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Holy Breakfast! These Bagel Charcuterie Boards Will Make Mornings a Million Times Better

Breakfast boards are taking Instagram by storm, and with hits like pancake and waffle charcuterie boards, we didn't think there was room (in our stomachs or feeds) for more - that is, until we saw bagel breakfast boards! Rather than enjoying a single bagel for breakfast, you can now enjoy a plethora of bagels among an amazing display of meats, cheeses, fruits, and more. Talk about delicious. And don't be afraid to go big with your board, either - there are plenty of people adding eggs, frostings, and even dips to their decadent displays (seriously, you'll be surprised at just how massive some of these are). Keep reading for 30 bagel charcuterie boards that'll make you want to wake up early just for breakfast.

This 2-Ingredient Bagel Boasts More Protein and Fewer Carbs, and We Could Cry

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Beat the Heat This Summer With These 5 Humidity-Reducing House Plants

While summer is arguably the best time of the year, it doesn't come without caveat: humidity. The warmth of the sun from May until August is my favorite thing in the whole world, but I can certainly acknowledge that almost nothing is worse than lying awake all night long, drenched in sweat due to the humidity that inevitably comes with summer. Fortunately for those of us who are not blessed with central air to cool off our homes, Mother Nature always has a few tricks up her sleeve. There are actually a variety of house plants that help lower humidity by absorbing their required moisture from the air. I love a good succulent as much as the next plant parent, but you better believe I'll be incorporating some of these plants into my hotter-than-hell apartment to get through the upcoming months!

Enjoy the Flavor of Homegrown Food With These 20 Edible Garden Plants

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At Home With POPSUGAR: How I Turned My Bedroom Into a Whitewashed Beach Bungalow

There's a passage I love in the book Small Pleasures about how small islands and their obvious boundaries - "limited, defined, contained" - tap into a pleasing sense of control in our psyches, a remedy to how busy daily life can be. That's the appeal of minimalism to me, especially living in Brooklyn, NY: designing a space that cuts through the noise and quiets my mind. In my case, that means an open floor plan, lots of light, and decor that's intentional.

Enter my simple, whitewashed bedroom. It's a room I try hard to keep tidy, as inspired by the hotel rooms I lived out of for the first two years I worked from "home" for POPSUGAR before settling down in NYC last year. I'm inspired by off-whites, earthy tones, and sea blues - all mainstays of my months-long stints in Greece. Wherever your small islands are, and whatever color palette puts you at ease, I hope the calm of my room inspires you to carve out a peaceful space in your home, too.

At Home With POPSUGAR: How I Completely Renovated My NYC Apartment

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This TikTok User Shared Her Recipe For Homemade Oreos and Said They're Better Than the Original


I honestly like these MORE THEN THE ORIGINAL #baking #recipes #diyrecipes #oreos

♬ Simple Jazz Background Music - Easy Jazz Music

We love Oreos in really any form. From Oreo churros, to brownies stuffed with Oreos, to Oreos crushed up with melted marshmallows, there is no wrong way to enjoy the beloved cookie. But sometimes things are just better when they're homemade, right? Or, at least, if the store is out, you know you can satisfy your Oreo craving at home!

TikTok user @ziaaaaamiaaaa recently shared her recipe for homemade Oreos, and it's actually very simple. All you need are a few basic baking ingredients, and if you want to make your cookies feel extra authentic, an actual Oreo to transfer the famous design onto your dough. And when you make them yourself, you get to control how stuffed they are with the smooth and creamy filling. Double stuf? More like triple stuf, and then some. Zia even noted on her TikTok video that she likes these better than the original! Keep reading for the full recipe, and please report back on how glorious your kitchen smells when these bad boys are baking.


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60 Genius and Practical Home Items That Just Make Sense

The more time I spend at home, the more I realize my new apartment is missing some handy items. I first started searching online for some produce savers and extension cords, but as my shopping journey went on, I couldn't believe how many cool and practical items I came across. If you're also looking to spruce up your home this summer, you can't go wrong with a few genius products. There are thousands of choices online though, so I made it easier to shop.

