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I Don't Know How to Feel About Disneyland's Funnel Cake With Cheese and Hot Cheetos

Disneyland is home to plenty of delicious funnel cakes and cheesy snacks, but when you combine the two, the result is a very intriguing dish. That's the case with the Sizzlin' Hot Funnel Cake from Hungry Bear Restaurant, which is a sweet funnel cake topped with orange cheese sauce and crushed up Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Personally, I could get on board with a salty, savory funnel cake topped with cheese - which would be like cheese fries! - but a regular ol' funnel cake dough with nacho-like sauce is quite the opposite.

The menu item has been around for several months at Hungry Bear, which is known for offering other funnel cake options like Milk and Honey Funnel Cake with whipped cream. Many curious people have been inclined to order it, and people's opinions seem to be pretty consistent - it's just kind of a weird combination, but some people like it.

"This funnel cake was weird, to say the least," Walt Disney World News Today wrote in its review. "It wasn't bad, exactly, but pairing funnel cake with cheese and Flamin' Hot Cheetos is a strange combination. It did taste pretty gross once it cooled down, though, so we advise trying to eat this while it's still warm." Other...

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Barefoot's New Boxed Wine Has 4 Bottles in Each, So Consider Your Weekend Rosé Needs Covered

Get ready to kiss your cork-removing days goodbye, 'cause Barefoot just launched a whole range of boxed wines with an easy-to-pour nozzle. Just one month after dropping new canned wine spritzer flavors for Summer, the affordable alcohol brand debuted its Barefoot On Tap collection, which includes the following six varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Rosé. Each colorful box contains the equivalent of four 750-milliliter bottles, which are sealed up in an airtight bag that keeps your vino fresh and ready to sip for up to 30 days. Let's be real, though - we won't be needing that long to polish off one of these boxes.

Barefoot On Tap boxed wines are now rolling out at major retailers around the US, so keep your eyes peeled next time you're looking to stock up on Pinot Grigio without having four separate bottles clanging around in your shopping cart.

Bring It, Summer - This Organic Sparkling Sake Wine Is Fruity, Sweet, and Only 88 Calories!

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It's Confirmed, Heaven Is a Place on Earth - See the Infinity Cave Pool of Your Freaking Dreams

A lot of places come to mind when you think of traveling to a dream destination. Whether your ideal trip is to see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night or to embrace complete tranquility on a beach with nothing but palm trees and pink sands, the options are endless. That said, you may just toss all your other vacation ideas out the window when you see this stunning resort in Greece.

The Cavotagoo Mykonos offers breathtaking views of the ocean, endless luxuries that include fine dining and spa treatments, and one of the most beautiful infinity pools in. the. world. In a cave, no less! The cave infinity pool is a part of the Cave Pool Suite, which includes a full ocean view and complete and private use of the lust-worthy Grecian pool. If that suite is booked, the resort offers countless other beautiful pools that come with the rooms as well as additional infinity pools throughout the property.

Take a peek at this dreamy destination, and get ready to have wanderlust that will take you all the way to Greece and back.

83 Unreal Places You Thought Existed Only in Your...

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WFH? These 17 Stylish and Affordable Furniture Pieces Are Calling Your Name

Saving on public transportation, cooking lunch (instead of buying a $15 salad), and, honestly, wearing sweatpants all day are all the things I love about working from home. There's only one thing that's getting me down, though: not having a comfortable work space. Most days, I end up in a not-so-ergonomic position on my sofa wrapped in blankets. While it works, I wouldn't say it's ideal. To make myself more comfortable, I decided to go on a mission to find the perfect desk setup for my house. So, if you're also looking to spruce up your at-home work space, you've come to the right place.

I turned to Amazon to find tons of affordable and stylish options that are delivered right to your door - what else is better than that? I was quickly surprised at how many options it had, and ones that I actually loved. Ahead, to help you find your match, I curated a list of my 17 favorite pieces for all types of spaces, big or small. From marble desks to comfy velvet chairs, no doubt these picks are impressive. Keep reading to shop my top choices and find your match.


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World Market's Mini Unicorn Pool Float Isn't For Lounging - It's Actually a Tea Infuser!

Pool float season has only just begun as far as we're concerned, and it turns out they don't all have to be for lounging in the sun on a Summer day. This mini pool float is perfect for a rainy May day indoors or a peaceful night in, because it's actually an adorable tea infuser available at World Market for $15.

