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If You're Obsessed With Halloween, Visit These US Theme Parks This Season!

Sometimes one lonesome haunted house just isn't enough. Don't get me wrong - I'll still go, because I'm obsessed with all things Halloween. But there's nothing like getting one scare after another by going through multiple mazes in one night to really get me in the spirit, or spending a day at a park immersed in Halloween decor and treats. There are some awesome theme parks in the US that allow guests to really get the full experience, so buy your tickets ASAP and prepare for lots of fun and maybe even a few frights.

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20 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Under $20

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy costume or you want a prop for your fantastic pop culture costume, we've got plenty of ideas and inspiration here for $20 or less. Paired with some clothes and accessories you already own, you'll be the hit of the party - and nobody has to know you shelled out next to nothing to look so put-together.

70 Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

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Hey, O.C. Fans: Did You Forget How Fabulously Dorky Seth Cohen's Room Was?

The O.C. is iconic on many levels, but to early-aughts teens, it represents an era gone by. From the trendy fashions to the stylish homes (both of which were significantly nicer than the average person's), the show is a time capsule just waiting to be opened. And, well, we're digging it up, unscrewing the lid, and strolling down memory lane one O.C. room at a time. First up is the bedroom of Adam Brody's adorable, dorky character Seth Cohen. Tour the sentimental space ahead.

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This DIY Bar in Portland Is For People Who Love Alcohol and Crafts

A place where you can drink and DIY? Basically the place of my dreams exists in Portland, OR and serves both alcohol and crafts under one roof. AT DIY Bar, Customers can choose what kind of DIY they want to tackle off of their Project Menu, from easy (like nail and string art) to difficult (like a leather clutch). Each craft ($39) also takes one to three hours to complete, which is indicated by the number of wine glasses shown.

Sip on wine, beer, cider, kombucha, and non-alcoholic drinks (not included in DIY fee) while you create your masterpiece, and if you get stuck, you can ask for assistance from any of the "craft-tenders" around. All the tools, materials, and instructions are provided for you. Though walk-ins are welcome, booking in advance is highly suggested.

See the photos ahead for a look at the space itself and projects people have made!

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Drink in Secret at These Awesome Speakeasies Around the US

You know what they say about trends: everything old is new again! And this doesn't just go for your mom's "vintage" acid-wash jeans.

Speakeasies are seeing a revival in American drinking culture and the trend is picking up steam around the US. Whether in big cities or surrounded by amber waves of grain, finding secret places to have a drink is not only fun, but is an accomplishment too.

However, while the old speakeasy is becoming a sought-after watering hole, there is nothing stale about the cocktail culture. The most new and notable cocktails are being served - from a smoked old fashioned to original takes on the moscow mule - against an old-school backdrop. Check out some of the speakeasies around the US that are making some noise.

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Ever Wonder How Wizards Used the Bathroom in Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling Has the Answer

As someone who is constantly rereading the Harry Potter series, I still have a lot of unanswered questions. What did the veil in the Department of Mysteries actually do? Just how annoying was it to be a Hogwarts student while Harry Potter went there? Never did I think about how wizards and witches used the bathroom to poop. However, J.K. Rowling thought otherwise and clarified the matter on Pottermore.

Spotted by Reddit user Moriar-T, the passage from Pottermore comes from the Chamber of Secrets section, where Rowling breaks down the poo situation. In it, Rowling explains that it wasn't until the 18th century that wizards "copied" Muggles and made better plumbing. How did they use the bathroom before this progress in plumbing? They just went whenever they had to go and "vanished the evidence." Yes, you read that right, and if you want to read the entire passage, just take a look at the screenshot below.

We Can't Believe We've Never Noticed This Hilarious Harry Potter Detail

Umm really J.K Rowling...?

Well, there you go! Now we know that wizards and witches used to just use the bathroom when they needed to and used their magic to clean up. File this under things we...

