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Take Your Bathroom to Another Level With These 12 Gems From H&M Home

If you feel like your bathroom could use an update but don't want to tear it apart and start a remodel, simply rethink your decor. It's easy to add some cute and affordable touches that will make your space look and feel new again. H&M is continuously releasing trendy new home goods, and its collection of bathroom accessories has us rushing to our wallets. Check out some of our top picks from the retailer's current collection.

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Give Your Vanity a Chic Makeover With These 11 Items From H&M Home, All Under $25

Whether you're setting up a brand-new vanity or your existing one needs an update, you don't need to spend tons of money. H&M Home has an array of pretty accessories that will take your space to the next level. We're talking containers, mirrors, trays, and more. Take a look at these affordable products and amp up your vanity for an Instagram-worthy look.

10 Stunning Vanity Sets Under $150 So You Can Create a Dream Beauty Station

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Why You Should Think Twice About Granite Countertops

Granite and marble have long been the reigning high-end countertop material of choice - but if you've browsed a kitchen showroom recently, you may have noticed that these swanky stones are being usurped by quartz. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, manufactured quartz is now the leading countertop material - and with good reason.


  • Unlike high-maintenance granite and marble (they're beautiful but fragile!), quartz is naturally stain repellent and impervious to acidic foods.
  • It's resistant to scratches and chips. Translation: you don't have to worry about your countertops looking trashed from normal wear and tear.
  • Quartz doesn't require any sealing, whereas granite and marble require at least yearly treatments.


  • The biggest reason for the recent surge in quartz's popularity can likely be traced to advances in the man-made stone's aesthetic.
  • Manufacturers have figured out how to remove the overly flecked and unnaturally uniform patterns and create the organic-looking swirls and variations of natural stone.


  • Quartz falls right between granite and marble at about $80 per square foot, compared to granite's approximate $75 per...

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Upgrade Your Home With These 8 Rugs - All Under $100

An easy way to upgrade any space is by adding a chic rug. It can change the mood, color, or vibe of the room in just one step. Unfortunately, rugs can get extremely pricey.

Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best rugs on sale now, all under $100! Keep reading to find the affordable rug that will transform your space.

5 Tips For Buying the Perfect Area Rug

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Fight Off Those Night Sweats With These 9 Sheet Sets

If you're a chronic night sweater or end up bundled up in your sheets until you start sweating, we may have found a solution for you. Simply switching out your bedding and finding the perfect sheets can change the way you sleep. Using naturally made materials like linen, cotton, or threads made of bamboo can actually help you regulate your body temperature as you catch some zzz's.
Although we love those luxe high-thread counts, they are much thicker and are not as breathable. We recommend using a thread count between 200 to 400 to stay cool. We searched for some chilling sheets to save you from the rising temperatures - check out our tops picks.

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Even Before She Was a Princess, Kate Middleton's Homes Were Practically Palaces

Kate Middleton has traveled extensively for her current role as Duchess of Cambridge, but even before she became a member of the royal family, she was afforded a lifestyle that allowed her to live in beautiful places. From the time she was born in Berkshire, England, in 1982, Kate has resided in cozy brick country homes, stately school housing, and even the former living quarters of the princesses before her.

Kate, William, and their two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are reportedly moving back to Kensington Palace full-time this year - which hopefully means more inside glimpses of their digs to come. Keep reading to see all of the homes Kate has lived in over the years, from a modest Victorian to a pristine palace.

6 Places Kate Middleton Lived Before Becoming a Princess
4 Cozy Decor Pieces to Steal From Kate Middleton

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7 Insider Tips on How to Shop For Vintage Decor Online

If you're lucky enough to live near a great flea market, like the Rose Bowl in California or the Brimfield Antique Show on the East Coast, then your home is likely filled with fabulous vintage art, furniture, and decorations. But, if you're like most of us, your biggest resource for vintage decor is the internet.

While we love the access to secondhand treasures online shopping provides, buying sight unseen can be scary. How can we assess the quality of something we've never touched with our own two hands? And what should we be looking for to make sure we're not getting scammed?

To help us better understand how to shop for vintage decor online, we consulted with Mandana Dayani, chief brand officer of Everything But the House (EBTH). Mandana's company hosts online estate sales, auctioning dusted-off treasures from homes located around the country. To ensure you're getting a good deal, she has seven invaluable tips for shopping vintage decor online.

Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to know before you click "buy."

Vintage-Lovers Are Going to Lose Their Minds Over This Website
10 Flea Market Finds to Take Your Bookcase From Meh to Magnificent
7 Pieces All...

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22 Hidden Gems From the Forever 21 Home Section (Yes, That Exists!)

We all know Forever 21 as the ultimate retailer for affordable fashion, but did you know that it has a huge home section? Most people don't! This section on the website is filled with pillows, wall art, throws, lighting, and more. This stuff is colorful, unique, and statement-making. We dug up our favorite products from the section for you to enjoy. Take a look at these items and score some deals. Make sure to be quick, as these gems tend to sell out quite fast. So what are you waiting for? It's time to fill up that cart.

We Can't Get Over These 18 Hidden Gems We Found at H&M Home

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This Woman Is a Tiny-House Wizard - and Her DIY Elevator Bed Proves It

If Living Alaska, Tiny House Hunters, and Fixer Upper had a new spinoff show, Ana White would be the star. The Alaskan mother, wife, and accidental builder discovered her hidden talent out of pure necessity. After spending countless nights on a floor mattress with a baby who wouldn't sleep, Ana decided she didn't need to keep saving to buy a bed if she could figure out how to make one. She sketched plans for a bed and built it out of scrap wood in two days flat. Now, the impressively resourceful designer, builder, author, and blogger is empowering millions of homemakers on tight budgets to do the same.

A post shared by Ana White (@anawhitediy) on

Her latest tiny-house tour sums up her creative approach to problem solving as well as her great taste. If her motorized DIY elevator bed doesn't get you, it will be the storage sofa that converts to a bed, the desk that turns into a dining table, or maybe the sliding closet that tucks into the shower. Either way, it's impossible not to become a fan after watching her wizardry firsthand.

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7 Secrets Real Estate Agents Know About Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are often a top priority for a home renovation, and with good reason. According to Brown Harris Stevens real estate agent Katharine Tuckerman, when it comes time to resell, a "bathroom can make or break a deal." In an older building especially, a new bathroom can be a sign of the property's overall condition and is "a load off for buyers psychologically." Conversely, she explains, "a bathroom that needs renovation tells a buyer that perhaps the plumbing needs updating as well," and may trigger money-pit anxiety. Katharine shares her tips for a bathroom renovation that will see a resale return and might even prompt a bidding war!

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9 Things Robbers Look at When Canvassing Your Home

You've put heart, soul, and a lot of bucks into turning your house into a home. The last thing you want is for someone to break in and rob you. A home intruder is scary to even think about, but spending a few minutes of time recognizing and fixing ways your home is vulnerable can pay off big down the road.

Here are nine ways you may be inadvertently making your home more attractive to thieves:

Rundown Front Door

Your front door is the first place burglars will look, and a dilapidated front door signals that your home is an easy target. A clean, painted front door gives the impression that the entire home is well-cared for and harder to breach.

Single Lock

Burglars look to see what kind of locks they'll have to navigate to enter, and when they see only the standard cylinder lock, they're more likely to have a go than if there's also a padlock visible. In short: doubling up on locks makes your door physically more difficult to break into and your home less appealing to burglars.

Enticing Trash

The discarded boxes and bags from all your big-ticket purchases are like advertisements to burglars of the valuables inside your home. Prevent thieves from getting as excited over...

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12 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitos

If you're the type of person who can't stand outside for an hour without gaining a host of new bug bites, then this article is for you. Don't let another Summer pass by in itchy despair - instead, rid yourself of the mosquito problem once and for all! Using only your green thumb and a bit of time in the garden, you can create a pest-free oasis free of buzzing and biting. Here are 12 mosquito-repellent plants that you can incorporate into your outdoor living space.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Home - No Chemicals Required

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How to Find Your Dream Apartment on Craigslist

Scattered among the Craigslist advertisements for jobs, questionable meetups, and furniture for sale, are some amazing housing options. It can all seem really daunting trying to find your dream apartment on the internet, especially if you're moving to a new city. However, having been on both sides of the search, both as a renter and a landlord, I believe strongly that it's fully possible to find your perfect pad using Craigslist.

