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This Alternate Harry Potter Story About Neville Will Rock Your World

Any true Harry Potter fan keeps up with all the new theories and possibilities that seem to pop up every few weeks. This latest one is an alternate storyline that completely turns around the series, focusing instead on Neville Longbottom.

The fan fiction, written by Tumblr user ink-splotch, explores what the world of Harry Potter would've looked like if Voldemort had chosen to mark Neville as his opponent instead. The long story makes huge changes to each book - for example, the writer imagines that Neville wouldn't be a "savior," but rather a scarred Neville who would still forget and lose items. The books would still focus in on Harry, Ron, and Hermione's adventures but only because they were reckless and willing to explore, not because of some unprecedented need to stop Voldemort.

Read the full post below to see how the entire Harry Potter world could've been. It definitely makes you think about all the relationship dynamics in the series.



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The 3 Things You Must Agree to Before Being Cast on Fixer Upper

A photo posted by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on

Have you ever fantasized about having the talented husband-and-wife duo Chip and Joanna Gaines help you transform an affordable dump in an ideal location into a styled-to-perfection vintage American dream home? The reality of appearing on Fixer Upper, it turns out, is a tad more complicated than meets the HGTV viewer's eye. If you're seriously considering going on Fixer Upper, here's what you must be willing to do . . .

You Don't Get to Keep the Furniture - and 6 Other Shocking Revelations About Being on Fixer Upper
  • Buy a House in Waco, TX.
  • Chip and Joanna are proud locals, living in and operating Magnolia Homes out of Waco. They want to keep their Fixer Upper clients local, so you must agree to house hunt within 40 miles of the city.

  • Shell Out a Minimum of $30,000 For Renovations.
  • While a reno budget of $30,000 will get your application looked at by Fixer Upper's producers, they specify that the amount of money you can contribute should be reflective of the amount of work you need done; in other words, if you're looking for a complete overhaul, get ready to cough up even...

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Even Before She Was a Princess, Kate Middleton's Homes Were Practically Palaces

Kate Middleton has traveled extensively for her current role as Duchess of Cambridge, but even before she became a member of the royal family, she was afforded a lifestyle that allowed her to live in beautiful places. From the time she was born in Berkshire, England, in 1982, Kate has resided in cozy brick country homes, stately school housing, and even the former living quarters of the princesses before her.

Kate, William, and their two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are reportedly moving back to Kensington Palace full-time this year - which hopefully means more inside glimpses of their digs to come. Keep reading to see all of the homes Kate has lived in over the years, from a modest Victorian to a pristine palace.

6 Places Kate Middleton Lived Before Becoming a Princess
4 Cozy Decor Pieces to Steal From Kate Middleton

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23 Pictures of Olivia Wilde's Brooklyn Home That Show Off Her Hip Interior Design

Anyone with eyes can see that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have an adorable family – but what's less apparent is just how fabulous their family home is. In 2015, the couple sold their modern two-bedroom Manhattan condo and purchased a spectacular – and sprawling – 19th century Brooklyn house. They went on to decorate the historic home, which was previously inhabited by two New York City mayors, to boho-meets-midcentury-meets-hipster perfection. Basically, their house is every bit as cool as Olivia is. Check out our favorite design moments in Olivia's house ahead.

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12 Tiny Homes That Prove Small Is Beautiful

There's a lot to be said for living in a small house. Less wasted space, cheaper energy bills, and fewer chores . . . it almost makes you wonder why anybody would prefer a large home! Not to mention, one of the best features of a minuscule living space is the fun of decorating your limited square footage. In a world that would like you to believe that bigger is better, it's hard to imagine drastically downsizing your home, but the benefits can be worth it. Here are 12 tiny dwellings that will inspire your itty-bitty aspirations.

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TONL Cofounder Karen Okonkwo Is Revolutionizing Stock Photography With Color and Culture

We've all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what are those pictures really worth when they only show the same type of people, over and over? When we think of stock photography, we often think bland (and often ridiculously staged) images that are meant to depict everyday life. They're supposed to be relatable. Everyone is supposed to be able to see themselves carrying out the ordinary tasks portrayed. But the fact remains that stock images are overwhelmingly white in a world that's definitely not. And in our society, the media's lack of positive representation of people of color is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous.

It was that realization that spurred the launch of TONL in August 2017. As stated on its website, TONL's mission is to "transform the idea of stock photography by displaying images of diverse people and their stories around the world." That's obvious once you take a look through any of the seven collections available to those with a subscription; models of all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, body types, sexual orientations, genders, and ages are featured in various stunning shoots. It's completely different from other established...