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11 Board Games For Hosting a Tech-Free Party

Fact: I LOVE board games. I'm a big fan of the classics - Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue, for instance - plus some newer twists on the staples, like Bananagrams (word nerds, unite!), but really I'm game for pretty much anything. There's nothing like learning an addictive or hilarious new game, especially with a group of friends. When I hear the words "game night," I'll be there faster than you can yell "Yahtzee!" Board games bring out the competitive nature in people, sure, but they also make the best icebreakers and, most importantly, force everyone to put away their phones (something I'll admit I don't do enough).

So if you're looking for a game to bring to your next party, here are my tried-and-true favorites (along with a few recommendations from a fellow game master!) that are sure bring everyone together.

- Additional reporting by Josiah Skallerup

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12 Pictures That Prove Chip and Joanna's Kids Are Poised to Take Over the Family Business

When Chip Gaines's skill with a hammer combines with Joanna Gaines's home design ideas, the results are dazzling. The couple's home renovations on HGTV's Fixer Upper have earned them legions of loyal fans, many of whom would love to follow in the famous couple's real estate footsteps. But there are four people in particular who are not only genetically predisposed to real estate talent but are also showing a precocious interest in the Magnolia business: Chip and Joanna's kids, Drake, Ella, Emmie, and Duke. The Gaineses' mini mes can often be seen on Instagram assisting their parents on a job site or working on their own design projects. Take a look at the Gaines kids helping out with the family business ahead.

You Don't Get to Keep the Furniture - and 6 Other Shocking Revelations About Being on Fixer Upper

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The Empowering Story Behind This Picture of a Nurse's Employee Badges

Always remember where you come from! #imnobetterthanthenext

Posted by Faye Lewis on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A nurse's employee ID badges through the years paint a powerful story. On Facebook, Faye Lewis shared a picture of her many badges that depicted her journey from a KFC employee to a registered nurse. Though that picture has since gone viral, it's the complete story behind it that's extraordinary.

In an interview with a prominent nursing blog, Faye said she had always planned on being a nurse. As a teenager, she started working at KFC to help out her parents. While in college, Faye became pregnant shortly after she found out she wasn't admitted to nursing school. At that point, she thought it was best to move closer to home. "My family really supported me and helped me make it possible," she said. "When I had him, it gave me even more strength to pursue my dreams so he can do the same."

This Photographer's Photo Series Shows Just How Badass Nurses Really Are

After giving birth to her son AJ, Faye enrolled in her local community college and continued working at KFC, eventually becoming a manager. Then things began looking up. Faye landed a job at an...

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50 Homes That Look So Cozy For Fall

After months of hot weather, Fall offers a nice reprieve before the arrival of the chilly Winter. Cozy nooks, throw pillows and blankets galore, plush fabrics, and elements from nature all combine to create the perfect domain to enjoy the season. Whether you're looking to make some small upgrades to your space or large-scale renovations to really make your home feel like Fall, we've gathered some inspiration from the warmest, coziest homes.

11 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

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50 States of Quirky and Cool Museums

Sure, it's easy to find an art museum or a history museum or even a space museum anywhere in this country, but did you know there's a museum entirely dedicated to mustard? Or to the evolution of the kazoo? Yeah, those are real museums, and you can learn more about them ahead. We pulled together a museum recommendation for each of the 50 states that you can check out on your next getaway. Keep reading to see them all.

50 States of Glorious Hiking Destinations

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Get Cozy This Season With These 11 House Slippers - All Under $50

Just in case you need another excuse to get cozy this season, right now is the perfect time to pick up a new pair of house slippers. As the weather starts to cool and you're getting excited for all those comfortable Netflix nights at home, treat your feet to a break with a cute and fluffy pair. Save your money for real pairs of shoes and get something more affordable for inside. We shopped some cheap and stylish options - take a look at our favorites.

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A Woman Told Her Boss She Needed a Mental Health Day, and His Response Has Gone Viral

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Paul Kabat

Many companies boast great dental benefits and paid time off, but what about mental health days? While it's been reported that bosses are OK with their employees taking time off for reasons other than being physically sick or going on vacation, few people are comfortable openly requesting time off to take care of their mental health. Recently, however, Madalyn Parker told her team she was taking sick days for that exact reason, and her boss's awesome response is inspiring others to speak up and do the same.

