant soon turns into a whole colony. If you find yourself waging war against these tiny but mighty creatures, try some of these creative yet simple (and effective!) ways to keep them away.

Draw a Chalk Line
If you have a door in your kitchen that leads directly to the outside of your home, this could be where the ants are coming from. To stop them dead (but not literally) in their tracks, draw a chalk line on the ground on the exterior side of the door. Ants dislike calcium carbonate, so it's an excellent repellent and they won't go over the line and into your kitchen.

Sprinkle Flour or Cinnamon
Similarly to chalk, ants are repelled by flour and cinnamon, and these are great options if you don't want to use any chemicals in and around your kitchen. While this can be a little on the messy side, sprinkling some...

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6 Anthropologie Shopping Tips Straight From an Employee

Nothing quite compares to that one-of-a-kind Anthropologie shopping experience that we all know and love. From all of its wonderfully chic pieces just waiting to fill up your wardrobe to the funky decorative items (we are talking bed frames all the way to trinket trays), this company has successfully created the ultimate collection of lifestyle necessities loved from California all the way to New York and beyond. So, being the full-on Anthro superfans that we are, we decided to go straight to the source. Read on as an Anthro employee offers us six supervaluable insider tidbits sure to make our shopping experience even that much more exciting.

1. Anthropologie Offers Complimentary Home Styling

Not only does Anthropologie offer styling free of charge for your wardrobe, but it also extends the service to home styling. The Anthro employee says, "Customers can make appointments online at anthropologie.com or by calling their local stores." So next time you find yourself trying to decide on the perfect table lamp for your desk, you will know just how to get in touch!

2. It's Worth It to Foster an Employee/Customer Relationship

One of Anthropologie's main objectives is to create a...

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The 1 Breathtaking Way to Transform Your Wall With Paint

This post originally appeared in Martha Stewart.

One way to dress up a room is to hang art. Another? Transform a plain wall into a gorgeous installation. This subtle ombré technique is actually quite simple (a slightly imperfect flow looks more interesting and organic anyway). Start at the top with the deepest of three graduated shades, finish with the lightest, and blend for a stunning result.

The only tricky part of this project is choosing one color - and its two neighboring shades - that you love. We used Behr, in Stolen Kiss, Cherubic, and Pink Quartz.


Painter's tape
Drop cloth
3 paint rollers and roller covers
Paint in three shades (amount depends on the size of your wall)
3 paint trays
Paint mixing craft sticks
3 paintbrushes


Tape off the wall using painter's tape. Spread the drop cloth on the floor. Fit each roller frame with a cover. Pour each paint into its own tray.


Cover a roller in the lightest color paint and use it to coat the entire wall.


Roll a second roller into the darkest color paint and, using a ladder if needed, add an 18-inch stripe of it at the top of the wall. Use the third roller to add an 18-inch stripe of the...

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6 Fascinating Facts About the House Hunters Narrator That Will Leave You Speechless

Through the many exotic locales, harried couples, exasperated real estate agents, numerous spinoffs, and hundreds of properties seen on HGTV's House Hunters, there's one constant: the soothing lilt of the narrator's voice. Until now, not much was known about this mysterious woman who is never seen on camera. House Hunters narrator Andromeda Dunker opened up to BuzzFeed for a revealing interview, and we learned that she might be even more fascinating than the show she's famous for! Check out six of our favorite facts from the BuzzFeed article ahead.

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19 Storage Solutions So Chic You Won’t Believe They’re From IKEA

Ikea has long been who we've thought of for inexpensive storage options for the closet, garage, or attic. But thanks to a recent reinvigoration from designer, style guru, and all-around home/life philosopher Ilse Crawford, Ikea now offers storage solutions so chic you'll be proud to bring them out of the closet.

The best storage options can be repurposed at different points in your life - changing with you as your needs change. So look for items that can do double duty, or items that could work in more than one room: living and bedroom, or bath and kitchen. The 19 Ikea products that follow feature organic materials, simple but elegant design, and an earth-oriented color palette.

17 Things You Never Knew About Ikea, Straight From an Insider

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RHOC Star Heather Dubrow Is Divulging Her Hostess Tips - and They're Great

Hold onto your champs, Real Housewives of Orange County fans! Mansion-dwelling, bash-throwing matriarch Heather Dubrow just launched Celebrate With Heather Dubrow, a new video series on Evite.com. In it, you can get all of Heather's fabulous entertaining tips, from DIY decor to theme parties, how to make a guest list, and creating a budget. This pro hostess puts it all out there in her signature no-fuss style. Heather promises to take you from a party goer to a party thrower. We're intrigued! And if this series is as over-the-top as her YouTube series Heather's Closet, we're sure we'll be entertained as well. Check out the first episode below.