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We're Seriously Wishing Upon a Star For 1 of These New Otterbox Disney Phone Cases

New Disney castle @otterbox cases. Thanks to @everythingdisney.55 and @_am_sg_ for pics #disneyphone #disneyiphone #disneyphonecase #disneycastle #disneyland #magickingdom #otterbox #disneymerch

A post shared by Disneylifestylers (@disneylifestylers) on

The latest in highly coveted Disney gear all super fans are dying to get their hands on? These gorgeous Cinderella's-castle-inspired cases for the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus models from Otterbox. According to the Instagram account Disneylifestylers, there are two color combos to choose from that transport you right back to your favorite place on earth. And if you're looking to score your own, you'll need to swing by the World of Disney with $55 in hand to scoop up a phone cover with a little extra magic because, seriously, how can you pass up a tiny flying Dumbo?

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Folasade Adeoso Is Uplifting Women Through Design and Tech

Folasade Adeoso amassed 85K devoted followers on Instagram over the past few years as a fashion and beauty influencer. But the digital designer (known as LoveFola on Instagram) always knew her end goal was launching a business. Earning money as an influencer was just a means to that end.

The Nigerian-born New Yorker made her dream a reality in December 2017 with the launch of F.A Design Studio, a web-design service with a bold mission to "empower female entrepreneurs with the confidence and killer website they need to launch whatever their passion may be." I asked Adeoso what led her to start a business that caters specifically to female business owners. "I grew up around a lot of women," she said. "[I'd] see these women do so many amazing things and think, 'This is an amazing business idea, but you know you're gonna need a website for that. Otherwise, how are you gonna reach the people you wanna reach?'"

With F.A Design Studio, Adeoso aims to help any and all women, whether it's someone who braids hair in her basement or a jewelry designer trying to expand her reach. As long as they fit into her aim to "collaborate with creative women entrepreneurs from all walks of life,"...

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This Facebook Account Is Dedicated to Every Single Instagram Boyfriend Out There

Not all Instagram photos are equal - some are taken with self-timers or using the ol' arm for a selfie. But others are taken by a special kind of photographer: the Instagram boyfriend. A Facebook page dedicated to the Instagram boyfriend is going viral because really, who can't relate?

The page, called Boyfriends of Instagram, boasts more than 14,000 "likes" and 81 user-submitted photos of boyfriends taking pictures of their significant other. The boyfriends go to great extents to take the right photo: some hover above a pool, while others will lie on a questionable sidewalk. Not all of these are boyfriends, either; some are kids of mothers who are taking the photos that will hopefully gain more than 76 "likes."

You can "like" the Facebook page or follow it on Instagram. Shout-out to all the boyfriends who don't complain and take your next profile picture. And let's be real: your next stop is becoming an Instagram husband.

This Video Accurately Describes What It Takes to Capture the Perfect Instagram Photo
This Guy's Video Is Painfully and Hilariously Honest About the Truth Behind Social Media
How Ridiculous Facebook Statuses Sound When You Read Them Out Loud

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This Theory About Neville Longbottom's Wand Explains Everything About Him

When we first meet Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter books, it's clear that he isn't that bright or great with his wand and magic. He constantly forgets items, manages to make a mess out of spells and potions, and is perceived as someone who is on the edge of being a squib. However, an old theory going viral on Imgur suggests that it's not Neville's fault at all, but rather his wand.

The theory, originally posted in 2004 by Soggy Old Coot on the Harry Potter Theory blogspot, explores the background of Neville's wand. As we all know, the wand chooses the wizard, and if you don't win a wand or buy a new one, it won't respond to the new owner in the proper manner. These laws of wands apply to Neville as well. His wand isn't his own, but his father's, meaning his trouble with magic might be because of this law of wands.

This Harry Potter Theory Suggests Hagrid Is More Powerful Than You Thought

The story about Neville and his wand goes on further to connect it to Neville living under his father's shadow. No one thinks he's as good as his dad, and people take great pains to remind him of it. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Neville says, "Gran's always...

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The Ultimate Adventure Travel Bucket List For Thrill Seekers

The world is your oyster when it comes to travel destinations, but sometimes it can be tough to think outside the box for some real once-in-a-lifetime adventures. If you're a thrill seeker who's planning your next vacation, then this list of activities should be on your bucket list. Go out of your comfort zone and take a transformative trip that will be unforgettable. From gorilla trekking in Africa to diving in the Maldives, here are the best adventures around the world for every adrenaline junkie.