Ahead, I curated a list of 60 helpful finds that you can use around the home to make your day-to-day a little easier. Whether you're looking for cool kitchen gadgets, game-changing organizers, or even UV-light phone sanitizers, I've got you covered. The hard part will be leaving empty-handed. Keep reading to shop these top picks and snag the ones your life is missing.

37 Things You Need For Backyard Summer Fun - From Bounce Houses to BBQs

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Chrissy Teigen's Boozy Watermelon Slushie Is the Drink Your Summer Nights Deserve

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A post shared by Cravings (@cravingsbychrissyteigen) on

There's no denying that Chrissy Teigen is a hilarious gem of a human. While we'd love to share a few laughs with her over drinks on the beach, that most likely will never happen - so what's the next best thing? Make one of her favorite drinks and sip on it while scrolling through her best tweets! The Cravings cookbook author recently shared her go-to summer drink - a vodka watermelon slushie - and just looking at it makes us feel like we're in paradise. While the slushies do take a few hours to freeze (you want the lime juice and sugar to soak into the watermelon as much as possible), they only require four ingredients - lime juice, sugar, vodka, and watermelon.

Personally, I think the best part of Chrissy's vodka watermelon slushie recipe is that the vodka isn't mandatory. The cookbook author explains on her Cravings website that vodka can easily be substituted for your choice of liquor, such as tequila or white wine.

Shortly after Chrissy shared the recipe, people immediately started posting their recreations of it on Instagram, and they look so...

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Even If College Is Open in the Fall, I'm Not Sure I Want to Go

I was halfway through my second semester of sophomore year when my college sent an email telling students to pack up and go home because of COVID-19. Those 72 hours were spent crying, packing, drinking, saying goodbye, and resenting the airline for forcing me to spend $600 on a last-minute flight home. In three days, my world - and the world of college students across the country - changed forever. I left California, moved back in with my parents, and fell into a slight state of depression. I was missing out on what should have been some of the best moments of my life. Everyone told me when I left for college that it would never get better than this, but now, some of those precious months of glorious youth were taken from me, traded in for online classes and banana bread.

Can I afford to get sick this fall, miss classes, and put my family at risk? I don't think I can, and I sincerely doubt many college students can.

I'm not going to pretend like I'm the biggest victim of this whole pandemic - that would be ridiculous and cruel and demonstrate a complete lack of reality. There are people dealing with much more than I am, and I know how lucky I am to have my health and my...

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All You Need Is Milk and Crushed Oreos to Make TikTok's Favorite Microwave Mug Cake

When it comes to homemade dessert, the easier the recipe is, the more inclined I am to attempt making it. I usually don't want to fuss with pulling out a bulky mixer or doling out baking powder, so imagine my excitement when I discovered one of TikTok's favorite sweet treats as of late: the two-ingredient Oreo mug cake. The impossibly simple dessert only calls for Oreos and milk - yep, that's it! If you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth in a pinch, follow these simple steps to make your very own Oreo mug cake at home in a matter of minutes.

  • Put a handful of your favorite Oreos in a mug (about 6-8, depending on your mug's size).
  • Fill the mug halfway with the milk of your choice, and use a fork to crush up the cookies into small chunks. Continue smashing and stirring until it forms a smooth batter with some Oreo bits mixed in.
  • Microwave the mug for around one to two minutes, depending on your microwave's strength. Check on the mixture while it cooks as needed.
  • Safely remove it from the microwave, and dig in!

The resulting concoction is a moist cake-like substance that's practically begging to be topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup, ice cream, sprinkles, or whatever your...

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Catch a Buzz and Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With This Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream Cookbook

Get ready for a boozy, ice cream-filled summer! Tipsy Scoop, a popular liquor-infused-ice-cream brand based in NYC, has released a recipe book with all their popular flavors, and yes, we're freaking ecstatic about it. The book, Tipsy Scoop Latest and Greatest Recipes, features over 40 recipes, presentation ideas, and tips and tricks for alcohol-infused ice cream treats that'll make your mouth water. Each recipe has a maximum of 5 percent alcohol by volume, and yes, you have to be 21 and over to purchase it. However, if you meet the credentials, you're in for a treat! Pick one up before summer comes and get to boozin'! And if you're curious about what some of Tipsy Scoop's treats look like, scroll through the gallery ahead.

