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Google Just Launched 3 New Photo Apps - and We're Obsessed

Google has always been at the forefront of innovation. It's no surprise, then, that as we start to hit that point when we think we've got it all, the massive company pops up with something new and exciting and just all-around awe-inspiring. The latest endeavor, released on Dec. 12, is being labeled as the first in a set of "photography appsperiments," all aimed at getting the most out of the incredibly futuristic capabilities in every mobile phone.

Ahead, check out the details on all three of the new apps - Storyboard (available on Android only), Selfissimo! (available on Android and iOS), and Scrubbies (available on iOS only). And be sure to swap phones with a friend if you can't access all three of them, because they are all worth playing around with.

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17 Trends Facebook Thinks Will Go Mainstream in 2018

As we prepare to say goodbye (and good riddance) to 2017, it's hard not to get introspective about the year that was. Be it the heady highs of the Women's March to the lowest lows of widespread natural disasters, a lot happened this year that will inform just how it is that we tackle what's to come in 2018 - and thankfully, the good people over at Facebook have been keeping close watch on what the next 12 months might have to offer.

On Dec. 13, Facebook IQ - the insights and marketing division of the social media giant - released its annual Topics and Trends Report documenting all the things that the company feels will go mainstream in the year ahead. In other words, they've given us our first look at what to expect starting on Jan. 1 - and ahead, we've shared some of the most insightful trends that Facebook thinks will become a mainstay in our everyday lives. From female empowerment to the ever-quickening rise of AR, this is what Facebook's crystal ball has to say about 2018.

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20 Cute (and Practical) Gifts For the Frequent Flyer in Your Life

If you're a frequent flyer, airports and travel no longer excite you. You pack your on-the-go staples and go through security check like a pro. What can make the process a little more worth looking forward to are some fun and cute essentials. So if you've got a friend who's a constant jet-setter, consider these 20 gifts they'll appreciate.

26 Frugal Gifts For the Savvy Traveler - $25 and Under!

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The Twitter Response to the FCC's Vote to Repeal Net Neutrality Is Anything but Neutral

For some Americans, the reaction to the FCC's Dec. 14 vote to repeal net neutrality was asking "what's next?" - but for others, the natural response was to crack jokes. So amid much of the chaos, frustration, and confusion about what the repeal vote actually means for us all, there were a few bright spots to laugh about despite the discouraging vote news. And since we likely won't feel the effects of the repeal for quite a while, there will be plenty more opportunity for Twitter users to roast the FCC over the next few months - so strap in, because it's sure to be a wild ride.

Read some of the best reactions to the vote, then make your voice heard to oppose the FCC's decision and put up a fight for net neutrality.

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Make It Personal! 20 Mongrammed Gifts For Women

If you're totally stumped on what to get the ladies in your life, a monogrammed gift is a great idea. The personal touch guarantees that it will be unlike anything she already has. Plus, adding initials makes everything more adorable. Take a look at our favorite choices!

20 Affordable Punny Gifts For BFFs
50 Pretty Stocking Stuffers From Anthropologie Under $25

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Take Back Control of Your News Feed With Facebook's New Snooze Feature

There's never been a civil way to handle that twice-removed aunt or former childhood bestie who cannot help themselves from oversharing on Facebook. You know the one I'm talking about, that person who constantly posts photos of the same thing (a pet, a child, their meals) and clogs up your News Feed day after day. The statement that unfriending them would make is just not worth the headache, and honestly, you love to see what they're up to, but you don't want to be inundated with that (pet, child, meal) every time you open up Facebook. Well, as of Dec. 15, we finally have a way to properly filter our News Feeds - all while being completely invisible to those social media offenders who drive us up the wall.

The new feature is called Snooze, and it allows you to hide all posts from any given Facebook friend for 30 guilt-free days. The best part, though, is that you're not actually unfriending or blocking the individual - so while your News Feed gets a little breathing room and you get more visibility on what your other friends are doing, you can always view that person's profile directly and see all of what you're not seeing in your News Feed on your own time. The process is...

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Expert Travel Tips From The Points Guy That Will Save You on Your Next Trip

When it comes to all things travel, Brian Kelly – aka The Points Guy – knows a thing or two. We spoke with the travel site's CEO and founder to get some of his best tips on maximizing your flight experience this holiday and beyond. Kelly provided us with some awesome tricks and hacks that you may not have even thought about it, from scoring a free seat upgrade to getting around those long wait times when you're trying to reach an airline employee. Below are six helpful tips that will save you on your next trip.