100+ Things to Do Before You Die

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Heads Up: Instagram Is Testing a New Feature That Snitches on You When You Screenshot Stories

At this point, it's almost a given that anyone who has an Instagram account also has a camera roll of forgotten screenshots they've forgotten to delete. Since it first launched in 2010, Instagram has become a well of inspiration, and I personally screenshot everything from cool places to visit to outfits I need to try (but never do).

If you're the same, it may be time to curb your screen-shotting ways, because the popular image-sharing app is currently testing a feature that will notify users of which viewers screenshot or screen-record posts shared on their stories. Similar to Snapchat, the notification takes the form of a shutter symbol against a user's name on your viewed list.

GIF Stickers Just Arrived on Instagram Stories, and They're Absolutely Glorious

PSA: How you get notified on Instagram when someone took a screenshot of your Stories pic.twitter.com/Iua2QeyskF

- iz reading On the Edge of Scandal 🍑 (@readbyher) February 11, 2018

Instagram Stories Can Now Live On Forever With New Archive and Highlights Features

Although this is only a test, Instagram previously made something similar a permanent feature when they created a notification that alerts...

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For the Love of God, Please Stop Saying These Slang Words

For better or worse, the English language has undergone some major changes in recent years - Oxford Dictionaries crowned an emoji word of the year and slang played an integral part of social media, more than ever before. But some of these slang words have been so overplayed, they need to go away . . . stat. Ahead, check out 12 terms that everyone should stop saying and replace with these instead - amirite?!

9 Slang Words You Should Stop Using If You Don't Want to Look Lame AF in 2017

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11 Signs You're an Ambivert

We know that introverts value their alone time, while extroverts thrive in social settings. So what personality type are you if you fall in between? If you don't really identify with one end of the spectrum, you're an ambivert. You are a hybrid of both parties and adjust according to the situation.

According to a study by Adam Grant at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, ambiverts actually hold an advantage over introverts and extroverts and are, surprisingly, better salespeople as a result.

"Because they naturally engage in a flexible pattern of talking and listening, ambiverts are likely to express sufficient assertiveness and enthusiasm to persuade and close a sale but are more inclined to listen to customers' interests and less vulnerable to appearing too excited or overconfident," the study said.

Sounds pretty good to us. See the 11 signs below to further prove you're an in-betweener, and take this quiz to confirm.

33 Sure Signs That You're an Empath
  1. Social settings don't freak you out, but you can't be around people for too long. You have the ability to be outgoing in groups, but you also find yourself wanting to go home sooner than others. Your...

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21 Ways to Think Positively Every Day

A good attitude always starts with good thoughts. Positive thinking is equally as powerful as negative thinking: you'll start to believe it eventually. So it's critical to adopt the former and make it into a daily habit. Like everything, shifting your mindset requires conscious effort and commitment, and there are many ways to condition yourself to think positively until it becomes second nature. See 21 things that will help ward off all the Negative Nancys out there.

30 Positive Tattoo Ideas

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Joanna Gaines and Her Look-Alike Sister Are Serious #Goals

With four adorable kids and a loving (and hilarious) husband, design superstar Joanna Gaines is definitely all about her family. But what you might not realize is that Joanna also has a look-alike sister whom she is always hanging out with . . . and they are certainly never short on the laughs and good times! Don't believe us? Read on as we break down 13 times Joanna Gaines and her sis gave us serious sibling envy.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines

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A Backyard Shed Becomes a Mini Dream Home

Yearning for a workspace that wouldn't cramp her home's floor plan, Homepolish designer Paige Morse set her eyes on two ramshackle sheds in her own backyard. Knowing she'd have to start from scratch, she hired a contractor to push the sheds together, strip them down to the studs, and add wall planks. Bathed in a modern color scheme of crisp white and elegant ebony, Paige decided to take it a step further by installing a kitchenette and a vintage tub! The result is a backyard fantasy cottage that anyone would be tempted to move into. Keep reading to see the spot-on styling and clever design decisions that really make it shine.

Source: Cody Ulrich via Homepolish

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The Hobby Lobby Challenge Is Inspiring Teens to Make Meme Masterpieces

Image Source: Kelsey Maggart

Something special is happening all over the country: teens are congregating in mundane stores - the kind of big-box relics you typically see in strip malls - and creating art. The now-viral Hobby Lobby Challenge asks its participants to produce remarkable photo shoots in the austere aisles of the store to prove that simply the setting does not a good photographer make. What's more, the challenge reveals a lot about social media, the quest to nail down the right aesthetic, and the pressure to radiate an effortless perfection - even if that means sitting in the empty aisle of a craft store holding a fake orchid.