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I Switched to Linen Sheets - and It Changed My Life

Image Source: Flickr user idhren

I know I'm one of a great many people who love sleeping, but honestly, my real obsession is bedding. I have a constant goal to create the coziest bed you have ever seen and could hope to snooze in. I judge hotels on their beds alone. I have dreams of opening a luxury bedding boutique. So, yeah, the fact that I have been committed to one brand of sheets for the last five years or so should tell you that I did my research before I decided that the best sheets for my buck were Pottery Barn's Essentials line. Crisp, cool to the touch, and soft without resorting to a sateen blend or some wacky technique to get the thread counts sky-high, I was sure I was in it for the long haul with these sheets. But this isn't a story about how these sheets and I fell in love. It's a story about our breakup.

See, I met new sheets. And I am never, ever going back to anything else. Enter: linen sheets.

My curiosity started with Pinterest. Images of sexy, rumpled linen bedding showed up in my feed, and the more I'd click on them, the more would show up. The pictures looked irresistible; unlike the perfectly staged beds with neatly made covers and impeccably fluffed...

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Bet You Never Thought of This 1 Ingenious Trick For Bringing Greenery Indoors

A house with a white picket fence and overflowing flower boxes might be a far cry from your city studio apartment - but that doesn't mean you can't bring some of that picturesque suburban charm into your existing space. If hanging flower boxes from exterior windows isn't an option, bring the flower boxes inside. There's no rule that says they can only exist on the outside of your house. Jonathan Rachman of Jonathan Rachman Design recently transformed the living room in the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase House into a retro green sheathed space. And to complement the shades of emerald, jade, and sage, Jonathan brought in actual greenery. He tucked traditional (but unmounted) flower boxes filled with lively ferns beneath the windows. They take up less space than a potted tree and offer the same enlivening effect as a house plant while taking up much less real estate. They look just as enchanting as outdoor flower boxes, can be filled with a wide array of flora depending on natural light conditions, and are an ingenious way to bring the outdoors into a space of any size and locale.

9 Innovative Design Ideas to Steal From a Designer Showcase Kitchen

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Your Zodiac Sign Will Decide Which Candle You Should Splurge On

If you love candles, then you already know how many incredible options there are out there to choose from - especially when you're willing to drop a bit of extra cash to treat yourself. Next time you're on the hunt for the perfect indulgence for your home, don't spend hours sniffing candles and overwhelm your senses! Simply let the stars decide which way you should spoil yourself.

We've selected a perfect candle for every astrological sign, so whether you're a loyal Taurus or an adventurous Aries, you can spoil yourself rotten (and make your home smell divine in the process).

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How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

While you may expect to find an ant here or there around your house during the Summer, discovering a whole swarm of them can be pretty distressing. And unfortunately, it's not uncommon to find a whole colony of ants taking up residence in different rooms in your house - including your bathroom. They might be harmless, but any unwanted visitors in your home like insects can be pretty gross. Getting rid of ants may not be as difficult as other household pests (we're looking at you, bedbugs!), but it does require some planning. Keep reading to find out how.

Find the Cause

Before you start your battle with your new guests, it's important to figure out where the ants are coming from. Often, if you have ants in your bathroom, it's likely that a colony has made itself pretty comfortable somewhere in the bathroom, and they're probably not coming in for a quick visit. Inspect your bathroom to see if you can find the colony, or watch the ants to see if they lead you there. If you're lucky, the cause of your ant problem will be pretty obvious.

Identify the Species

Not all ants are alike, and identifying the type of ant you have could help in your fight against them. But it might take a...

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The 3 Paint Colors Joanna Gaines Is Obsessed With Right Now

If you're looking for a quick and affordable way to give your home Fixer Upper-worthy style - and who isn't? - then the first person you should consult is Joanna Gaines. The designer behind dozens of breathtaking HGTV home makeovers is no stranger to the transformative (and wallet-friendly) power of paint. In fact, she loves paint so much, she created the gorgeous Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines paint collection. So what hues is Joanna personally loving right now? We recently had a chance to chat with Jo, and she revealed to POPSUGAR the three paint colors she can't get enough of.

