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Check out these guidelines for installing industrial flooring inside hot, humid weather:
· Read all ground painting product data labels and sheets carefully.  Be sure to notice allowable heat/ humidity ranges and follow them.
· store concrete painting materials in an awesome location Always.  Keep epoxy floor color components cool before last second before application.
·  Use hand bags of ice to help keep pails of cement floor color from overheating through the entire workday.
·  Schedule nighttime installing commercial flooring, when temps are cooler.  Simultaneously, keep a detailed eye on dew factors during the night.  For many forms of industrial floor color, application and healing in temps within 5° F of the dew stage can lead to surface anomalies.
·  Keep an archive of ambient air flow and floor temperatures through the entire job.  If either the air flow or floor temp methods 90° F, pause the cement refinishing project at another ground joint and resume the very next day.  It’s better to waste materials a partial bucket of blended ground paint than need to scrape off the badly healed floor coating later!

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