The Ann Arbor-based web developer shared a screenshot of the email exchange with her boss on Twitter, and it's no mystery why the tweet has gone viral. With the subject line of the email reading "Where's Madalyn," she told her team that she was taking two days off "to focus on my mental health."

The CEO of the company responded with admiration and praise, writing, "I just wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this. Every time you do, I use it as a reminder of the importance of using sick days for mental health - I can't believe this is not standard practice at all organizations. You are an example to us all,...

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60+ of the Most Spooktacular Halloween DIYs

Yes, it IS time to start thinking about the best holiday of the year! Get ready to set the scene for your Halloween festivities with spooktacular DIYs that will have your guests screaming . . . in delight, that is. Repurpose items or hit the dollar store for materials to turn into stunning home decor or to give as fun seasonal gifts. You'll be amazed by how easily you can create something creepy and extra bootiful!

35 Cheap (and Cute!) Halloween Decorations - All $15 or Less
Hosting a Halloween Bash This Year? Don't Miss Out on This Eerily Easy DIY
22 Easy Harry Potter DIYs That Even Muggles Can Make

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Everyone's Super Emotional After Saying Goodbye to NASA's Cassini

Cassini, we hardly knew ya, and now you're gone from us. The Cassini spacecraft was first launched on Oct. 15, 1997, and finally arrived at Saturn on June 30, 2004. It has since sent valuable information about the planet back down to Earth, particularly about Saturn's rings and its two moons, Titan and Enceladus. Cassini's 20-year mission ended when it was put on a course to fly itself into Saturn's atmosphere and self-destruct, preserving the sanctity of the planet and its moons. Cassini's "Grand Finale" goodbye party made the internet feel all types of ways and gave us all a lesson in the spacecraft's unforgettable value.

For those at NASA, the farewell to Cassini was bittersweet, and many at the agency shared their thoughts on just how important Cassini was. "This is the final chapter of an amazing mission, but it's also a new beginning," Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, said in a press release. "Cassini's discovery of ocean worlds at Titan and Enceladus changed everything, shaking our views to the core about surprising places to search for potential life beyond Earth."

One NASA scientist took comfort in knowing that...

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According to 1 Retailer, Here Are the Top Halloween Costumes of 2017

You better grab these before they fly off the shelves! Costume retailer Spirit Halloween has announced what the most popular Halloween costumes will be this year, and they're a mix of nostalgic throwbacks, pop culture references, and unexpected trends. Be inspired by these shoppable costumes now, and if they sell out, no worries - you can just DIY your own!

29 Supercreative DIY Wonder Woman Costumes

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This NYC Interior Designer's Apartment Is a Craigslist-Hunter's Dream

When it came time to decorate her one-bedroom NYC apartment, Victoria Solomon, interior designer and founder of Victoria Elizabeth Design, didn't rush the process. She spent eight months scouting the perfect pieces on Craigslist, 1stdibs, and antique sites and applying her creativity to DIYs.

All her time and effort paid off; not only did she save thousands of dollars with her secondhand finds, but she created a masculine-glam apartment that packs more style into 750 square feet than most mansions have in total.

We talked to Victoria to find out exactly how she did it. Read on to learn her pro secrets - you won't be disappointed!

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If You Try to Figure Out the Mistake in This Math Problem, It'll Make You Go Crazy

Not all math problems are meant to be solved - some are here just to watch the world burn and make people question everything they ever learned in school. And while some problems have different solutions, others have answers that don't deal with numbers at all, like a Facebook post asking people to find a math mistake.

6- and 7-Year-Olds Couldn't Solve This Math Test Question, and We're Not Surprised

The photo, shared by Facebook user Antley Lamont Staten, shows a photo of a man holding up two sheets of paper. One paper has the numbers 1-9 written on it. The other paper asks people to share when you find the mistake. Try to solve it for yourself below:

Did you groan? Or are you trying to figure out what the issue is with the numbers? The answer is on the paper to the left - the man spelled "mistake" wrong. The post has clearly struck a nerve, considering it has more than 100,000 reactions, 800,000 shares, and plenty more comments.