This Boozy Pineapple Whip Tastes Like Summer in a Cup, and I'm Obsessed

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An Open Letter to My Fellow 2020 Graduates: Let the Love That Surrounds Us Motivate Our Future

Last Sunday I woke up for my college graduation in my childhood bedroom. Surrounded by a collection of stuffed animals and Bat Mitzvah memorabilia, my eyes could only fixate on the white ceiling overhead. Four years earning a degree in another country, and here I am, back in Canada, in a room where I have been cohabiting with my overweight dog. My family was determined to spring me out of my post-college misery and commemorate the occasion with something other than the usual social-distancing routine of scrolling through TikTok in our pajamas.

I pulled on jeans, swiped on a coat of mascara, and threw on a Syracuse University sweatshirt my mom had hung on my door. Coming down the stairs, my sisters wrapped me in a chaplain's robe I had stolen from our high school reverend and crowned me with a construction-paper cap. I walked into a dining room of SU paraphernalia, my grandparents on Zoom (a true miracle), and my boyfriend on as well, a country away from me finishing his final exams during his first year as a physician's assistant student, now also helping on the front lines.

It's difficult to take in the magnitude of our accomplishments. We're mourning the loss of what we...

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Chrissy Teigen's Chicken Pot Pie Soup Belongs in the Soup Hall of Fame

After making this recipe, you'll understand why Chrissy Teigen calls herself the soup master. It's everything you love about chicken pot pie - rich, hearty, creamy - but it's way easier to make, and the crust . . . the crust crackers are beyond. They're flaky, buttery pie crust crackers that you use to scoop up the soup, and they're the real star of this filling meal - look at that golden-brown sexiness! If you make this for someone else, they're going to shower you with praise. And if you're only cooking for one or two, it makes for leftovers you'll actually look forward to eating, plus you can freeze the rest for later.

One note: you definitely don't have to make the pie crust in a food processor (I mixed it by hand in a bowl, and it turned out great). I didn't make any other changes to the recipe, and it came out perfectly. Pour yourself a bowl of home-cooked love, and make this recipe ASAP.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

Chrissy Teigen Says Cacio e Pepe Conquers All, and Her Recipe Proves It

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

From Cravings by...

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Perfect Summer Snack! This Cheesy Queso Fundido Recipe Requires Just 2 Ingredients

When it comes to snacks, if we can douse anything in cheese, we are all in. So it should come as no surprise that we had to physically restrain ourselves from attempting to dip a chip into our phones when we saw Chrissy Teigen's recent video of herself making queso fundido. She got the recipe from Jenny Martinez, whose YouTube channel is largely dedicated to sharing authentic Mexican recipes, and the bubbling cheese dip had us completely mesmerized. I mean, just look at it! We can practically smell it through our screens.

Whether you want a quick snack or are just really in the mood for all the cheese, this queso fundido recipe is the perfect solution. The dip calls for only two ingredients (chorizo and cheese) and a few minutes on a stovetop. Chorizo is seasoned pork (can be chopped or ground) that's typically found in traditional Mexican dishes and pairs with tacos, quesadillas, and even eggs. Simply cook the chorizo in a thin skillet, bring the meat to the center of the pan and surround with cheese, and allow it to bubble and melt. Either pick up chips from your local store or make your own by frying tortilla strips in oil, and dig in. You can check out the original video...

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These Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes May Be the Best Freakin' Pancakes You've Ever Had

While many resort to pancake mix when making a special weekend breakfast, homemade pancakes are a must. Here's the little-known secret: the batter takes just as long to make as a boxed mix, and the result is infinitely better. If the attractive appearance of these golden, crisp cakes isn't enough to push you toward the skillet for a sneak taste, surely the buttery scent and familiar buttermilk tang will send you over the edge.

