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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Coziest Bed Ever

You know we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but it still astonishes me how much people are not willing to invest in their bed. I'm not just talking about sheets or the mattress - I'm talking the whole package, from the bed frame to every last feather in your pillows. I've always been obsessed with my bed. I choose hotels based on how comfortable their beds are and I may have even recently started a fight with my mom over the quality of her guest bed linens. Call me a bed snob, but I'm pretty much the coziest person at night, and I think everyone else should be, too.

It's time you put money into your bed so you can have even better nights of sleep, fewer sleep interruptions, and thus, better days (I'm telling you, this is in an investment in you), and to that end, I'm outlining each important piece that your coziest bed ever needs, no matter your preferences.

If You Haven't Flipped Your Mattress in a Minute, You Need to Read This

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This $3 Milk Frother From Ikea Stopped My Expensive Coffee-Buying Habit

Confession: making a cup of coffee in the morning has never been my forte. I would always start out with the best intentions, vowing and hoping things would be different this day - maybe if I switched out my milk or added more spices I'd be a little more excited about it? But after my classic routine of mixing a spoonful of instant with some hot water and splashing some fresh-out-of-the-fridge soy or almond milk on top (and maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon if I was feeling fancy), I would wind up with a lukewarm, somewhat watery, and not very flavorful cup of joe. So, naturally, I often resorted to buying a fresh one whenever I left the house.

Enter: my milk frother. Now, I bought this device on a whim from Ikea during a shopping spree for new dishes and, to be totally honest, didn't touch it for months after. Boy, was that a mistake. When I rediscovered it not too long ago, it was right at the start of Fall when I was dying to make a homemade oat milk latte and was excited that this little guy might do the trick. I followed a recipe online for that and a mocha, and basically combined the two to make my drink. I warmed some oat milk, a spoonful of cocoa powder, another of coconut...

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15 Friendsgiving Decor Pieces to Make Your Gathering Extra Fun and Cozy

At the heart of it, Friendsgiving is really about gratitude for great company and great food. Still, a little festivity can go a long way, and you can find plenty of perfect Friendsgiving decor pieces out there to give your home a cozy and inviting ambiance for your beloved pals. Since you can afford to be a little more casual among close friends, there's no need to get out your grandmother's antique gravy boat - you can have fun with trendy and cute pieces ordered right off Etsy or picked up at Target. Whether you're looking for place cards for the dining room table or a banner that captures the occasion, keep reading for some fun Friendsgiving decor ideas.

26 Amazing Decor Details We Noticed About Monica's Apartment From These Friends Photos

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How to Make Delicious Banana Bread With Frozen Bananas

Don't trash those overripe bananas just yet - you can freeze them and make delicious baked goods without compromising the finished product. In fact, when you use the frozen fruit, making banana bread may be easier to whip up than ever.

A bunch of bananas can take up to five days to fully ripen on the counter. Once ripe, you can move them to the fridge for an additional five to seven days before they start to get a little too ripe for comfort. When that happens, you can freeze them for up to three months in several ways. It's best to remove the peel beforehand, as peeling an already-frozen banana can be difficult and somewhat gross - the peels turn black, and as the bananas thaw, they get pretty squishy. Instead it's easier to peel the bananas you want to save and store them whole in a labeled freezer-safe baggie. If you plan to make more smoothies than baked goods, it's possible to slice up the bananas before freezing for easy measuring. Just make sure you freeze them in a single layer on a baking sheet before moving them to a container for storage. This way, the individual slices won't stick together.

What do you do once you've frozen your bananas? There are tons of recipes...

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11 Cute Smeg Products That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into a Vintage Oasis

If you feel like your kitchen could use a little pick-me-up, sometimes it can be as simple as investing in a new kitchen tool. Smeg's cute appliances are the perfect place to start. The brand has tons of cool, vintage-inspired products that will not only look good sitting on your countertop, but they'll also make your life easier in one way or another. We shopped some of its hottest and bestselling picks you can snag on Amazon. Shopping from the popular retailer makes it easy to get exactly what you want delivered right to your doorstep within just a matter of days.