Sometimes the answer really is simple and requires no math at all.

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43 Songs to Listen to During Your Next Laundry Session

Laundry day will be so much better with this playlist! These songs run the genre gamut, but they all have one thing in common: they will make this everyday chore a breeze, from soapy suds to the spin cycle. Here are 43 laundry-themed songs for passing time while you wash and fold.

  1. "So Fresh, So Clean," OutKast
  2. "Dirty Laundry," Bitter:Sweet
  3. "Hang Me Up to Dry," Cold War Kids
  4. "Laundry," Asher Roth feat. Michael Christmas and Larry June
  5. "Laundromat Blues," Albert King
  6. "Folding Dirty Laundry," Radioinactive & Antimc
  7. "Bubble Toes," Jack Johnson
  8. "Clean," Taylor Swift
  9. "Dirty Laundry," All Time Low
  10. "Hot Water," Audien feat. 3LAU and Victoria Zaro
  11. "Laundry Room," The Avett Brothers
  12. "Good," Bleach
  13. "Laundromat," Bombadil
  14. "Hung Me on the Line," Callie Twisselman
  15. "Dirty Laundry," Carrie Underwood
  16. "Grass Stains," Cody Johnson
  17. "Spin Cycle," Colony of the Invisible
  18. "Hung Out to Dry," Cry of Love
  19. "Waiting For the Clothes to Get Clean," Darrell Scott
  20. "Laundromat Song," The Dead Milkmen
  21. "The Leader of the Laundromat," The Detergents
  22. "Coin-Laundry Loser," Discover America
  23. "Hung Out on a Line," Dumptruck
  24. "Cleanin' Out My Closet," Eminem
  25. "Soap," Fox Wilde
  26. "Round and Round," Imagine Dragons
  27. "Foldin...

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Even the Most High-Maintenance Travelers Will Want to Stay at AutoCamp

If you prefer staying at hotels over camping, you get the best of both worlds at AutoCamp. This luxurious campsite takes glamping to a whole new level with its urban Airstream trailers offered at each of its two California locations: Russian River in the heart of Sonoma wine country (90 minutes from San Francisco) and Santa Barbara. The Russian River spot even offers fully equipped canvas tents that even the most reluctant campers won't mind staying in overnight.

Here's how the two differ in their amenities:

Russian River

  • Hotel bedding, linens, and towels
  • Boutique bath products
  • Spa-inspired bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Modern clubhouse
  • Indoor and outdoor fire pit lounges
  • Quiet areas for relaxing
  • Shop with beer and wine
  • Lawn games
  • WiFi
  • Bikes

Santa Barbara

  • Luxury pillowtop mattresses, down comforters, and soft pillows
  • Boutique bath products
  • Spa robes and towels
  • Bathtubs
  • Flatscreen TV and cable
  • Audio sound system
  • Patio with lounge chairs
  • Beach cruisers
  • Electric BBQ
  • Basic cookware, dishes, and utensils
  • Filtered water and complimentary tea

Luxury does come at a cost, however. Nightly rates for the Russian River location looked to be around $250 to $425 for Airstreams (at the...

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I Spent Weeks Traveling Europe With Disney - Here's What It Was Really Like

The only thing better than one Disney vacation? Two of them! This past August, I went on an Adventures by Disney trip to Barcelona, and then right after, I took the Mediterranean Disney Cruise Line sailing on the Disney Magic, and spoiler alert: it was freaking fantastic. With the bulk of my Disney travels having been to the theme parks, I had no idea that linking both trips together meant I'd discover Spain, France, and Italy with an extra heaping of fairy dust.

Even though I'm a Disney expert, I never could have comprehended the joy of exploring the Colosseum, watching Beauty and the Beast in 3D, and snapping selfies with Mickey Mouse on the same day until experiencing it in real life. (No offense, Epcot, but this new way to explore the globe with Disney is much better than walking around the World Showcase!)