That's right - while it looks a lot like the real deal, this supercute mini pool float is actually made of plastic and stainless steel mesh. So this little guy can have a soak while also infusing your steaming cup of water with your favorite tea leaves. At only three inches tall, it's the perfect height to float in a hot cup of rooibos tea, matcha tea, or even red wine tea, if you're feeling adventurous. Just plonk it in your teacup and let it work its unicorn magic.

We Definitely Plan on Riding This Giant Unicorn Pool Float From Target Into the Sunset

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Save Your Dog From Seasonal Allergies With These Tasty Immunity Chews

Something all allergy sufferers can probably agree on: allergy season is not. fun. Sure, warm weather and sunny skies are nice, but the sniffles and itchy eyes that come with them are a serious pain. And if you've got a dog with seasonal allergies, well, that's almost worse. Since they're unable to tell us their symptoms, it's easy to feel helpless at their constant scratching. Instead, try to head off their discomfort with Zesty Paws Aller-Immune Bites ($26). These supplements are soft, grain-free treats, packed with immune-boosting ingredients that encourage a healthy response to skin, food, and environmental allergens.

The 1 Product You Didn't Know Your Pup Needed to Stay Cool This Summer

The chews include wild Alaskan salmon oil (full of nourishing omega-3 fatty acids, which might soothe itching) and colostrum (which may support immune function), along with apple cider vinegar and organic licorice extract (both may support digestion). Each chew also contains 80 mg of EpiCor, a fermented supplement that's been proven to support immune...

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Give Your Backyard a Midcentury Modern Makeover With These Exceptional Pieces - Starting at $89

Let's give a big round of applause to outdoor furniture, because let me tell you, backyards have come a long way. No longer is there a stark difference between your outdoor and indoor living spaces. Designers now incorporate outdoor-friendly features like weather-resistant materials into on-trend rugs, pillows, and furniture sets that look so good you'd never guess they belong outside.

This Summer, we're especially impressed with the midcentury modern outdoor furniture pieces filling up our Instagram feeds - and finally available at prices we can actually afford. This vintage-inspired style has been popular for years, and it still remains a sought-after look, for good reason. Its clean lines and minimal appearance create an uncluttered space, all while exuding retro charm. If you're ready to expand your midcentury taste to your backyard, then these affordable, hand-picked items are all you need. Shop them ahead!

53 Storage-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Pieces to Keep Your Backyard Organized This Summer

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Target Sells Fanny Packs That Double as Coolers, So Catch Me Stashing Snacks This Summer

The term "fanny pack cooler" may sound like an odd mashup of nouns that don't belong together, but Target is making this hybrid a reality - in the most chic, affordable way possible, naturally. The retailer recently rolled out its new Sun Squad collection of products for Summer, and among the pastel pool floats and beach-ready lounge chairs are a handful of belt bags lined with insulated material to double as tiny, hands-free coolers.

What sort of situations would these fanny packs be useful for, you ask? Here are a few ideas I've got up my sleeve:

  • Toting around snacks like apple slices on a walk or hike
  • Keeping your beach drinks cold without having to lug a hefty cooler through the sand
  • Storing popsicles or ice cream sandwiches for on-the-go consumption
  • Making sure your canned Rosé stays chilled before outdoor sipping
  • Carrying a sandwich to the park for a picnic

At the moment, there are two designs available on Target.com - a pink grapefruit one and an iridescent, mermaid-y one - although it looks like there's an additional leafy design in Target stores as well. Keep reading to snag the fanny pack-cooler hybrid you never knew you needed in your life. Which pattern will you...

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This Hot Springs Waterfall in Italy Is So Dreamy, You'll Think It Came Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

As if Italy wasn't already on the top of everyone's bucket list, the dreamy European destination just gave jet-setters another reason to plan an Italian vacation. The Cascate del Mulino hot springs waterfall in Saturnia is more than just breathtaking - it is a true blue lagoon. These sulfuric hot springs are located on the grounds of Cascate del Gorello, making it look more like a fairy tale than real life. And to top it off, there's no bad time to visit this Italian waterfall because it maintains a warm temperature all year long. If that's not the definition of paradise, we don't know what is.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful pictures of this hot springs waterfall. Your Summer travel plans just got hotter.

11 Abandoned Castles Around the World That Are as Beautiful as They Are Mysterious

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This Company Puts Your Pet's Face on Your Suitcase, and OMG, My Dog Is Going to Hate When I Travel Now

Some people put little cutesy ribbons on the handles of their suitcases so they can tell them apart when they come barreling down the conveyor belt at luggage claim. A smart tactic, of course, because so often travelers crane their necks to get a look at all of the black suitcases to identify which one is theirs. But if you're feeling like the little ribbon detail doesn't have enough of your personality, we have just the thing.