Ahead, we curated a list of our 11 favorite picks that you can add to your own home or even buy as a gift for someone this holiday season. From espresso makers for the coffee-lover to a pastel pink kettle that will heat up water in no time, these finds are worth every penny. Keep reading to shop them all and snag your favorite for you or a loved one.

24 Kitchen Products From Amazon So Cute, You'll Want to Take Photos Instead of Cook

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Halloween Will Be on a Saturday in 2020, So Get Ready to Party

Halloween 2019 is barely behind us, but we're already thinking ahead to next year! What day of the week will Halloween 2020 fall on? We've got some very good news for you. Halloween will be on a Saturday in 2020, which means it'll be a much more convenient day of the week for parties, trick-or-treating, and more!

One of the tough things about Halloween is that it often falls on weekdays, which can mean earlier parties (or a lot of very tired people at the office or in class on Nov. 1). That's why we love when Halloween falls on a weekend: more time to make fun plans and less worry about having to work around the demands of work or school the next day!

Halloween hasn't fallen on a Saturday in several years. The last time was in 2015 - and, in fact, that was the last time it was on a weekend, period! There will be two weekend Halloweens in a row coming up, though, since Halloween will fall on a Sunday in 2021. It's never too early to start thinking about spooky plans, especially with the added convenience of a weekend holiday.

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Counting Down to Christmas Is Cuter Than Ever With This Enamel Pin Advent Calendar

Regular Advent calendars are cute, wine Advent calendars are a necessity, and now, enamel pin Advent calendars are here to dominate our Christmas lists! The cute, innovative "calendar" puts a new spin on the classic Christmas countdown with adorable enamel pins for each day of December instead of just a quote or piece of candy. The calendar is actually a bright pink box with 24 little compartments labeled for each day leading up to Christmas, and inside each drawer is a colorful enamel lapel pin.

This Enamel Pin Advent Calendar ($42) comes from the MoMA Design Store. Since it's affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art, there's a special discount in place for members: MoMA members can purchase the set for only $38! And the pins inside come in a variety of styles and colors, from Winter-themed pins like a snowman and a Santa face to less-seasonal offerings such as a cactus and a butterfly. Because of this, it's not just a perfect product for the holiday season - you can reap the fashion benefits all year round!

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I Bought My Dishware on Amazon, and These 19 Stylish Sets Will Convince You to as Well

Earlier this year when I moved into my new apartment, one thing I couldn't wait to buy was new dishware. For what seems like a decade, I had been sharing mismatched dishes with roommates. A friend told me they bought theirs on Amazon and I was shocked at the quality and the price they paid. I decided to do the same. I ended up choosing a stylish set that cost me less than $40, and now my guests always ask me where they're from.

Ahead, I curated a list of 19 affordable and surprisingly chic finds that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. The best part: prices start at just $30, so it's easy to get exactly what you want without blowing your budget. From pastel pink choices to classic neutral picks, I found something for everyone. Keep reading to shop them all.

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2020 Is a Leap Year, So Get Ready For an Extra Day

Leap years, which occur once every four years, have one extra day, making the year 366 days long instead of the usual 365. And we've got good news for anyone wishing for just a little extra time: 2020 is a leap year! Oh, and it's on a Saturday!

But why, exactly, do we have leap years? It's more scientific than anything. Because the Earth takes 365.25 days to rotate around the Sun, that gives us roughly a quarter of a day extra each year. So we need to add a full day every four years to keep the calendar correct.

There are a few traditions (and superstitions) tied to leap years, including women proposing to their partners on this day rather than waiting on them to pop the question (you may remember the slightly cringe-worthy movie Leap Year starring Amy Adams about this very tradition). In other countries, like Italy and Russia, a leap year is considered to be bad luck.

So when Feb. 29 rolls around, make the most of the extra day however you see fit, whether it's by binging Netflix or doing something totally crazy. After all, you won't get the chance again for another four years!

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17,000 Customers Agree This "Perfect" Pillow From Amazon Is Worth Every Penny

I used to wonder if there was such thing as the perfect pillow. This is mostly because I like mine super flat - I mean like-they're-10-years-old flat - and unluckily for me, they're not often sold like that. Then I discovered this Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow ($60) trending on Amazon and knew I needed it. The popular pillow offers the best solution for every type of preference, and it's easy to see why it's currently the site's most popular and best-reviewed choice.