To explain the Hobby Lobby Challenge, we first have to explain the Ugly Location Challenge - which is really a whole lot like the Hobby Lobby Challenge but isn't limited to one particular store. Kelsey Maggart, a 22-year-old photographer, received a lot of positive feedback after participating in the Ugly Location Challenge. In her tweet that later went viral, she wrote, "You don't have to love your locations to love your shoots."

Months later, Maggart and a few friends decided to take photos in their local Hobby Lobby because they wanted a...

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WHOA, This Is How J.K. Rowling Planned Every Plot in Harry Potter

Source: Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie

Every time I reread the Harry Potter series, something new jumps out at me. The plots are so saturated with twists and turns that it's hard to keep up with all of the details in one go. I imagine writing the actual story is just as complicated. Author J.K. Rowling kept her sanity in check with hand-drawn spreadsheets mapping out every character's development. The most fascinating of which is a piece of lined paper covering chapters 13 through 24 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (click to enlarge it below).

Source: Open Culture

If you've ever wondered what months of school the actual events took place, this small paper reveals it all. Rowling scribbles all of her ideas in columns marked with things like "D.A.," meaning Dumbledore's Army and "O of P," meaning Order of the Phoenix. My favorite section is Snape/Harry, which proves that the professor did, in fact, love Harry even after all this time. If you're interested in having some of the adventures outlined here, maybe you should try enrolling in the real-life Hogwarts or picking up gifts that will cast a spell over every Potterhead on Earth.

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This 1 Accessory Makes Any iPhone Take the Best Photos Ever - No Upgrade Required

It's that time of year once again. All of the new phone models have just been announced, and as a result, we're all pinching pennies to avoid FOMO and score that coveted upgrade. But if what you're really after is a better-quality camera for your old iPhone, look no further: the DxO One camera ($499) will solve all your problems for about half the price.

Boasting 20.2-megapixel resolution, the world's smallest one-inch format sensor camera, and a wide-format lens, the DxO One connects directly into your iPhone's lightning port and integrates directly into the Apple iOS - giving you the power of a pricey DSLR camera, but letting you instantly drop your photos into your group iMessage or chuck them up on Instagram. Oh, and did we mention that it will solve every single one of those low-light problems you've got with your three-year-old phone?

Ahead, check out some of the features of this game-changing device - and be sure to check out the DxO website for additional information on what it can do.

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The 3 Types of People in This World, Captured in 1 Incredible GIF

There are three types of people from r/gifs

A GIF of three of soccer's brightest stars - FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, and Jordi Alba - is going viral for one extraordinarily unexpected reason: it's the most accurate depiction of the three types of people in this world that we've ever seen. And regardless of whether or not you're a sports aficionado, it's hard not to stare at in wonder.

As seen above, the image depicts the three soccer players approaching a metal barrier and choosing to do three very different things - ducking under, climbing over, and going around to get to the other side. "There are three types of people," Reddit user GeneReddit123 noted when he posted the GIF to the platform, and naturally, the comments quickly became a literal goldmine of how exactly the three types of people were defined. "1) Long beard 2) Short beard 3) Stubble," one user quipped, while another took it a bit more existentially, describing the trio as, "The logical, the overconfident, the play-it-safer."

We could spend all day listing out all of the great three-beat jokes that came out of the post, but it's worth noting that Reddit wasn't the only place where the post was...

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This Discreet Alarm For Women Looks Like Jewelry - but Can Actually Save Your Life

As a woman, worrying about your personal safety is a constant, difficult burden - and one that nobody ever signed up for. We shouldn't have to feel afraid to walk alone at any time of the day or worry that we'll be attacked if we don't take precautions, but unfortunately, that's our reality. And it's also the number one concern driving smart jewelry company InvisaWear, a brand that aims to protect women with wearable devices that alert loved ones and police in an emergency situation.

How this didn't exist until now completely baffles me; for the longest time, we've relied on pepper spray and panic buttons to keep us safe, but we also know the many issues that come with such minimal protection. Pepper spray requires proper aim, while alarms from panic buttons often go ignored by bypassers. InvisaWear gives the wearer peace of mind that help is only a double-click away.

InvisaWear CEO and cofounder Rajia Abdelaziz first came up with the idea during her senior year at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. As president of the Society of Women Engineers chapter, she noticed that attendance was decreasing as it got darker earlier in the day. Members were telling Abdelaziz that...

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10 Places in the World (Outside of New Orleans) Where You Can Celebrate Mardi Gras

While New Orleans rightfully gets attention for its Mardi Gras festivities, other locations within the United States and around the world also know how to enjoy a few last indulgences before the season of Lent begins.