1) Do be very honest with your needs.
When my husband and I were looking to buy a place, we sat down privately and generated a list of our top five must haves. As much as I'd love to say that we got everything within our budget, there were a couple things that just were not going to happen without drastically ticking up our down payment. However, it didn't matter that our building didn't have a fireplace or rooftop deck since we got our big wish-list items, which were more contingent on location and building size. Finding your dream Craigslist apartment should be a very similar process. Make a list of your top five desires and put them in order. I hate to break it to you, but if you have pets or need a nonsmoking environment, those have to go at the...

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This Couple DIYed Their Deck Into a 5-Star Oasis on a Budget

Come Spring, when the last of the Winter snow has melted away, it's easy to look at your bare, rundown deck and feel hopeless about the space ever being useable. After the first Winter in their home, interior designer Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs and her husband David looked at their deck and saw a mess of peeling paint, algae stains, and splinters. Instead of giving up, however, they decided to roll up their sleeves and give the space some serious TLC and a stylish overhaul.

The first step was to restore the deck. They pressure-washed, sanded, and stained the deck all on their own, renting the supplies they didn't have from Home Depot. Next, they replaced in the inefficient and bulky horizontal railings with cable railings. To save money, they forewent the expensive cable system kits, purchasing the materials piecemeal, and created the look themselves.

Sarah always wanted a hanging bench, so they DIYed one themselves out of pressure-treated wood and rope. To support the bench, they constructed an atmospheric pergola and suspended the bench from it using cables wrapped in rope - seriously clever, right!? The final step was throwing down an all-weather carpet and arranging...

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This NYC Penthouse Looks Totally Normal Until You Spot This 1 Insane Thing

With its weathered shingles, bucolic cupola, and inviting wrap around terrace, it's hard to resist the charm of a Nantucket-style cottage. But what happens when you move that signature beach house style away from the shore and into the city? You get 72 East 1st St., one of the most unique property's for sale in Manhattan. And it's not just New Yorkers who think so. The $3.5 million penthouse duplex with a Nantucket cottage perched atop it has been capturing the attention of people all over the country. "It's a unique offering," Nick Gavin, the compass agent who is representing the listing along with Josh Doyle, told POPSUGAR. "You don't ever see that in New York City. It's something you see in the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket."

The four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath property has "a lot of amazing features," Nick said, including 22 windows with open city views of Lower Manhattan and two wood-burning fireplaces. As for how the cottage came to be, he said there's no dramatic tale; the owners just wanted to make their addition different from most. "That was just the style they wanted. It's unique, not something that other people build." Adding to the cottage's allure...

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13 Gorgeous Mirrors That Will Complete Your Ultimate Vanity Station

Your dream vanity has to have all the perfect elements: lots of storage, useful organizers, and a beautiful mirror. The mirror is especially vital - how are you going to complete your beauty routine if you can't see yourself? We rounded up the best vanity mirrors in an array of shapes and sizes. Whether you want something round and modern or square and classic, we've got you covered. Time to shop!

10 Stunning Vanity Sets Under $150 So You Can Create a Dream Beauty Station

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6 Closet Organization Tips I Learned Straight From an Ikea Pro

Marie Kondo once said, "Storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out." From personal experience, I can attest she's right. For years I lived with my bedroom in a state of perpetual clutter for the sole reason that there was no easy place for me to put my stuff away. Piles of pants grew into mountains, purses overflowed out of one tiny closet until the door wouldn't close, and shirts took up long-term residency atop one of three dilapidated dressers because the broken drawers required exhaustive wrestling to open. Soon the room was more laundry pile than personal space. I was overwhelmed, and my response was to keep the door shut.

Despite the poor condition my clothing and accessories were living in, I valued them and had spent time building a fashion collection I cared about. I wanted a storage solution to match; something that not only accommodated all my items, but celebrated them. I wanted a celeb-worthy dream closet - but getting Champagne on my beer budget wasn't going to be easy. Just when I had given up and resigned to living in a name-brand garbage dump, Ikea reached out to me.

The retailer's incredibly talented home...