The pillow is crafted with a unique adjustable design that allows you to choose the amount of memory foam fill inside. You can either remove some to make it flat (like I would do) or you even have the option to add more fluff, because it comes with extra fill. Packing it how you like also gives you the option to create the shape you prefer. It doesn't lack in quality, either. The pillow is made with non-toxic and cruelty-free materials such as bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester, which provide both softness and breathability. Plus, it's also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Need more convincing? Just read the reviews. It currently boasts over 17,300 testimonials and 71 percent of...

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Oprah's Favorite Things Are Here, and We're Swooning Over the Cool Tech Products

Oprah's Favorite Things is back, and better than ever. Every holiday season, the media mogul announces the products she's fallen in love with this year, and we wait patiently to find out what we should be buying. After all, we'll always take advice from Oprah. While the entire list is filled with items we'd love to have in our lives, we're particularly impressed by all the tech products she's picked out. From smart makeup brushes to tech gloves and even an at-home spin bike, these are Oprah's favorite tech things, and we think they're going to be yours, too.

What do we want from this list? In short, everything. Blue light glasses, smart wine bottle openers, and a dog collar that has built-in GPS - the list goes on and on. Plus, all of these options make great gifts, so consider your holiday shopping taken care of. If that wasn't enough, all the products are available on Amazon, so everything will be at your door in two days. Happy shopping!

Get Your Wallet Ready, Because Amazon's Black Friday Deals Are Worth Shopping

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50+ KonMari Kitchens to Drool Over

Marie Kondo, bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy, has developed a foolproof organization technique called the KonMari Method that promises anyone can declutter and never relapse. I've tried it out myself and can attest to its effective power, particularly with my kitchen.

Since the release of Marie Kondo's series on Netflix, more and more people are getting on board with her method. It's impossible not to Instagram the amazing spaces in your house post-KonMari, which is why I have pulled together some brilliant examples along with some tips to keep your kitchen tidy.

9 Things Every Parent Should Take Away From Marie Kondo's Tidying Up Series

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50+ Gift Ideas For Diehard Disney Fans - All $60 and Under!

Attention, adult Disney lovers - this is the 2019 gift guide for you! We've rounded up a slew of affordable Disney gift ideas that will make this holiday season the most magical one yet. From stylish ears to wear on your next Disney park vacation to Disney-princess-themed beauty goodies and clothing inspired by your favorite animated classics, you seriously can't go wrong! All adult Disney fans will lose their cool opening these extraordinary presents. So what're you waiting for? Hurry up, hop on your magic carpet, and check out all these $60-and-under gifts now, before they sell out.

- Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Grown-Up Disney-Lovers

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Oprah Loves This Fried Chicken Recipe, and So Do We

Oprah is honest about the fact that she achieved her 42-pound weight loss on Weight Watchers without depriving herself of the foods she loves, including fried chicken. Well, "unfried" chicken, as she calls it in her 2017 cookbook, Food, Health, and Happiness: 115 On-Point Recipes For Great Meals and a Better Life. This recipe for Art's Unfried Chicken comes straight from Art Smith, a renowned chef who was Oprah's personal chef for many years and who specializes in Southern cuisine. His two-day marinated fried chicken is a sought-after recipe that's received plenty of well-deserved praise, but this healthier version is just as deserving of your time. Oprah approves, after all.

The elimination of frying doesn't make this chicken any less flavorful. You can leave the chicken in the buttermilk hot sauce marinade for as little as one hour or as long as 24 hours, which guarantees the meat remains tender and juicy. The panko breadcrumb coating is seasoned with parmesan cheese, black pepper, cayenne, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and salt, and it gives the chicken the irresistible crunch you're looking for as you bite into fried chicken. Plus, baking the chicken on...

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The Richest, Fudgiest Salted Brownies You'll Ever Try

Until I tried this brownie recipe, I was a firm believer that the batter would always trump the end result. Time and time again, I'd bite in and be disappointed by a mild, cakey dessert that was a mere shadow of its bowl-licking-good beginnings, but not with these. Don't let their crackly, craggy, salt-speckled tops fool you - below the surface is an insanely rich, fudgy, dense crumb that captures brownie batter's lush flavor and texture but is much easier to share with friends.