Across the globe, Mardi Gras celebrations take on different names (think Carnaval or Carneval) and meanings, and even carry on longtime traditions or adopt new ones. From the Americas, to Europe, and through the Caribbean, go on a global journey to discover how destinations spend their days ahead of Ash Wednesday in truly colorful splendor.

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24 Relaxing Songs to Help You Sleep

When you're lying in bed and caught on an endless train of thoughts, music is the best remedy to put you out. Drown out the day's stresses and let the playlist do its job - it's built for total relaxation and instant KO. Here's a mix of old favorites and new. Sweet dreams!

Life-Changing Daily Rituals For a Better Night's Sleep
  1. "The Suburbs," Mr. Little Jeans
  2. "Thinkin Bout You," Frank Ocean
  3. "Islands," The xx
  4. "Eye of the Needle," Sia
  5. "Rocket," Beyoncé
  6. "Kind of . . . Sometimes . . . Maybe," Jessie Ware
  7. "Billie Jean," The Civil Wars
  8. "What You Need," The Weeknd
  9. "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," Iron & Wine
  10. "Skinny Love," Bon Iver
  11. "Sleeping Alone," Lykke Li
  12. "Supersymmetry," Arcade Fire
  13. "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want," The Smiths
  14. "Good For You," Selena Gomez feat. A$AP Rocky
  15. "Excuses," The Morning Benders
  16. "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Live)," John Mayer
  17. "West Coast," Lana Del Rey
  18. "Paris, Tokyo," Lupe Fiasco
  19. "Lovely," Sara Haze
  20. "Shut It Down," Drake feat. The Dream
  21. "Thousand Miles," Tove Lo
  22. "Stay Ready (What a Life)," Jhene Aiko
  23. "Never Gonna Give You Up," The Black Keys
  24. "Believe," Mumford & Sons

Subscribe to our Spotify account to see what other playlists we...

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Super Mario Odyssey Is Everything We Ever Wanted in a Video Game

In the nearly four decades since Mario first made his appearance in the original arcade version of Donkey Kong, Nintendo's beloved mustachioed protagonist has certainly had his share of ups and downs. Not every game that stars the iconic Mario Bros. characters is worthy of the legacy brand, and for the most part, an average release typically doesn't have the staying power of legends like Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario 64. But for everything bad that's happened in 2017, there has been one very notable bright spot: the newest Mario offering, Super Mario Odyssey, comes alarmingly close to being a total masterpiece of a game.

I grew up in a diehard Mario household. With every new release came a same-day trip to the store coupled with hours spent sprawled out on the couch in front of the TV. But it wasn't just me and my sister who were button-mashing our way to coin-fueled glory; my parents were the originators of our love for Nintendo, and they'd trade off the controller as they worked their way through each level of every game. As a result, I'm supremely opinionated when it comes to the games that I play - and have incredibly high Mario standards from years upon years of...

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Sam's Club Just Announced Free Shipping

In order to keep up with the grocery delivering Joneses, Sam's Club announced that it will offer free shipping on many of its items. With Amazon Prime and Costco already offering delivery, Sam's Club has restructured its membership programs to remain competitive with the retail giants.


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These Tiny Alabama Homes Rent for Less than $500 a Month — Tiny House Blog

While they may be adorable, a lot of tiny houses are just not very practical. Most are built on trailer bases so you have to find someplace to park them, and hook them up to utilities, and many cities don't allow them, due to minimum size restrictions. Plus, there's often the hassle of climbing up a ladder to get into bed. But in the town of Ozark, Alabama, one local businessman has built a set of five tiny houses that manage to avoid all those pitfalls—while, admittedly, still being very cute.


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This $1 Garden Supply Item is a Decorating Secret Weapon

I love finding overlooked products in hardware and garden supply stores that I never knew I needed. I recently discovered one hiding right under my nose that's a clever, inexpensive way to add life and style to a living space. I, for one, can't wait to use it at home.


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Now Airbnb Can Help You Refinance Your Mortgage

For the first time, Airbnb hosts can now count their home-sharing earnings as additional income when refinancing their mortgage at three national lenders: Citizens Bank, Better Mortgage, and Quicken Loans (the company behind that Rocket Mortgage app you see each Super Bowl).


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Before and After: A Pretty Jaw-Dropping Living Room Redo

This is a very nice living room! If it has a flaw, it's that it is all a bit...beige, with endless shades of taupe and brown. Check out the renovation that makes the room's many assets pop — and makes you forget there was ever any beige involved.


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