The Ultimate All-in-One Travel Guide

1. How to get the best seat.

"If you have the misfortune of picking the wrong seat, your travel could turn into a painfully unpleasant experience. To see what your experience will look like in advance, I recommend checking SeatGuru. The site has the seat map for every aircraft of most major airlines, meaning you can check seat by seat for which is the best for you. For example, if a seat is missing a window or has limited recline, you'll know in advance. Also, check The Points Guy to see if there's a review for the product you're flying, so you have a better idea of what to expect."

2. Knowing your rights for flight...

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12 US Towns to Visit If Winter Is Your Favorite Season

There's something so cozy about being in a beautiful snow-covered town in the US, curled up in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa. It's what some of us love to do whenever Winter rolls around, and if you're looking for a new town to see during the upcoming cold months, we've got a few ideas for where you should check out.

16 Small US Towns to Visit If You Love Fall

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The Best Geek Gifts on Earth, Because Science

It's too bad that the best kind of element - the element of surprise - isn't charted on the periodic table. Get the science geek in your life when he or she least expects it with clever (and practical!) presents saluting the natural and physical sciences.

From a Marie Curie pint glass to a cocktail chemistry mixology set, we've got everything you'll need to make the mad scientists on your holiday shopping list smile (or better yet, "muahaha").

20+ Adorably Geeky Stocking Stuffers Under $25
Make Harry Potter Fans Green With Envy Over These 32 Slytherin Gifts
Cosmic Queens, You'll Love These 33 Galactic Gifts

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30 Ikea Hacks That Look Shockingly Expensive

While Ikea furniture is stylish and the prices on point, the designs can often look generic . . . until they're hacked! Using the blank slate of Ikea's most popular pieces, here are 20 DIYs that transform the simple into the stylish. Whether it be revamping a coffee table or turning a desk into a bar cart, these projects can easily save you big bucks on home decor.

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Hey, Outlander Fans! Peek Inside Claire - Ahem - Caitriona Balfe's Stunning Home Life

Caitriona Balfe is breathtaking as the enigmatic Claire Fraser on Outlander, but, it turns out the actress's life is nothing short of elegant off screen as well. From beautifying her trailer to noticing the everyday design details around her, this Irish-born actress infuses European chic into everything she touches. Check out 17 inspiring examples ahead.

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Can You Guess These Emoji Puns Correctly?

It's hard to imagine a world without emoji, whether it's decoding what they really mean, waiting for the new set to arrive, or thinking of ones that should exist. And even if you consider yourself an emoji pro, you're not officially one until you've taken this emoji quiz. Ahead, you'll see sets of emoji and you'll have to guess their punny meanings. If you master this quiz, consider yourself emoji literate - and then use the puns on your friends to see if they're on your level.

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15 Breathtaking Design Photos That Will Leave You Obsessed With Millennial Pink

Much has been made about millennial pink recently. And if that moniker doesn't sound familiar, the color itself will certainly ring a bell. It's that tropical shade of pink a hair shy of saccharine, a dash too peachy to be considered blush, and just muted enough to suit Barbie's more demure cousin. The millennial pink color trend has been growing for several years now, with Pantone even naming Rose Quartz its 2016 Color of the Year and rose gold insinuating itself as the metal du jour. And while we've been seeing the hue everywhere from dip-dyed strands to designer leather bags to cake frosting, we're only now seeing it sweep the home space. Exteriors, furniture, fabrics, and decor are all getting a good coating of the bubblegum tone. If you're hungry for some eye candy, treat yourself to the delicious millennial pink designs ahead and check out our millennial pink shopping guide.

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The Most Popular Google Searches of 2017

There's no mincing words: 2017 was one hell of a year. It's hard to fathom how it's even humanly possible that everything that happened this year occurred in just 12 calendar months, but from politics to entertainment to weather phenomena and global tragedy, it all happened, and we've all got lots of feelings about each and every event that affected our lives. What better way, then, to measure the year that was than by examining the words we searched for the most on the internet?