You can now put your dog or cat's entire face on your suitcase with a Pet Head Case ($26-$39). Just send in a photo of your best furry friend, pick the size you want, and voilà - you have a stretchy case that's uniquely yours. You'll become the most popular person at the airport, that's for sure.

You Probably Don’t Need This Cat-Butt Tissue Dispenser, but You Also Don’t Not Need It

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Please Excuse Me While I Cry Over How Cute This Cheeseburger Ravioli Is

Pasta art is a thing, people, and we are here for it. Whether you are new to the trend or have been on top of it since day one, we have news of a mind-blowing new dish that's so cute, you'll send it to all of your friends on the 'gram within 10 seconds of discovering it. Enter: cheeseburger ravioli, created by pasta artist Linda Miller Nicholson. She's known as Salty Seattle on Instagram and has a casual 265,000 carb-loving followers.

The cute lil' cheeseburgers look so much like the real thing, they'll make you do a double take. The six-layer, thick, juicy burger-ravioli is made up of lettuce, meat, cheese, and tomato - which are actually just pieces of pasta colored with natural food dye. According to Nicholson, the raviolis are filled with Velveeta and ground beef and sauced with Shake Shack's secret slurry. Is your mouth watering yet? The little sesame seed touches on the top bun of the ravioli are made with pasta too, proving that little details go such a long way.

So if you're wondering how to create these cheeseburger raviolis at home, start by finding a little extra time in your schedule to create natural food coloring for your pasta and to craft each layer. Find a...

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This Artist Reimagined Celebrities as Disney Princesses, and the Result Is Positively Spellbinding

Rihanna may be a queen in our world, but in Elena Morgun's world, she's a princess - a Disney princess, more specifically. A talented artist from Ukraine, Elena had the genius idea to reimagine female celebrities as Disney princesses, and the finished products are totally frame-worthy.

Elena's first Disney-themed illustration transformed Rachel McAdams into Cinderella - complete with a modern-day version of her glass slipper, a glitzy Jimmy Choo heel - and the creativity blossomed from there, as she continued sharing more and more celebrity-princess mashups on her increasingly popular Instagram page. Using a Wacom graphics tablet and Adobe Photoshop, Elena has transformed stars like Emilia Clarke, Camila Cabello, and Lucy Liu into leading ladies from some of our favorite Disney flicks. Check out her impressive work ahead.

80 Tiny and Adorable Disney Princess Tattoos For Fans of Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters

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I Taught Myself to Be Confident, and It Ended Up Changing My Life

When you have an outgoing big sister, it's easy to be shy. From birth, I could always rely on my sister to do the talking for me. She helped us make neighborhood friends, navigate parties, and entertain guests. But eventually, she moved out of the house, and I realized that I could no longer depend on her to fill in the spaces where words often failed me.

I was a bookworm and a writer from the time I was old enough to understand words. During tutorial in high school, I was the only person who would actually utilize the time to get homework done rather than pass notes. Spending weekends pounding away on the noisy keyboard of the old IBM computer that had become mine after my family upgraded to a newer model was preferable to picking up the phone (a terrifying prospect in itself), calling a friend to hang out, and facing potential rejection. I'm an introvert by nature, and I decided that being alone was better than being told no.

A few months into my first year of grad school, I did what I thought was impossible: I actually initiated a date myself.

In college, I discovered an affable roommate and alcohol, and both acted as magical social lubricants. I joined the dance team,...

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Disney's Citrus Swirl Mouse Ears Are the Only Ones We Care About Right Now, Thanks

Disney just introduced a new pair of mouse ears, and they're our favorite kind: inspired by food! Several parks have started selling the new Citrus Swirl Mickey Ears Hat, which features patterned ears, a teeny tropical drink umbrella, and a swirl of Disney's classic orange ice cream treat in the center. It's adorable, clearly.

The summery accessory has already been spotted at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, the Polynesian Village Resort, and more. It's also expected to make its way to Disneyland soon, according to WDW News Today. Check out more cute photos of the ears ahead, and get ready to feel all the tropical vibes.

Ahhhh, Disney's New Rapunzel Eclair Comes With a Tiny Chocolate Frying Pan!