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7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, mice are a reality many of us will face at some point in our lives. But animal-lover or not, none of us like the idea of sharing our homes with these small but damaging creatures. Mice not only carry diseases and make your home dirty, but also have the potential to cause a ton of damage - especially in large numbers. They chew through almost anything, including the wiring in your walls and even gas pipes. So if you hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet across your floor in the night or discover those dreaded droppings throughout your home, try some of these tricks and say goodbye to these critters for good!

Keep Your House Clean

Mice live their lives in search of food. Wherever they go, they're looking for their next meal and base their decision about where to live on access to food. If you're worried about a mouse infestation or suspect you might have one, the first step is to overhaul your cleaning routine and keep your home as clean as possible. Make sure to keep your countertop free of crumbs at all times, vacuum and sweep your floors regularly, and keep your food in your cupboards in airtight containers.

Tidy Up Outside

If you...

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Meet the Couple Hosting HGTV's Down to the Studs - Because That's What They Are

Meet PJ and Thomas McKay. Aside from being incredibly good looking, they're self-proclaimed "property lovers" and the hosts of HGTV's new show, Down to the Studs. The dynamic husband-husband duo have taken on the renovation world "one flip at a time" in their hometown of Chattanooga, TN. On the show, PJ and Thomas team up with Thomas's sister Sydney and PJ's friend Tania to give homes the beautiful transformations they deserve.

As the first gay couple to host a show on HGTV, PJ and Thomas are doing a lot more than renovating homes: they're winning our hearts with their adorably affectionate relationship. We think they could be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines!

The pilot episode of Down to the Studs aired on Saturday, June 24, and the network used the episode as a test to see if it would be picked up for a series. It's currently unknown whether the show will continue filming, but we're keeping our fingers crossed because we can't get enough of these two. Check out a clip from the first episode below.

PJ and Thomas are transforming their hometown of #Chattanooga one house at a time in the new "Down to the Studs" - catch it TODAY at 2p|1c! pic.twitter.com/dgUdC21Ktm

- HGTV (@hgtv)...

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This DIY Wall Hanging Only Looks Like It Cost Hundreds

Woven wall hangings are becoming the go-to art for boho-loving decor addicts, but a large one can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, this creative DIY tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to create one of your own (for a sliver of the price!). The following post was originally featured on brittanyMakes and written by blogger Brittany C. who is part of POPSUGAR Select Home.

I've had this project on my mind for months! I'm happy it's complete. It turned out even better than I imagined.

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You'll Fall in Love at First Sight of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Former Home

In 2014, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen parted ways with their 2,200-square-foot Hollywood Hills home. In 2016, the adorable couple snagged this swanky Beverly Hills mansion - just in time for the arrival of their daughter, Luna. Since then, their former Hollywood Hills abode has been placed back on the market by its current owner for a cool $2.4 million. Architectural Digest gave an exclusive tour of the three-bed, three-bath home when it first went on sale three years ago. Read on to see two other photos of the place John and Chrissy once called home.

These Cozy Airbnbs Are "Home Away From Home" For John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

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The 1 Kitchen Cabinet Style That Gives You the Most Bang For Your Buck

Source: Studio McGee

During POPSUGAR's many interviews with HGTV design stars, house-flipping experts, and interior designers, one type of kitchen cabinet keeps coming up again and again: shaker. The message from our home pros is clear: resale-conscious homeowners should eschew expensive, stylized, and ornate cabinets in favor of simple yet sturdy shaker cabinets at a lower price point. The reason? With their versatile style, mass buyer appeal, and reasonable price point, these cabinets give the biggest bang for the buck. Once we realized how great shaker cabinets are, we were curious to know more. Check out what we learned below.

Flip or Flop's Christina Shares Her Brilliant Hack For Getting Expensive Kitchen Backsplash on a Budget

What exactly are shaker cabinets?
They are unadorned flat-panel wood cabinets with a signature recessed rail frame, originally made from pine but today often of maple, cherry, or hickory. The term "shaker" references the Christian denomination that became known for making extremely high-quality, functional, minimalist furniture. The term "shaker" also references the no-frills design and wood build of this cabinet style.

Why are they so...

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This DIY Laundry Room Makeover Is Filled With Clever Ideas

Spending money to revamp a laundry room doesn't sound sexy, but transforming a dull, chore-centered space into an uplifting haven of organization and productivity? We can get on board with that. Vintage Revivals blogger Mandi Gubler proves just how satisfying a laundry room revamp can be, not to mention quick and cost-effective! Check out three innovative ideas she implemented to create a chic and budget-friendly laundry room anyone would want to spend time in.