That's the thinking behind Google's annual Year in Search report, which examines all of the data gathered throughout the last 365 days and ties it all up together with a nice neat bow (and, naturally, a list of what we searched for most). It's here that you'll see why it is that 2017 was the year that we asked "how" far more than anything else - and see how it shaped the way that each and every event went down. Not sure what that means? Ahead, witness the top stories of the year in one hell of a year-in-review video - and be sure to scroll through to read some of the most riveting parts of this year's study on US searches in easy-to-digest list form.

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The Best Star Wars Gifts Under $50

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi about to blast into theaters on Dec. 15, you better believe the Star Wars fanatic in your life is expecting some franchise-related gifts under the Christmas tree. While you can get them some Last Jedi-specific gifts, you also might be on a budget, so we have the best affordable gifts right here. And here's how you can throw a complete Star Wars Christmas while you're at it!

25 Star Wars Gifts That Will Seriously Impress the Entire Galaxy

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13 Ways to Print Instagram Photos

Instagram is the easiest way to create dreamy camera-phone photos in a flash. The filters work their magic so well that nearly every picture comes out looking like a keepsake. Making those memories permanent can be just as easy with these tools for turning Instagram photos into lasting works of art. Here's how:

Image Source: Social Print Studio

  • Social Print Studio - The company offers multiple ways to print Instagram photos, but the 20-by-30-inch posters will make a stunning addition to a living room wall. Between 50 and 200 photos are arranged in a clean grid on thick archival paper for $25. Fill a mini book ($15 for a set of two) with miniature prints of favorite photos or do the Polaroid-style squares ($12 for 24 prints), which have wide enough borders to double as notecards.
  • PostalPix - Use this iPhone app to print four-inch squares from your Instagram library for only 49 cents each. Other sizes are also available, including five-inch square prints. Fast shipping, a matte finish, professional-quality resolution, and the convenience of mobile shopping make this our first stop for basic Instagram prints.
  • CanvasPop - Those filtered photos are worthy of an at-home gallery....

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Shop All Your Favorite POPSUGAR Must Have Items This Holiday Season

If you've ever signed up for a routine subscription box service, then you know that there is nothing as exciting as coming home to find a package waiting for you. Opening up a special surprise box that's filled with goodies makes it feel like you're constantly receiving presents. So even if you're a fan of POPSUGAR's Must Have box or you're not familiar with what makes it so special, we're here to fill you in. These hand-picked and trendy items arrive in customers' homes monthly (or quarterly, for our Limited Edition boxes), and now you can stock up on your favorite products here. Whether you're obsessed with the latest cookies and need to binge on more or you want to buy your friend a matching clutch from the February box, you can now find it all in one place. We've made it even easier for you to shop your favorite products, past and present.

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20 of the Most Hilarious Venmo Payments

If you're not using Venmo yet, you're missing out. The app makes paying your friends back so much easier, and you never have to worry about having the right amount of cash on you. Plus, one of its greatest features is a stream that shows users' payments. And - as a Venmo rule - the payment must include a description. It's like any social media news feed you're used to, but it offers a quick glimpse into people's escapades. Sure, most of what you see on the feed is what you'd expect . . . friends paying back friends for drinks, cabs, and rent. But you also see the occasional hilarious or crazy one-liner, and you wonder if it's for real or totally made up. We may never know, but they sure are entertaining.

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A New Harry Potter Game Will Let Us Live Out Our Hogwarts Dreams in 2018

On Dec. 12, a little over a month after we found out that there would be an augmented reality-based Harry Potter game coming next year, we got the long-awaited, much-desired (and superexciting!) news that Harry Potter fans everywhere have been waiting on for years: 2018 will also be the year in which we finally get a Hogwarts-based game. That's right: soon, we'll be able to inhabit the world of a student at the beloved academy . . . all thanks to the forthcoming Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Games studio Jam City and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's Portkey Games (the unit devoted exclusively to experiences based on J.K. Rowling's wizarding world) are partnering to create the role-playing game for our mobile devices, and it will allow fans old and young to enter the world that we've so long experienced from the outside. And what exactly should we expect from the game? Well, it's still very early days, but according to the press release heralding the announcement:

"The new game lets Harry Potter fans live the dream of becoming a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by creating their own character and progressing through their years at Hogwarts. Along...