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The Best Way to Store Tomatoes

Although we typically recommend storing tomatoes at room temperature as it best preserves their flavor and texture, it's not quite as simple as that. Here are the best practices depending on how ripe your tomatoes are:

  • Keep unripe green tomatoes, stem side down, in a paper bag or in a cardboard box in a single layer. Place in a cool area until they turn red in color.
  • Perfectly ripe tomatoes should be kept at room temperature on the counter away from sunlight. Make sure they're in a single layer, not touching one another, and stem side up. Consume within a couple of days.
  • Overripe tomatoes that are soft to touch with very red flesh are best kept in the fridge. The cold air will keep the tomatoes from ripening more, and they should last for another three days. Before eating refrigerated tomatoes, take them out of the fridge and let them come to room temperature. This will allow the fruit to develop some of the flavor it has lost due to refrigeration.

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Here's How to Successfully Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

With the price of avocados on the rise, many people are becoming increasingly interested in growing their own. But how exactly do you do it? And, more importantly, do you live in a place where it's even possible? Avocados have been growing very well in the south central part of Mexico for centuries due to the ideal hot climate. And in the United States, California, Florida, Hawaii, and southern Texas all have similar climates. If you live in one of these states, you're in luck, but if you don't, the chances of growing an avocado tree are unfortunately slim to none.

If you do reside in a warmer spot and are ready to try growing your own, here's what you need to know to ensure your avocado tree grows well:

  1. Determine which variety you want to grow. There are about 500 varieties of avocados. Hass avocados are the most popular because of their great taste and richness.
  2. Purchase your avocado tree. It's best to purchase your avocado seedling from a garden center or nursery.
  3. Determine when and where you'll plant your avocado tree. It's best to plant your tree in the springtime between the months of March and June and in a spot where it will get the most sunlight. Make sure it's not...

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Buckle Up! These 50+ Travel Essentials From Target Will Get You Ready For Takeoff

Calling all jet-setters, world travelers, and weekend vacationers! In case you didn't know, Target has all the best travel products at all the right prices. But really, are you surprised? Take on Summer vacations in the utmost comfort and style with a wide array of travel-size beauty products, packing pods to keep your clothes organized, and even an on-the-go napping pillow that is just as amazing as it sounds. Whether you are going on a red-eye flight or just taking a road trip to the next city over, these products are all you need to enjoy the vacation that you deserve.

Shop the best products now, and let your adventures take you away.

I Truly Could Not Live Without Dry Shampoo, and This One From Target Is My Holy Grail

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If My Heart Were an Avocado Pit, It Would Totally Fit the Theme of Disney's Newest Collection

I've yet to meet anyone whose avocado obsession rivals my own, but Disney might just have me beat, because I really can't say I have a giant bowl shaped like an avocado in my home . . . yet. In honor of our favorite toast spread, ShopDisney has created a mini line of avocado-themed products, and they're absolutely adorable!

Ranging in price from $10 to $17, the Mickey and Minnie Avocado Collection features avocado earrings, an avocado tumbler, an avocado trinket dish, an avocado baseball cap, and more. Each avocado pit is also shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, which means even the world's most well-known mouse can appreciate a good avocado. Shop the green-fruit-themed Disney collection ahead.

Here's How to Successfully Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

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14 Carry-On Suitcases Frequent Flyers Always Buy and You Should, Too

The very first time I went on a long Summer vacation, I took the biggest suitcase I could find and overflowed it with tons of clothes I never ended up wearing. It was a rookie move, and I learned my lesson. I spent every couple days switching cities and hotels lugging a huge bag I grew to hate. After that, I swore to myself I would only travel with carry-on luggage (as long as the trip wasn't over a few weeks), and it's a promise I've kept to myself. Now, I'm a pro at packing, and the key is to have a suitcase that perfectly fits everything you need.

If you are headed on a vacation this season and also looking to pack light, make sure to find the right piece of luggage for you. Personally, I love hard-sided ones that are lightweight and easy to roll around. But everyone has different needs and preferences, so to help you find your match, I uncovered 14 popular picks that frequent travelers always buy. From brands like Tumi, Calpak, and Samsonite, no doubt you'll find your match ahead. Keep reading to shop these hot picks.

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Say "I Don't" to Tradition With 1 of These Wow-Worthy Outdoor Wedding Altar Ideas

Outdoor weddings offer all sorts of possibilities for ceremony decor - especially when it comes to creative, unexpected altar alternatives. Whether you're into ornate, romantic archways or delicate DIY details, we've rounded up some of the most original backdrop ideas that will delight and surprise your wedding guests. Hoping to bring a bit of personality to your outdoor ceremony? Here are more than 90 must-see ideas to spark your inspiration.