As long as you follow the recipe and keep an eye on the heat, you'll produce something that looks like pancakes. If your flipping skills are a bit messy, don't worry! You'll get better with practice. The key is to visualize a clean landing and to have confidence that you can flip those pancakes like a brunch master.

Once all of the pancakes are made, stack them high and serve them with a slab of butter and authentic maple syrup. One bite of these pancakes, and you'll be a convert for life.

- Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes

Make Fresh Cinnamon Rolls in 30 Minutes Flat With This Easy At-Home Recipe


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Chrissy Teigen's Gooey Rice Krispies Treats Contain One Very Special Ingredient: Peanut Butter Chips

Once again, Chrissy Teigen has elevated the deliciousness of one of our favorite childhood sweets, and this time it's her epic Rice Krispies treats! The Cravings cookbook author recently took to Instagram with her daughter, Luna, to share her secret recipe, which basically follows the original Kellogg's Rice Krispies treats recipe, but with a few important twists.

Secret number one: use half the amount of cereal to make the squares extra gooey and stretchy. Secret number two: Chrissy uses more than the recommended three tablespoons of butter. Although she doesn't say exactly how much, we can guess it's anywhere from four to five tablespoons. Secret number three: save a portion of marshmallows for the end to add to the gooey, sticky texture. And bonus secret number four: Luna adds a very special ingredient - peanut butter chips - to top it all off. Is your mouth watering yet?!

Along with these hacks, Chrissy stresses not to press the treats into the pan when you transfer the mixture from the pot. Doing so will flatten the squares and take away from their fluffy texture and taste. Keep reading for Chrissy's recipe for gooey and stretchy Rice Krispies treats!

Rice Krispies...

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People Are Making Croissant Bites Stuffed With Nutella, Because Breakfast Is Best Served Sweet

I don't have any kind of culinary degree, but my inner pastry chef is flipping her toque over these mini croissant bites stuffed with Nutella. Originally posted by Sam Schnur, aka @thenaughtyfork on Instagram, the croissant cereal is inspired by TikTok's cookie cereal trend, and it's just as easy to make. So catch me munching on a bowl of this during my next Zoom call or while I'm catching up on all of Dead to Me.

In the video shared to her channel, Sam takes precut pastry dough triangles and slices them into even smaller triangles. She then adds about one teaspoon of Nutella to the widest section of each piece dough before rolling each triangle into a mini croissant. After a few minutes in the oven per the package instructions, each of the teeny-tiny croissants is ready to be thrown into a bowl and served up with milk or an extra drizzle of the chocolate-hazelnut spread. See how Sam makes regular and Nutella-stuffed mini croissants here, and keep reading to treat your eyeballs to something sweet.

This Itty Bitty Cinnamon Roll Cereal With Icing Is Almost Too...

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18 Stunning Outdoor Furniture Finds You'll Never Guess Are From Amazon

If you're looking to spruce up your backyard this summer, one way we can do that is by investing in new furniture pieces. Whether you're looking for a comfy lounge set, a dining table with chairs, or even a hammock, we've got you covered. We turned to Amazon, because the site carrier so many impressive and affordable choices. These stylish finds are ideal for everything from small-space patios to large backyards, all you have to do is find your match. Keep reading to shop them all and get the one your life is missing.

These 14 Stylish Rugs Are the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Outdoor Oasis

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Fact: These Oreo Churros Taste Even Better Than They Look, and They Look Really Freakin' Good

You know we love a good food trend, which is why we pretty much haven't been able to stop thinking about Oreo Churros ever since they debuted a few years ago (yeah, they're that good). So what do we do when we can't get enough of a store-bought treat? We play around in the kitchen and make our own! After intense recipe developing and coating the kitchen floor in Oreo crumbs, our sweet team cracked the code on these insanely delicious Oreo churros, and we're happy to share this delicious recipe with you! Keep watching to learn how to make this next-level dessert.