Since my brownie revelation, I've loaded them with chopped nuts, swirled them with caramel sauce, and even amped up their fudge factor by adding chocolate chunks to the batter. What hasn't changed is my loyalty to this recipe; once you try them for yourself, I think you'll understand why.

For extra brownie points (yeah, I went there), bring the extras to work. Your gesture won't go unappreciated, and the temptation to plow through an entire pan will be quashed (win-win).

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Thank Your Bestie For Being a Friend With This Golden Girls Wrapping Paper

Sure, you can wrap your holiday gifts in paper featuring Santa Claus or snowflakes, but does that really show your friends how much you love them (besides giving them a gift, that is)? Grab a slice of cheesecake and get comfortable, because gift wrapping is reaching a new level of fun with this Golden Girls Wrapping Paper ($5-$24) on Etsy.

The amazing pink wrapping features Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche heads with hearts and the phrases "Stay Golden" and "Thank You For Being a Friend" (in gold lettering, of course). It's the perfect way to celebrate any friend in your life who has as many zingers as Dorothy Zbornak or starts stories off with "Picture it," à la Sophia Petrillo. As for what present to pair with the wrapping paper? Probably cheesecake, a wicker purse, tickets to St. Olaf, or maybe one of these many amazing Golden Girls gifts.

The Golden Girls Guesthouse Is Available to Rent on Airbnb, and We'll Pack the Cheesecake

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Buon Appetito: 3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Cook Frozen Gnocchi

If you're craving delicious Italian food but are really short on time, look no further than the holy grail of quick Italian meals - frozen gnocchi. Gnocchi are small, delectable Italian dumplings made with potato, flour, and eggs. And I know that when it comes to cooking anything frozen, we tend to think we'll sacrifice flavor or freshness, but that's not always the case with frozen gnocchi. With just the right recipe and an understanding of the cooking method you want to use, you can make an incredible home-cooked meal in no time.

1. Boil

If you're worried about having a lack of kitchen prowess, here's some great news: if you know how to boil water, you can make frozen gnocchi. This first method is just that simple. Fill a large pot two-thirds full of water (if your pot is too small, you run the risk of the gnocchi sticking together). Bring the water to a boil, and make sure it's as hot as you can get it. You want the water to return right back to a boil as soon as you drop the gnocchi in so that they separate. Once the water is at a rolling boil, simply drop the frozen gnocchi in and begin to stir the pot with a slotted spoon to encourage separation. Cover the pot and boil...

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These Cute Mini Christmas Trees Are Real, and Yup, They're Perfect For Your Apartment

It's hard to have a holly jolly holiday season when your dorm or apartment can barely fit you, let alone a human-sized balsam fir. However, this brand's live tabletop trees and plants stand no taller than a few feet and are totally rewriting the Christmas tree tradition. Bouquet delivery company Farmgirl Flowers has solved our big-on-holiday-cheer-small-on-space crisis with their adorable Christmas trees, which are ethically grown and available to ship across the nation (to all states except Hawaii and Alaska).

Potted in woven baskets and colorful pots, you can pick any of the six trees or plants to accent your home. From familiar pine and spruce trees - that will fill your space with the scent of the holidays - to less traditional palm and cactus plants, each is fully equipped with ornaments and lights to make your holiday merry and bright. Just tuck one into your entryway, on your coffee table, or even in your bathroom! Give yourself some room to breathe this holiday season with these cute mini trees ahead.

Related: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas With Target's 2019 Holiday Decor!

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Grab-and-Go Egg Muffins Make Breakfast a Breeze

Few breakfasts are quite as satiating and satisfying as eggs, but during the week it can be challenging to carve out enough time to poach a couple to runny-yolked perfection or whip up a veggie-packed scramble. Those sorts of mornings call for something of the grab-and-go variety, like these umami-rich kale, caramelized onion, and gouda mini frittatas (aka egg muffins).