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These Are the Songs That Alexa Was Asked to Play Most in 2017 - by Their Unforgettable Lyrics

Amazon's Alexa is a digital assistant of many talents. Alexa can turn on your lights, tell you the news, rope you into a rousing bout of Jeopardy!, or play any song you've ever listened to in your digital library - all with a simple sentence and in just a matter of seconds. But as we found out this Fall, one of the best features of the Echo version of Alexa is that her remit isn't limited to playing a tune by its proper title. Regardless of how much you butcher the title, so long as you belt out one accurate lyric with which to track it down, Alexa can scan the massive Amazon Music library and instantly start playing the exact song you're looking for.

Naturally, the lyrics most frequently requested are a sight to behold. Back in October, Amazon took note - and treated us to the very first chart of Alexa's most requested songs.

Now, as we count down the final days of 2017, Amazon has released the definitive ranking of the top Alexa lyric requests of the year . . . and boy is it one hell of a list! And you're in luck, because we've pulled it all together for you for easy consumption - and, of course, oodles of giggles. So, without further ado, behold the top 40 lyric requests...

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Instagram Gave Hashtags a Major Upgrade, and We Are So Here For It

Instagram is my happy place. I open my feed to escape from the real world, to forget about current events, to fill my heart and soul with beautiful things that I want to look at for hours on end. It's for this very reason that I jumped for joy when I found out that as of Dec. 12, Instagram users will no longer be limited to following people and places - you now have the power to follow hashtags, too.

While it may seem like a logical extension of the Instagram app, it's actually a total and complete game changer. No longer will you have to aimlessly click through profiles until you find what you're looking for; instead, all you need to do is type one hashtag - an interest, a hobby, a passion, a place - and from there, an entire world of images and videos is right before your very eyes. A hashtag will no longer be an aimless branding tool, instead serving as a gateway to more of what you want to see, more often. There's even a "related hashtags" section that will keep you clicking in the right direction any time you open the app.

"For the first time ever, Instagram community members will be able to follow hashtags just like they follow their friends," Matt Ogle, product manager...

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A Small Southwestern Modern Studio in Downtown Oklahoma City — House Call

"I've been into interior design for awhile and living in a studio has been a fun challenge," writes Lyndsey, who shares this small studio apartment with her rescue dog Tux. "A lot of people couldn't handle living in one large room, but Tux and I seem to make it work! Leaving out room dividers makes the space more open and bright but I have to be mindful about anything I bring in the space. If it isn't useful or beautiful, its got to go!"


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100+ Years of Tradition: Vintage Retail Holiday Window Displays Through the Years

Long ago, before anybody had even dreamed of the internet, people did their holiday shopping in a charmingly analog way: by scoping out gifts in store windows. Then, in 1883, the smart folks at the Macy's department store in New York City realized that they could draw even more people to their store windows by putting on a show. The first Macy's Christmas display, which featured a mechanical Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer, drew fascinated crowds, and a holiday tradition was born.


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7 Things You Need to Know About the 2018 Housing Market

It's that time of year when we reflect on the last 12 months, look dreamily out the coffee shop window, and think... "To hell with you, 2017! You were the [bleeping] worst. Let's hope 2018 isn't such a slimy armpit stain of a year."


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5 Awesome Things on Sale Today (That Also Make Awesome Gifts)

It's only 10 days until Christmas, but don't panic: there's still plenty of time to get a few quality gifts wrapped and ready under the tree. However, if you're struggling to find the right presents for everyone (i.e. ones that are affordable and ship fast), then this list is for you. Read ahead for five Prime-eligible gifts on sale today at Amazon that will never look like they were last-minute purchases.


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7 Holiday House Plants for People Who Are Bored With Poinsettia

There's a time and place for embracing tradition. But sometimes, you just have to dance to a different tune. If the quintessential poinsettias aren't your holiday jam, you don't have to completely bow out of enjoying festive houseplants. Here are a few other options, fit for the season and sufficiently unique.


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The "Perfect Little" Apartment for a NYC Couple — House Tour

Name: Irmak Karayal and Spencer Ramsey
Location: East Harlem — New York, New York
Size: 550 square feet
Years Lived In: 1 year, renting

"Everyone who steps into our apartment says something along the lines of, 'This is the perfect little apartment for you guys!' We hear the words 'perfect little' all the time," says Irmak — one half of the couple that lives in this East Harlem apartment. This description couldn't be more true. While this is a "little" apartment (550 square feet), Irmak and Spencer have found a way to turn this space into a "perfect" representation of the people they love and the places they've been.


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