Oreo Churros

From Nicole Iizuka, POPSUGAR Food


  1. 20 Oreo cookies
    1 cup water
    3 tablespoons butter
    2 tablespoons brown sugar
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1 cup flour
    1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
    2 eggs
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
    Oil for frying


  1. Carefully separate the Oreo cookies, scraping the filling into a bowl then tossing the chocolate cookies into a food processor, breaking the cookies up slightly. Once all the cookies are in the processor, process into fine crumbs.
  2. In a heavy-bottomed sauce pot, bring water, butter, brown sugar, and salt to a boil.
  3. In a mixing bowl,...

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The Truth Behind Costco’s $5 Rotisserie Chicken

Ever wonder why rotisserie chicken is so addictive? Well, we have the answer! Back in 2016, Dr. Oz teamed up with award-winning writer Mark Schatzker to investigate the hidden ingredients in rotisserie chicken and figure out why Americans can't get enough of the stuff, especially Costco's $5 rotisserie chicken.

The first shocking piece of information is that rotisserie chicken is often processed, in other words, "pre-seasoned in factories," and then shipped to supermarkets, where "an employee can put it on the skewer and cook it." You may already know part of what makes store-bought rotisserie chickens so tasty is that they're on the salty side, but the skin is also flavored with MSG and sugar, among other natural flavors. Similar to potato chips, this combination helps explain why we can never have too much rotisserie chicken. Despite the seeming scariness of it all, Dr. Oz said it may be "one of the healthiest processed foods out there." And in similar Dr. Oz. fashion, he suggested taking off the skin to keep it healthier. But if that sounds like insanity, add other sides to your plate to avoid overeating.

Image Source: The Dr. Oz. Show

Watch the full video: Dr. Oz on...

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Homemade French Toast Cereal Is the Newest Breakfast Trend, and We Are So on Board

If you were alive and eating cereal back in 2006, then you may remember the devastation you experienced when General Mills originally discontinued the iconic French Toast Crunch. I was 9 at the time, and honestly don't think I've ever recovered. Recently, however, we were blessed with the internet trends of chocolate chip cookie cereal and pancake cereal, which are both completely delicious, but true breakfast connoisseurs like myself know that french toast will always be the superior morning option. That being said, I have incredible news: homemade french toast cereal is here (and it totally trumps French Toast Crunch)! All you need is bread, two eggs, milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon sugar, and a hot pan. And when it comes to toppings, you can add anything from rainbow sprinkles to butter and syrup to just powdered sugar and milk. Keep reading to see more of the newest breakfast trend we already can't get enough of.

These "Nightmare Potatoes" Are Just Crushed-Up Oreos and Marshmallows, So They're Actually a Dream

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This Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipe Is So Simple and Produces Insanely Creamy Results

Homemade ice cream is such a treat, and when it's made in a mason jar, well, it's even better, in my opinion! This simple recipe was easy, refreshing, and fun to make. Normally, ice cream is made with heavy cream, but I experimented with full fat coconut milk to make a dairy-free version. The vanilla flavor really stood out in the finished product, even though the recipe only calls for 1/2 teaspoon, which I loved.

To get started with this recipe, you'll need to gather your ingredients, procure a 16-ounce mason jar, and that's about it! The simplicity is real here, folks.

Once your ingredients are safe and sound inside of your sealed mason jar, it's time to shake like crazy. Because I used coconut milk, I feel like I had to shake a lot more to achieve any sort of creamy result, but if you're using heavy cream, it should only take five minutes max. Be prepared to put in the work for this dessert!

You'll know it's time for your jar to hit the freezer when the contents double in volume and the texture becomes supercreamy (for me, my coconut milk thickened a bit but didn't necessarily double in volume and still turned out pretty yummy!). Freeze this bad boy for a few hours until...

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You Can Absolutely Freeze Flour For Storage - in Fact, You Should!

If you've been baking a lot recently, you might have asked yourself if you can freeze your flour, and, more importantly, if you actually should. We've all seen the gorgeous pictures of kitchen counters with neatly lined up jars of flour and other dry ingredients, but according to experts, it's actually better to keep your flour in the freezer to avoid spoilage, especially if you're planning on keeping it for a long time.