This combination of slightly bitter kale, deep-dark caramelized onions, and nutty cheese adds a big dose of flavor to the eggy frittata base. Yes, caramelizing onions takes time - don't believe any recipe that claims they'll be done in 20 minutes - but it's a mostly unattended process that can be accomplished while puttering around the kitchen doing other things, and their umami-bomb qualities are well worth it. Aside from the onions, it's a relatively speedy recipe, and, since the muffins reheat so well and can even be frozen, they're a great candidate for weekend meal prep.

When your fridge (or freezer) is stocked with a batch of these, breakfast is as simple as tucking two into a resealable plastic bag, tossing that in your work bag, and reheating them in the office. Compared to a bowl of cereal, it's a...

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These Are the Top Trending Gifts on Pinterest, and They Are All $100 or Less!

Attention, holiday shoppers: Pinterest just released its first-ever holiday gift guide. It includes the top trending presents of 2019, all of which are based on what Pinterest users are currently saving, pinning, and ultimately buying. With everything from the most beloved books of the year to the hottest new gadgets on the market, shoppers on the site have found something for everyone on your list. The best part? All of these gifts are $100 and under!

These presents cover all the gift-giving bases, whether you're shopping for the beauty buff, eco-conscious consumer, tireless traveler, or anyone in the middle. Shop the most sought-after goods for every kind of person on your 2019 holiday list, now.

Anthropologie Has the Most Glamorous Gifts to Give This Holiday Season, So Start Shopping Now!

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I Live in a Tiny Apartment, and Here's How I Store All My Winter Coats

I love almost everything about my apartment, with one notable exception, the closet space. Now, I've yet to meet a person who truly feels like they have enough room for their clothes, but there's no walk-in closet situation happening in my apartment. The biggest issue I have, without question, is Winter coats. When the temperature dips and I have to start breaking them out, there's simply no room. My dresses, tops, and cute Fall jackets take precedence, and hanging one parka in the closet would take up the same amount of space as five dresses, so it's not practical either. Enter: the coat rack.

I have a skinny little coat rack that sits perfectly in an awkward corner between my living room and kitchen, and it might just be the best thing I bought for my apartment. This thing is small but mighty - at present moment, it is storing seven Winter coats without a problem. It hasn't tipped over or broken, despite the weight of down and shearling. If you're living in a small space, I cannot recommend this enough. It barely takes up any room, it's super convenient, and it allows you to hang all your other clothes. I found the exact coat rack I use, plus a few more options, all on...

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SPONSORED POST: This 90-Year-Old Dallas Rental Is a Lesson in Warm Minimalism

Name: Jamie, Brocke, Clara (and two cats) Location: Dallas, TXSize: 1,140 square feetYears Lived In: 6, rentingFashion and prop stylist, Jamie, and her photographer husband, Brocke, don’t just have style; they have a whole design philosophy. The 1925 Tudor they share with daughter Clara, and two cats, is a neutrals-only zone—mostly black-and-white, plus touches of warm wood and the occasional gilded frame. READ MORE...

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SPONSORED POST: Class of 2020: How Textile Designer Mili Suleman Is Preserving Old Techniques for Our Modern World

Who: Mili Suleman, founder of KUFRI Fabrics, and co-founder of SHIFTNominated by: Danielle Blundell, Apartment Therapy Home DirectorWhere to follow her: InstagramApartment Therapy’s Class of 2020 Design Changemakers is a specially-selected group of the 20 people in the design world everyone should know about by next year. We asked experts (and you!) to tell us who they think should be included—see the rest of the nominees here. READ MORE...

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SPONSORED POST: Class of 2020: How Ian Yang Rethought the Supply Chain to Make Beautiful Design Accessible to More People

Who: Ian Yang, founder and CEO of GantriNominated by: Maxwell Ryan, founder and CEO of Apartment TherapyWhere to follow him: InstagramApartment Therapy’s Class of 2020 Design Changemakers is a specially-selected group of the 20 people in the design world everyone should know about by next year. We asked experts (and you!) to tell us who they think should be included—see the rest of the nominees here. READ MORE...

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12 Things You Should Get Out of Your Fridge Right Now

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, which falls on Nov. 15 this year, is appropriately timed for a pre-Thanksgiving refrigerator refresh so you can make space for all the green bean casserole and pumpkin pie you'll be whipping up. READ MORE...

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