6 Surprising Realities of Meeting Chip and Joanna Gaines in Person

The Bedroom

"Bedrooms are a great place to take a risk and use a little more color. I would love to see a client use Weekend in their bedroom. Like weekends, this color puts me at ease. It is the calming blue of retreat and relaxation."

The Bathroom

"In a bathroom, I like the idea of using something fresh and clean, like maybe one of my favorite grays, Wedding Band."

The Kitchen and Living Room

"For high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms, I would keep things simple and use a creamy, neutral white like Shiplap...

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A Bright, Happy, Family Home...in a Backyard Shed — House Tour

Name: Mel and Ryan Tonkin and their daughters, Millie and Olivia
Location: Bedfordale, Western Australia
Size: 95 square meters (1,023 square feet)
Years lived in: 4 years; Owned

To begin this House Tour, I must tell you that this house is actually a shed — a standard shed you'd find in the backyard of many Australian homes. What Mel and Ryan have done to their shed though, is something entirely different from any shed you have ever seen. It is extraordinary. The Tonkins' home is filled with light, color, pattern, and such warmth that it is very easy to forget that you are actually standing in a shed. Mel has such a beautiful eye for all things design-related, and that is reflected in every single corner of this family home.

Girl's bedroom
Open House Tour


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A Cosmo Editor and a Designer (Who Are Also Comedians!) Set Up Home in Williamsburg — House Call

Name: Carina and her roommate Claudia
Location: Williamsburg — Brooklyn, New York
The basics: 11 months, rented | 400 square feet

Carina and Claudia's Williamsburg apartment is colorful, fun and full of secret weirdness. They've made their first "Grown Up" apartment functional and pretty without taking the whole thing too seriously.


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Study Finds the Secret to Living a Long Life

Whenever someone turns 100, they're asked the same question: What's your secret? Some centenarians have said they follow a strict no smoking or drinking lifestyle, while others eat cookies and raw eggs and drink beer every day. One woman who lived to 109 even attributed her longevity to the lack of men in her life (girl, same). But a study from Harvard researchers may have found the actual—or at least, the most important—key to living a longer, healthier life.


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Here's How You Can Help Make a Gilmore Girls LEGO Set Happen

(Image credit: Rainer Zufall)

People love LEGO. They also love Gilmore Girls. Now the two have come together in an idea so pure and beautiful that we can't help but love it. Behold, a replica Luke's Diner made from the toy blocks.


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Look We Love: Live Edge Details in the Kitchen

I love modern, minimal kitchens but I also, like a lot people, find myself drawn towards natural elements. So I particularly love the look of live edge details in a modern kitchen, where the lovely, untamed appearance of the wood adds warmth to the space, but also a welcome bit of contrast. Whether it's just one or two shelves or an entire countertop, this can be a great way to bring the outdoors in, and to add a little bit of extra style to your kitchen.


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Monday on Marketplace: Anything-But-Basic Vintage Finds — Apartment Therapy Marketplace

I'm moving this week which has me rethinking all my belongings and decorating choices. Suddenly I can't stand neutral furniture that feels too safe. I'm gravitating to truly unique finds that pop with color, pattern and texture. I want to surround myself with furnishings that invigorate the mind. This week's Marketplace roundup is inspired by the items that make you say "Wow!"—these listings come with plenty of flair and fun.


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Ideas for Hanging & Storing Towels in a Really Small Bathroom

When you're stuck with a tiny bathroom, it can be hard to figure out where to put everything. You can downsize the amount of products you use and hide stuff in your cabinet, but the one thing you'll always need and can't get rid of? Towels. So, when you're low on space (and linen closet-less) where do you put them? These products and DIY projects can help you take advantage of even the smallest spaces to both store and hang your towels.


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A Teeny-Tiny Cozy & Clever 190 Square Foot Toronto Studio — House Tour

Name: Natasha
Location: The Annex, Toronto
Size: 190 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, renting

This historic mansion is a book and history lover's dream. And for Natasha, it's also home. Well, one small bit of it is home: Natasha rents a 190 square foot studio apartment! And though teeny, she finds her living space less congested now than when she lived in a house full of roommates. For Natasha, small space living is "cozy and clever" — a liberating change of lifestyle that has forced her to streamline her possessions down to the essentials.


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