Flour manufacturer King Arthur Flour recommends storing flour in airtight containers in the freezer, since flour is best stored in cold, dark places. "The colder and darker the storage environment, the better whole grain flour will keep," their website reads. "Warmth and light increase the rate of oxidation, so freezer storage is ideal. For best results, place flour as far away from the freezer door as possible, to avoid incidental kitchen light and warmth." The brand also adds: "Expect a shelf life of up to six months for whole grain flour stored in the freezer."

The science behind this is pretty simple. Cold, dark storage helps slow the oxidation process, which is what makes flour go stale and eventually spoil. This is particularly true for whole grain...

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Gushers Covered in Chili Powder Are a Popular Snack, and Definitely Don't Knock It Till You Try It

Dulces enchilados, which are essentially candy (usually Gushers) covered in some kind of chili powder, have been a popular snack for a while now, and we're kinda mad we didn't try it sooner, because it is so good. Who doesn't love a sweet and spicy snack that's also easy to make? All you need are Gushers (or another similar candy like Skittles or gummy candies), powdered sugar, Chamoy sauce, and your choice of Mexican spices, the most popular being Tajín, a seasoning typically found on the rim of a Michelada. Chamoy is a Mexican sauce that includes a mix of chile peppers, lime juice, and fruit such as mango or apricot and is usually drizzled over fresh fruit. While the combo might sound mismatched at first, we promise it's delicious and addicting.

To bring everything together, combine five tablespoons powdered sugar with two tablespoons Chamoy, mixing until fully combined. Then coat your candy with the mixture and add your spices to taste (there are no correct measurements, as some people like more spice than others). And that's it! Keep scrolling to see how drool-worthy these Gusher enchilados are, and if you're feeling extra spicy, try whipping up some of your own.


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Did We Wish Upon a Star? Because Mickey Mouse Cookie Cereal Is a Real Dream Come True

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A post shared by We Know Disney (@weknowdisney) on

Alright, I'm willing to go on record and say the new trend of baking mini desserts for cereal is one of the greatest baking hacks of all time. Seriously, I love using cereals as an excuse to eat whatever I want for breakfast, whether that's dozens of mini pancakes, a nostalgic twist on Cookie Crisp, mini french toast pieces, or tiny doughnuts. Instagram and TikTok have given me so much baking content recently, but my newest fixation is the Mickey Mouse cookie cereal. It's giving me all the magic and whimsy I've needed while missing the parks, and it definitely seems like something the resorts might add to their buffet menus once they get wind of it!

To make things easy, you can just use premade cookie dough and shape it into mini Mickey Mouses. Chocolate chip is a go-to classic, but you can also use sugar cookie dough and mix in sprinkles or roll it in some cinnamon sugar for different flavors. For anyone hesitant about shaping the little mouse ears (if you don't happen to have a mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutter handy), I suggest the smaller, the better....

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How to Make That Infamous Beef Wellington, From Someone Who Worked on Hell's Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington Recipe has to be the most famous dish from his ongoing series, Hell's Kitchen. It is a traditional British dish consisting of a seared filet mignon smothered in a whole-grain mustard and wrapped in layers of salty prosciutto, an herbed crepe, duxelles (mushrooms that have been pulverized into a paste), and puff pastry. The whole package is then baked until the crust crisps up and the meat reaches medium-rare perfection.

It never gets old watching chefs F up beef Wellingtons and then receive severe verbal spankings from chef Ramsay. Viewers and show contestants alike know the most feared question to come out of Ramsay's mouth is, "Who cooked those Wellingtons?" While Gordon plays a tough guy on screen, behind the scenes he's every bit the funny jokester.

I know this because I've spent a few years and a few seasons working on Ramsay's shows Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen. Two weeks into the job, I found myself tasked with learning how to make beef Wellington. Thankfully I had a fantastic teacher, one of Gordon's behind-the-scenes sous chefs, who walked me through the process step by step and in great detail. Think you're up for the...

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