- Additional reporting by Angela Elias and Zara Patel

Get Inspired! 98 Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Have the Bride Gasping in Delight

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No Fancy Copper Mug? No Problem, Thanks to This (Very Cute) Canned Moscow Mule

In case you hadn't noticed, the canned cocktail trend is a definite thing this Summer. While the majority of the offerings out there right now tend to be hard seltzers or wine of some sort, Plain Spoke Cocktails is trying its hand at more complicated canned cocktails with Moscow Mule and Bourbon Smash.

It gets better: both drinks are made with super simple ingredients. Moscow Mule consists of vodka, lime juice, ginger, and pure cane sugar, while Bourbon Smash consists of bourbon, lemon juice, mint, and pure cane sugar. Both have an ABV content of 10 percent, and they're priced at $4 per can or $15 for a four-pack.

Now, some bad news: Plain Spoke Cocktails is currently only sold in Wisconsin and Minnesota, which is actually good news if you happen to live in those states! Here's hoping they'll consider expanding . . . preferably in time for Summer, this one or the next.

Target Is Selling a $5 Bottle of Sangria, So Make Room in Your Shopping Carts, Wine-Lovers

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You'll Have to Pull Me by My Legs to Get Me Off This Bean Bag Pool Float

Close your eyes and imagine your Summer plans. Do you see yourself on the beach? Lounging in the sun? Hanging out with friends? Or do you see the inside of your eyelids because you have some napping to catch up on? Well, I see myself being glued to Pottery Barn's Kai Seat Lounge ($199) until Fall, and I'm hoping you'll join me.

The pool float is just like the bean bags I spent hours of my childhood sunken into while gossiping in my friend's basement, but add the gorgeous Summer weather and presumably a glass of Rosé in my hand, and it's a dream come true. Sure, there are tons of Instagram-friendly pool loungers out there like Avocado Pool Floats and Cheeseburger Pool Floats, but with the cushioning comfort of an actual bean bag, I'll be sinking into this one all season long.

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Calling All Wannabes! You Can Book the Tour Bus From Spice World on Airbnb

For anyone who spent a decent chunk of your childhood dressing up and acting like your favorite Spice Girl, today's your lucky day, because thanks to this Airbnb listing, you'll get a chance to live like one, too. A host on Airbnb is giving Spice Girls fans a chance to zig-a-gig-ah and spend one night in the exact tour bus - aka the Spice Bus - that was featured in Spice World in 1997. The iconic bus, located in London's Wembley Park neighborhood, has the United Kingdom's Union Jack flag painted on its exterior, but it's even more chic when you take a look inside.

Inside the Spice Bus is a living area decked out with '90s-inspired decor, a mounted television, a "Girl Power" neon light hanging on the wall, and a small dining booth situated in the back. The adjoining bedroom features what appears to be a queen-size bed, a zebra-printed carpet, an extra bed, and two random disco balls, if you're really in the mood to party like it's 1999.

The Spice Bus is available to book for just £99 a night (roughly $129), but the catch is, it's only available to book on June 14 and 15. And, as you could probably imagine, there's a limited amount of space, as the bus only sleeps three guests...

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These 13 Sofas From Walmart Start at Just $180 and Happen to Be Ridiculously Stylish

I am a huge fan of Walmart furniture. The retailer has never disappointed me; my purchases are always well made and crazy affordable. That's why I was excited to discover that the site offers tons of tasteful sofas at reasonable prices. Whether you want a timeless design or something vintage-inspired, the site has you covered.

If you don't want to sift through all the options, we curated a selection of the very best picks to choose from. You'll save so much money, you'll be able to invest in additional furniture for your space. Hurry up and start buying before another smart shopper scoops these sofas up.

6 Bestselling Sofas Amazon Customers Love, and You Will, Too

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Raise the Woof! 50+ Pet Travel Products That Make Summer Vacations a Lot Easier

Traveling is one of the best gifts to give yourself, and with the dog days of Summer in paw's reach, the vacation destinations and nearby getaways are endless. As wonderful as weekend trips and extended breaks are, I think we can agree, it's just not the same without furry friends by our side. If you spend your family vacation worried about your dog or cat or if the car feels like a zoo with your animal in the back, then we have some products that will ease pet-related stress for a more enjoyable time away. From doggy seat belts for long trips to portable cat litter trays and handy paw cleaners, there's no limit to the pet-friendly travel options out there. If you're ready for some quality time with your little (or big) friend this Summer, then never leave them behind again! These accessories for both cats and dogs will make your travels a lot easier; just have a look ahead.

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6 Cane Furniture Pieces Under $400

What’s possibly my best Craigslist steal to date? A pair of cane chairs I found for just $15 each (one of which is shown above!). READ MORE...

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