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How a Mom of 3 Created the Most Efficient Kitchen Ever

Despite having two young daughters and a newborn baby girl, Lay Baby Lay blogger Joni Lay's kitchen is serenity personified. That wasn't always the case, though. Like many people who loathe their kitchens, Joni's biggest gripe with her pre-renovation kitchen was the lack of storage and inefficient use of space.

The chaos of her cramped kitchen only felt heightened by the dated design features she and husband Chip inherited when they bought the house - think black-and-white checkerboard floors and particleboard countertops. When an opportunity to work with Home Depot on a kitchen renovation arose, Joni and Chip jumped at the chance to wipe the kitchen slate clean, and the result is pretty breathtaking.

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Yowza! The 1-Bedroom Shotgun House From Fixer Upper Is For Sale For Nearly $1 Million

The Old Shotgun house from Season 3 of Fixer Upper may be tiny, but it's stylish - and local real estate agents believe it can fetch a lot of money. And we mean a lot. This one-bedroom, one-bath, 1,050-square-foot property just hit the market for a whopping $950,000 - exorbitant by Waco standards. Beyond Chip and Joanna's irresistible design, which includes a dutch front door, 25-foot vaulted ceiling, gas lit porch, cozy fire pit, old brick exterior details, and poured concrete bathroom counters, the home offers an unbeatable location. It's right across the highway from Baylor University's McLane Stadium and walking distance from Magnolia Market at the Silos. Meaning, this is a great investment home for someone who wants to make extra income renting it out. Listing agent Jennifer Roberts of Briggs Freeman told the Dallas News that the property has been a very successful short-term rental in recent years, garnering $40,000 so far this year on sites like Airbnb. Considering the the fandom for both Baylor football and Fixer Upper, we're not surprised this property is a hot commodity. Explore of every inch of the home in the gallery ahead.

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11 Ways to Add a Little Style to Your Rental Kitchen

My Scandinavian Home
(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Maybe you're renting, but you dream of a beautiful, stylish kitchen, and you spend your days looking longingly at kitchen remodels on design blogs, wishing you could change anything, anything at all, about your kind of terrible rental kitchen. The good news? There are lots of things you can do to make your kitchen better without so much as picking up a hammer. Here are eleven ideas.


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The ModCloth Founders' Quirky San Francisco Home — House Tour

Name: Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger, with dogs Winston and Blue
Location: Noe Valley — San Francisco, California
Size: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths
Years lived in: 5.5

Susan and Eric Koger have come a long way from the cramped dorm room where they founded ModCloth in 2002. High school sweethearts turned college entrepreneurs turned retail power couple, their current home may be a bit bigger than their original digs, but the spirit behind things hasn't changed. Do what you love, work hard at it, and surround yourself with whatever inspires you.

Open Slideshow


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A Serene, Coastal-Style Home in Charleston — House Call

Name: Morgan, Sean, Cici the beagle mix and Bear the cat
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
The basics: 1 year, owned — 1,890 square feet

Morgan and her husband put in an offer on their house with lightning speed, and once they got it, set out updating the '90s kitchen and pulling in the peaceful outdoor feeling into their space.


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From Gut to Gorgeous: A Complete Studio Apartment Makeover — Makeover

(Image credit: Mitch & Melissa)

Project by: Melissa
Location: Upper East Side — New York, New York

My girlfriend Melissa and I purchased a small studio apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in October 2015. With a reasonable renovation budget, our goal was to take this fixer-upper, maximize the space and create a home for us for the next few years.


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Before & After: A Tudor Goes Modern

Overhauling an old home is a daunting project, especially when you have the twin goals of maximize space and adding a more modern style to the interior and exterior spaces. There's always the pressure to stay era-appropriate, but also the temptation to completely transform every square inch of the structure (because hey, you're already remodeling anyway) and ending up with a McMansion-type melange of additions. But this interesting remodel by June Street Architecture (JSA) gracefully walks the line between old and new, with bold changes that pay homage to the original circa-1927 home but also giving it a unique character all its own.


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