44 Disney Cruise Hacks You Need to Know Before Sailing

Not quite sure if you're game for an international Disney trip? Let us show you everything that goes into pairing an overseas journey with your favorite fairy-tale magic. It's exciting, fun, and easier than you'd expect to reach peak #vacationgoals across Europe with Mickey Mouse by your side.

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These Mysterious Myths About Disney Parks Will Scare the Pants Off You

Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize! It's no surprise that the Haunted Mansion isn't the only haunted attraction ghosts are hanging out in at the Disney parks. There have been urban legends and myths being told among Disney fans about ghost encounters for years. But whether these are true or just pure imagination, it's certainly fun to see a darker side to Disney!

This Tragic True Story Inspired a Haunting Disneyland Urban Legend

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Mute Your Friends on Facebook For a While With This Handy New Feature

It might be a hard truth to admit, but sometimes you just really need to ignore that one friend who keeps posting their vacation photos over and over again. Well, it looks like Facebook has finally come around to the idea of temporarily muting someone by testing out a new feature called "Snooze."

With "Snooze," you can unfollow a friend, a page, or a group for 24 hours, seven days, or 30 days. The feature, currently only available on desktop, works on items you see in your News Feed. So, you can't VISIT a friend's page directly and use this feature on them.

"Snooze" joins two other features that clear the noise from your News Feed and personal page. Currently, you can either completely restrict someone from seeing anything you post on Facebook or unfollow someone so that you never see their posts in your News Feed.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it's "testing" the feature, so if you don't see it in your News Feed just yet, don't fret; you might not be in the user-testing group. Let's just hope the experiment goes as planned and Facebook brings this tool to everyone. Ahead, see how it works (though we obviously wouldn't recommend snoozing our page.)

Unfollow a...

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6 Reasons to Visit Disneyland Alone

As my 31st birthday crept up on me, I knew I wanted to feed my travel bug. I tossed around ideas like a train ride to San Diego, a trip to Salt Lake City to hang out with my little sister, or a road trip to San Francisco. After going over those ideas, I decided to stay close to my new home in LA and go to Disneyland. Since my friends weren't able to make the trip with me, I decided to go solo. Yes, this single 30-something went to Disneyland with no children and no friends and had more fun than I've had in years. The Disney brand has a special place in my heart since it's where my family and I spent time at least one family vacation per year. We (OK, my dad) would pack up our van and drive eight hours to visit the most magical place on earth. We even went on a Disney cruise! So spending the day at Disneyland not only helped me create new memories but also helped me relive memories from my childhood.

33 Things That Make Disneyland Better Than Disney World

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Matt Damon Is Buying a $16 Million Penthouse in Brooklyn

Looks like The Martian star has found a new home here on Earth: Matt Damon is reportedly buying a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights, where if the sale price is close to its listing price, it could set a new record for most expensive sale in the borough.


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Before & After: A Love of Cooking and a Lack of Counter Space Lead to a Kitchen Reno

Carleen's kitchen didn't offer much in the way of counter space but it did provide her with lots of poorly laid green tile, which, shockingly enough, wasn't much consolation. She decided that she'd had enough and set about renovating her kitchen. A mix of professional help, a handy husband and some smart IKEA finds help her put together a chic new kitchen with plenty more counter space to boot.


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Find Your Best Bedroom Layout with a Queen-Sized Bed — Layout Lessons


In this space planning series, Layout Lessons, we'll be exploring layout options for different bed sizes within various shaped bedrooms because things can get tricky sometimes. We tapped Eleanor Büsing, a contributing writer for Apartment Therapy and an interior designer in her own right, for her expert opinion on the matter. To kick things off, let's start with the classic Queen.

We spend approximately one third of our lives sleeping, so it goes without saying that our bedrooms are an important room in our homes. They're also storage areas and often working spaces as well, creating layout issues. Furthermore, not every size and style of bed works for every lifestyle, and neither do they necessarily work with the space in our homes.


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